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Apple will be announcing the iPhone 5s today and iMore is going to be the absolute best place to keep up-to-date with all the news and views. Seriously, have you seen our iOS 7 preview? Our history of iPhone? Our complete iPhone 5s rumor rundown? Well, wait until you see what we have in store for you next! Yeah, STILL only the beginning! So make sure you to follow us on App Store, RSS, Twitter,, Facebook, Google+iMore, YouTube, or iTunes!

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Senior Editor at iMore and a practicing therapist specializing in stress and anxiety. She speaks everywhere from conferences to corporations, co-host of Vector, Review, and Isometric podcasts, and should be followed on Twitter @Georgia_Dow.

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Win a new iPhone 5S contest! Comment now to enter!



I love that Apple was there to dry my tears and comfort me when HP ruined Palm, with their great hardware, app eco-system (and familiar "cards" utilization in iOS7)! I love that iMore keeps me up to date on how to use my iPhone, suggests great apps, and has me looking forward to my next "iPurchase"!! I love them both so much... I may just change my username!

I've had a Windows Phone and a few Android phones and three different iPhones (4, 4S, and now 5). Each has their merits and downfalls. However, credit must be given where it's due: Apple and the iPhone have provided the most consistent experience out of any of them. I'm personally very excited to try out iOS 7 too!

Why I love Apple? Because they make high quality, simple, elegant, get-the-job-done products. Why I love iMore? Because they keep us up to date on said high quality, simple, elegant, get-the-job-done products.

iMore is the best place to get the best information about the best phone and OS developer :)

Sent from the iMore App

I love iMore because it is the best site to cover apple news and rumors, while still offering a fair and balanced view point.

It doesn't get better than iMore when it comes to up-to date and honest, hard working, and solid Apple rumors and news. So many sights are so willing to post any news related to the tech giant no matter how ridiculous they are so they can get quick and easy clicks for their sites. I've come to know and trust iMore for the complete opposite. If I don't see it here I don't believe it. Keep up the great work iMore your my go to place for all Apple related news.

Now for Apple and their iPhone 5S launch. I can't wait! I briefly left Apple's iPhone for Android back with the Nexus One for a little over 2 years and came back with the iPhone 4S. Apple just makes the best made devices and best of all their software is stellar and runs much more smooth than anything out there. Their attention to detail is what keeps me on iOS and I don't see me going back anytime soon. Can't wait for today's announcement and the iPad Mini 2, iPad 5th gen, and rMBPs later this fall! Should be a great year to be an Apple fan!

My family is completely about anDroid. I was the one that gave apple a chance, and since then, I do not argue anymore about which one is better, the only thing that I have to keep arguing is with one of my two sons that keeps asking me to give my iPhone to him because he will do more with it than me. So if I win this I will not have to tell him "do not touch MY iPhone, you little... ( he is 19)

As for iMore, I will only say that there are lots and lots of apple related pages, but I only have one in my social networks, guess which one... It is the only that I want to get updates from.

I'm a fairly new iPhone owner who has caught the fever. The first and last thing I do every day is check in to, just to make sure I'm up to date on all things iPhone. I have Rene to blame, he's created a monster.
Thank You

I love Apple so much that I felt like a little kid on Christmas Eve. I didn't get much sleep because I am too excited about todays event!
I love iMore because they keep me up to date on all the latest news. I have to check in at least once a day.

We're an Apple loving family with three 4S's and and 3 iPads of various generations and a MacBook Pro. I'd love to be able to upgrade my iPhone to the newest! As for iMore and the MobileNations platform, it's the only spot to go to find out the right stuff, get the right help, or just stay caught up. I've gone from Crackberry, to a brief detour through PreCentral, to Android Central, and finally, ended up on TiPB/iMore.

I love Apple because of its functionality and how good it looks and iMore because it lets me know about everything Apple.

I tend to enjoy Apple everyday. They say an Apple a day keeps the Android away. i(need)More in my life!

Sent from the iMore App

Well let start off imore is the best web info about iphone, everything you need to know imore has info for everything. Iphone well i dont cheat meaning with other phone like galaxy, blackberry etc i dont mess with because been faithful with the iphone best phone i ever had easy to use and best phone ever for me. I would love to get iphone 5s haven't got a new phone in a while. Hopefully you guys will pick me.

i love apple. they've been an inseparable part of my life since i first touched an apple II computer as a kid. too many computers and devices to name, but i will say i owned a newton message pad. i've been reading imore since i bought my first iPhone (3G) and love the coverage. it's a daily read (well, ok, more than once daily) that keeps me on top of all things apple. thanks for the amazing work you do. and thanks for these great and generous contests for your readers. the imore team rocks!!

iMore is my go to place for all things Apple. The best source I have found by far. Love what you guys do. Keep up the great work. As far as my iPhone goes, I've got me a permanent spot on that band wagon! Thanks guys!

iMore is the bestest of the bestest for any of my news and updates on anything and everything for Apple and accessories but Apple rocks cause they created the curve by listening to consumers! Apple doesn't go over board and makes something that is the most reliable and stable among all others! Simple, functional, and sleek!!! I so need this upgrade!!!

I love apple for not sticking to plastic to make their devices, and a stable working operating system with a great ecosystem that just works. iMore for keeping up with new devices.

I love Apple since they build quality products and I love iMore since they keep up to date on the latest news concerning the company.

iMore is always current with the latest news on Apple and the Tech. industries. I'm constantly, using your app on my old iphone 4. I would love a new iphone 5S.

I am a apple fan boy, they make the best products, they day I got to an android device, is the day I stop buying devices all together, I can't believe how can some say the galaxy is better than the iPhone, I pretty sure that person never had a iPhone, I feel sorry for them! Give it to then someone with a android device cause they deserve it more than me.

Switched to iPhone 4 a year ago from Android on a fluke. It was painful to say the least. Two weeks later, I was obsessed. There is not a single product of Apple's I have not owned. iPod, iPad, MacBook Pro, iPhone, even had an old computer to play Oregon Trail on. The values of the company and the products they release are solid. They may not always be the next big thing technologically, or the fastest, or biggest screen. But if I had a nickel for every time an Android user complained about their phone resetting randomly, or applications crashing, not being able to download some things exclusive the Big Fruit, etc...
iMore has become my obsession. It's what I wake up to every day. Well, this and Candy Crush, clearly. The articles are interesting for once. Lots of tech sites write about Android, Blackberry, and Windows along side of Apple. I don't give a CRAP about those things. Apple, Apple, Apple. Guess where I'm watching the livestream of the Cupertino event today while at work? iMore.

An Apple today keeps the Samsung away. But seriously, we'll be seeing fingerprint readers in every phone released in 2014. Super excited! #love #apple #punchandpie

I Love Apple.

I love Apple so much, not because I am a mindless fanboy or "iSheep", but because I fell in love with Apple's focus on what truly matters. User experience. And because they have mastered the complications of offering powerful simplicity, in amazing design.

Like Apple has recently stated: "If everyone is trying to do everything, how can anyone perfect anything?" And this is not just advertisement. It's not just what they say to attract wallets. It is the bible in which they base their faith. It's one of the ten commandments that has brought them through world-changing, industry-defining, breakthrough product releases that have overcome doubt, and fierce competition. It is present in their approach to new technologies, products, and product categories. We see it in their latency in offering trends and technology that are technically possible, but lack utility and usefulness - features drive other brands' popularity. And that it is why I love Apple.

I Love iMore.

iMore is...more.. more than just an Apple rumor site. More than just product reviews. iMore is everything anyone needs to keep up-to-date with the latest Apple news and reviews. I sound like I'm advertising, but I really do visit iMore everyday, throughout the day, to catch up on all things Apple. iMore conspicuously refuses to publish attention seeking headlines, and I appreciate that. Insteaad the reader is welcomed to engage in series like "History of the iPhone" and "Imagining iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C" - where Apple's history of iterative direction toward a clear vision is put into perspective in an English meant for the general public. Rene is a phenomenal editor, and iMore is the best Apple news site. That is why I love iMore.

I have been part of this community since I got my iPhone 4. I love it because I get the most detailed information, assistance as needed, suggestions as requested and have found that Apple has the best products that suit my needs perfectly. And it only gets better!!

iMore is to apple enthusiasts as water is to penguins. I love imore. Apple and the iphone is to productivity and entertainment as dirt is to pigs. I love apple and their iphone products.

I have a 3gs and i really want to upgrade! im not hating on the 3gs because ive had it for a while and ive loved it since day one. i just think it's time for an upgrade lol

I dislike the mentality of several iPhone owners I know, but I am willing to try iPhone5s. Its been many years since I owned an iPhone

I've had Blackberrys, Androids and ever since i got an Iphone everything has just been so much easier. I'm able to do everything with my phone that i was unable to do previously. Imore has been a great help because when ever i'm stuck on something or need new info about the latest and greatest apple product you are there. and a iphone would be awesome because i'm planning a wedding and can't afford one right now :)

I love Apple for the products they put out as well as the innovation.
I love iMore for the best information on the web.

Please pick me.

I think it goes without saying that this site, and the editors thereof, represent the best of what the Internet has to offer in terms of spot analysis, investigation and community support of all things Apple. iMore is the standard bearer for Apple news, and is the recognized leader in cutting edge information and overall writing. It is my "go to" source and part of my daily news regimen. It's simply the best!

In terms of my appraisal of Apple, I am a former "hater" since reformed into one of Apple's greatest supporters. They simply build the most innovative products, have the best customer support and service, and have turned me into a loyal customer for the foreseeable future. I couldn't be more excited about today's announcement!

And, I couldn't be more thrilled about the chance of winning a new iPhone 5S (or whatever it maybe named)! :)

Apple devices always seem to just work. From a PC and anti apple (they were everywhere, accessories etc.) mindset for many years, after having used a simple iPod touch, I was sold. Crossing fingers this event today sheds some light on new Macbook Pro's!! Will be the next transition into world of Apple.
iMore continues to be the favorite source for news, apps and updates for everything Apple. Thank you for all you do :)

I love apple and I'm stoked for iOS 7. I don't care what anybody says, but I think the design is great. As well as their product design for everything else, in the past few years that is. And imore, as part of mobile nations, is my go-to spot for apple news! Keep it up!

I love Apple so much I have convinced my co-workers to leave Android and come over to the dark side as we call it here. I can't change for anybody on this one no matter what new phones come across or how large the screen is and IMore always keeps me up to date on whatever I need to know about Apple and the IPhone.

I love Apple because they make some amazing products, and I love iMore because they are giving me a chance to get one of those products for free!

I don't consider myself an Apple Fanboy, and was commited to windows mobile since it's infancy (Windows CE) all the way up to 2005... then I got really tired and fed up with the upgrade cycles and stuff... then my company gave me a Blackberry Curve, and a year later a Bold (how bad that one sucked!!!) and then I saw the first iPhone, and was not able to get one where I live up until the 3GS and have never looked back!!!

I love the consistency of apple. My phone just works.

I love coming to iMore to check out their deal of the day. Its always exciting to see what case is for sale today!

I love iMore...I am on the site all day! And I love my iPhone and Apple. I would LOVE to win the $500...I can finally get my girlfriend a new iPhone (hers broke and she has been stuck with an awful android device until her contract comes due).

I'm a true, true Apple Fan...
Even before Apple iPhone i already loved Apple for the way they cared about what users needed.
This iPhone 5S, would be the perfect gift, as it's almost my birthday.
So i really hope (all the others forgive me) to be the one to get this giveaway!
Best of luck to all.

Dont' let my Mobile Nations user name fool you. My wife and I are Apple enthusiast because of their user friendly and innovative products. No bloating. No nonsense. iMore delivers the steady stream of realitve information that makes it the only place for all 'i' news.

I love both Apple and iMore. Apple due to the solid, robust and reliable performance - my "iDevices" just get the job done; iMore due to the consistent, reliable and entertaining news and information about my "iDevices." Good luck to all.

No matter what the gripe is, I still love my Apple products - they never seem to disappoint. Ease of use and the steady addition of functionality when it's perfected.

I've been an Apple geek since 2003 (10 years, now!), and I've enjoyed Rene's commentating on TWIT. I would love to win this next iPhone.

Really enjoy the content and perspective on iMore, keep up the great work! The iPhone 5S would be my first iPhone since the 4, and I'm looking forward to trying it out again!

I have all Apple Products and have convinced all my friends and family to leave Android behind. iMore helps me keep the title of "expert" when it comes to Apple products with co-workers, bosses, family and friends! I read it all day and keep it open at work!

I used to be a droid user, when my phone got to old I gave the 4s a chance. Very shortly after I bought a mac book pro. My next investment...the iMac. So long PC! On iMore, I check in every morning and then again before bed just to see whats shakin' in the mac world.

I love Apple products. User friendly and they do what you need them to do and more! iMore is a no brainer it's my go-to for everything Apple.

Apple knows what I want before I do.
iMore is the go to apple source for news, podcasts, new apps and insider information.

Switched to Android, Apple makes superior products & iMore has great information!! want my iPhone back please!!!!

I love Apple because the first computer I had years ago was a windows 98 machine. They said to update to windows Me because it was better, and then I updated to the latest version of Norton antivirus because they said it was compatible with windows me.
I still have nightmares. Imore lets me get the Apple news sprinkled with humor.

I have been using Apple products for years. I just love how integrated everything is between devices. I come to iMore for my Apple news because of the in-depth coverage and personal analysis from each writer. Winning a $500 gift card would be amazing since I am still using a 4S and don't have the money to upgrade to a 5S. Thanks iMore for always offering these contests!

As a new convert from Android, I could only get a second-hand iPhone 4S. I would LOVE a new 5S to really do this thing properly! I am really happy I made the switch either way.

I have been with the iPhone since 3Gs and have loved every second of it. I have been coming to iMore since before iMore existed (see tipb) and have enjoyed every visit! Love the blogs, love the reviews, just love the site.
What I love the most are the generous giveaways like this one. Thank you for the chance to win the $500 GC toward the purchase of an iPhone 5S!!! I can't wait to love this phone!!

I love Apple and iMore! I love apple because of how the iPhone has become part of me as a person. I depend it on in the same way I depend on my left foot (not as much as my right foot, but more than my spleen).
I love iMore because it always has contests like this going on. I've never won one, or really expect to, but they are fun to enter and read some of the submissions. Keep it up iMore and you might eventually move up to rank above my spleen also (especially if I win sometime)!

I love my iPhone. But I've missed out on a few new iterations of the iPhone, I would love to be able to pick up the newest version after sitting out for so many months.

I am new to imore but glad I found it. It is great to have a place with all the information I need about my Apple products. My iPhone and iPad have changed the way I use technology. Can't imagine life, work or entertainment without them.

"Beware the Jabberwock, my son!
The jaws that bite, the claws that catch!
Beware the Jubjub bird, and shun
The frumious Bandersnatch!"

I used to love Apple. Now its just friendship. They need to catch up with the competition and bring the love back. I still love iMore. My gf is getting the 5S if I win it btw.

I love iMore, this is where I get most my iPhone news. I am even starting to explore the forums more and contribute. I could really use this new camera, I mean phone haha. I'm big into mobile photography and this would be a nice camera upgrade.

I love apple phones. iPhone is the only phone for me.

Thank you for all the information your staff gives us and thanks for all the great give always. Back to work, while dreaming of a new phone.

Apple is great is the best mobile phone and OS. I am looking forward to the iPhone 5S and iOS 7.

iMore is the best place to go for Apple news, commentary, and discussion. Gotta love it!

I am the ultimate Apple Geek. If its apple - i have to have it. No doubt! One bite of the apple products and i was hooked!! ;)

I've been a fan of Apple since my father introduced me to the Macintosh Plus!
I found iMore through MacBreak Weekly, I immediately got hooked by Rene Ritchie's clever insights and amusing comments. Thanks iMore and its great staff for keeping me up to date!

First off I don't have a Iphone but my bf does and I love playing on his I would love to have one though lol....I love Imore becouse it keeps me updated on the diff. things for apple

I've been an Apple fan for years and as an artist it's a life saver. I love getting my news from iMore for all things Apple! The staff at iMore not only keeps me updated and informed on the newest goingson at Apple... But they do so with such intelligence and creativity.

i love apple since iphone 2g then upgrade to iphone 3gs, iphone 4, iphone 4s and iphone 5. ipad 2 and ipad mini. for worked, i used macbook air. with imore make me updated about apple products

I love the complete Apple ecosystem. Everything "just works!" iMore is the best for keeping up with technology and all things Apple.

I gotta hand it to iMore, because they write interesting articles that don't come off as blind fanboyism, but more as deep consideration of what Apple is providing, and what the competition offers. Of course there's some bias, but less than I'd expect as a whole (I'm sure someone can cite specific counterexamples... I'm generalizing, thank you).

Apple has always been intriguing, and while I've historically leaned toward most other mobile platforms, I've learned to appreciate working on a MBP at the office, I've always appreciated that Apple's control of their ecosystem has resulted in a broad market for their stuff, and I'm finding myself interested in what iOS7 appears to be offering.

I'm someone who has bounced through several different devices, always finding myself asking "why can't they just get this right?", including when I pick up my wife's iPhone... so 'love' isn't on the table. I love my wife and kids - this just isn't close to the same. But I'm continuously reading about Apple, and I come to iMore to do that... it's really the highest praise I can offer.

(crosses fingers behind back) I LOVE Apple stuff so much!!!

(uncrosses fingers) I do love the iMore staff and everyone at Mobile Nations, who kick azz!

Please let me win... I love the iphone 5S, lightening speeds and crazy colors. Its fantastic!! Thanks IMORE!!!

iMore is my go-to website for all iOS related news (and sometimes we get lucky enough to have some OS X news peppered into the news feed)! I love the angle you guys provide, and the realistic reviews of Apple products, regardless of your "fanboy" status level. Sure we are obviously biased toward Apple products, and it DOES show, but I appreciate the balance you guys provide. As far as my love for iPhone (and all things Apple, really), I think it can be demonstrated in my "iHome" - since 2008, after getting the iPhone 3G (my first Apple product), I have purchased subsequent iPhones every two years for my wife and me, an iMac, MacBook (black, of course!), two iPads (one was for my wife), two Apple TVs and a 2 TB TimeCapsule. With all of these devices, I really have created a wireless iHome, where all of my digital content is accessible to any of my iDevices within my WiFi range - and it's all stored in one location (with backups, obviously). My iHome - it just works!

Simply put, Apple just gets things done - in correlation, so does iMore. Which is why I rely on you guys for the latest and greatest on everything Apple-related!

What other place is there to go to and be able to get the proper help you need by other consumers that are as passionate about Apple and their products than what you can find here at iMore. Apple and iMore are two in the same. They both are great companies that listen to their consumers and their goal is to keep them happy. This is why I truly love Apple and iMore. iMore has one of if not the best communities on the net. Everyone here treats you with the most respect and never have I seen them downgrade anyone that is a novice to Apple products.

This is a place that I come to every single day to get caught up on breaking news about anything Apple. Also, their podcasts are so unique and keep you up to date. It is good to hear from the staff behind iMore. Their hard work and dedication to provide us with all this information is to great. I am thankful for iMore and what you have done not only for myself but my family.

Thank you for what you guys do and continue to do!

I like iMore to keep me up to date with the latest Apple rumors. Apple makes very good high quality products, and I love using them. Also, iOS 7 is the beast!

I love apple so much that Ive totally abandoned Microsoft, dell, Samsung and amazon! You won't find any of their products in my home.
I love imore (still tipb to me) so much, I've visited the website at least once a day, everyday since 2010 (I'm not exaggerating either!)
Im such a longtime fan that i remember the pre-famous Rene, pre MacBook weekly! Thx guys for all your work during the years

Lets see 3 apple TV' 2 iPads and 2 iPhones In the house. We love our apple stuff. I would love a 5s for mug wife. This site always keeps me up to date. By far the most informative and helpful Apple site yet! Go iphone5s. go Imore !!!


I really wish they would have released the iPhone 6 instead. Then, the gift certificate would have been for $600, and it would have been easier to buy off contract.

Imore has helped me become a total apple junkie! Love the coverage and insight in all things apple. Can't wait for the new 5s to be announced! Thanks for the great contest!

I could give some fake sob story about why I need the iPhone 5S, but the truth is, I am a diehard Apple & iMore fan. Nothing would make me happier than to win just one contest (preferably this one), so I can cross that off of my bucket list. Also, I literally read EVERY article you guys write, iMore does it better than all others! Hook it up, please!

I love iMore because it's got Georgia on it! (And those other people like Rene are alight too...). Plus if I want to know something about Apple I used to have to check out multiple news paper sites, business sites etc. Now I can redirect all those bookmarks to iMore!

I love the iPhone because iOS7 because as much as I like BlackBerry, Apple has figured out how to make things simple...

Simple to do,
Simple to design for,
Simple to use.

I love Apple because it represents forward thinking. Outside the box. Innovation. Creating a need and solution for millions of people who didn't know they had a need. I love the timeless design of its products. I love iMore for those exact same reason. I used to go to other tech blogging sites on a regular basis and after awhile I found that 100% of what I was looking for was always right here on

Thank you to all who contribute to this site to make it the leader in trusted information.

I just like my technology to work! Therefore I love Apple and my iPhone. iMore on the other hand feeds my addiction for more information - thanks guys!

without iMore, i would have to find my information somewhere else! lol... like BGR.. and then I would have to wonder how real it was... and how bias it was too. Thanks iMore :) I would love to replace my 4s with a 5s :) THANKS!

I love apple because no other computer I have ever owned works as well as my mac laptops do. No other computer comes close. Plus everything just works. I live imore because they keep me up to date on everything apple. Thanks imore!

I love Apple because they have fabulous, uncomparable products. I love you iMore because you are up to date on everything Apple and arent worried about sharing honest opinions! I heart Apple and iMore!

Apple makes the best products. I hope they make the c model affordable to go after the non-premium market. Imore is the only place I go for all my apple news. Great site and up to date info

I love Apple and the "toys" I have been using for years! I love iMore because it gets my day off to a great start when I fire up the computer both at home and work and the homepage is set to iMore for the latest news!

I love apple because when they do something they do it right. It works out of the box.
Would love to get the new 5S. - Thank you

I really like Apple's recent designs. I like iMore's even handed approach to Apple and all things mobile.

In 2008 my PC died in my busy working season and I asked the managing partner if I could look for a MBP. It was a steep learning curve for me but I was really taken with Apple products and now I recommend Apple products to everyone. I found iMore listening to Rene on Macbreak Weekly and he's really a good fit for that podcast. Keep up the good work.

iMore echoes/compliments the iPhone – both are consistent, reliable, and elegant – not too much, not too little, and certainly not complicated.

i havent used an iphone in quite a while but ive followed there development and since i gave up mine. Ive tried all platforms but i think im ready to settle on IOS. And i would love a brand new Iphone 5S :)

I booted up a PC (actually it was a Sord) and faced an empty black screen. I booted up a 128k Mac, and I was able to open & close documents, and be "computer knowledgeable" That's why I love Apple, they make me productive! I can focus on my work and not have to fight to be able to use my tools. And iMore brings me more of Apple. How can you not love that? :-)

I love the synergy of hardware and software working together you get when you buy a Apple product. I love imore for keeping me up on the latest news and always being a knowledgebase on various Apple topics.

I love Apple because they make great products. I love iMore because the make great commentary, tutorials, podcasts, and so much more about those products.

apple is all about quality and user friendliness. iMore is good for all things Apple. :)

I love apple because they give such thought to clean usable design. Imore is my go to for apple news and speculation because they let you know about everything and even other blogs findings.

I love Apple products - I have a MacBook Pro, Apple TV, iPhone 5 - you name it! And I love iMore cause they give me all the best Apple coverage that I need!

I read iMore daily, multiple times a day. Always great content and journalism.

Apple is a fantastic brand that will always transcend the ages.

Love is trivial. Though I will say I love them both!

Sent from the iMore App

Sleepless nights reading iMore, missing family events while waiting for Apple announcements, yeah, it is an obsession. Please feed it!

I fall in love with Apple in 2007 with my first iPhone and I love iMore because you guys always help me to use "more" and better my iDevices. Thank you so much for your support.

This is where I get all my Apple news and tuts, you guys are the best. Would love to win since its my upgrade time and I want the 5S.

It's hard to imagine how I could enjoy iMore or my iPhone anymore than I already do, but a free iPhone 5S as a gift from iMore is a HUGE start! Thanks for keeping us iFans in the tech loop and for all the great giveaways!

iMore and Apple are the best!

but seriously though, don't know how many times I've googled "imore somethingapplerelated"

iMore is the best at contests! Apple will have us all waiting and wondering what is next. I love apple as a company and how they set there selfs different from the rest. I love iMore because you guys keep me updated on everything apple. You guys are my #1 news source! Apple and iMore ROCK!!

Sent from the iMore App

Interested in becoming an AppleBeliever...Make a dream come true....stuck in the Nokia gray screen playing "Snake"

I love iMore for the app reviews, and tech news. I love my iPhone because I use it to keep track of lots if my stuff.

I don't love Apple as a company, but I appreciate their products. I do love all the mobile nations sites, iMore included, for my daily dose of mobile news. I also love free stuff even though I never win.

Started out with one iPhone and Tipb and now my wife and two kids have iPhones and iPads and we're all hooked on imore and we just bought a Mac Book! If that's not showing the Love then what is?

I actually don't love Apple (I'm a Microsoft/Google guy), but my wife does! She's a teacher, and the simplicity of the iOS interface really helps her respond to emails quickly and calendar team meetings. The iPhone camera also lets her take great shots of her classroom, especially panorama takes. I enjoy keeping up with the Apple news on iMore because it's always good to keep tabs on the competition ;-)

I love apple but its time to upgrade from my 4S, and imore is the first website I check every morning!

Apple stuff just works. Plain and simple. iMore helps keep me up to date and offers the tricks and tips to make it work better.

Have been an imore follower from the very beginning (TIPB). Was not an early adopter to the iphone, but I am now hooked. I still have the iphone 4s, which I love. My wife has my old 3Gs, which she loves. But I am sure she will love my 4s, which I will gift her if I am selected to win the $500 that I will use to get the next iphone!

I love iMore for always keeping us up to date on Apple and keeping us in the know. I also love the opportunities to win new things and purchase anything I could possibly need for my Apple products. I'm so excited about the new iPhone and iOS7!

iMore does an excellent job in keeping users up to date on new apps and Apple technology. Thank you iMore! You make the Apple experience that much better!

I love iMore because you keep me up-to-date on everything Apple and I love Apple because their products just work.

Apple makes everything work together so seamlessly! Having an iPhone, iPod, iPad and MacBook Pro and everything works perfectly in sync with one another. Couldn't ask for anything more! Excited to see what's in store for today considering I have an iphone 4 and ready to upgrade the latest and greatest iphone! Plus going to follow all the coverage on imore as the event happens! I love having imore tell me all the new developments with apple products!

Now, if I had to say I love Apple, it would be a lie (it was true while Steve was around). I'm really disillusioned and disappointed with Apple, anywhere from having to take a brand new Macbook Air for service, 3 weeks after I got it, to getting 2 DOA iPhone 4S, one after the other....

But I love MobileNations! Was always an avid iMore reader, and now Android Central - go MobileNations!

I absolutely adore apple products, and they are all I own. I scroll through iMore on flipboard daily, and I love your articles. Easily the best apple blog I've read. I was bummed that I won't have the money for the 5S considering I recently upgraded to the 5, but I hope you guys can help me out with that ;)

I LOVE the iphone because it simply WORKS! Elegant, well designed hardware, top notch software. I've tried Android several times and even the flagship devices don't measure up and I ALWAYS COME BACK!

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I love iMore b/c they always give honest and open opinions on everything, even on the competition!!! I love Apple b/c they create phenomenal products that work well with each other!!!

iMore — Rene and his crew — are great sources of credible and informative material about the mobile Apple products I use so much. Thanks!

Love imore for ur comprehensive device / app reviews. Now give me give me give me an iPhone 5s

My "Love" for Apple started over 30 years ago when I was just a wee lad. Growing up with an apple product as part of my daily life made it easy to have an EXTREME fondness towards anything Apple. I still on occasion boot up my apple II, but love to get the old Mac Plus out for a bit of the original "Shuffle Puck Cafe" and "Crystal Quest." I am a DieHard Apple "FanBoy!!!" A number of years ago (3 or so), I was searching the web and found a post that caught my attention. This man (Rene) was wearing and demonstrating a jacket that had an iPad pocket. This was the first I had heard of such a thing as the iPad 1 was only released weeks prior. I dug a little further and found there was a ton of great information, reviews and insight be given. I was hooked! That was when my love affair for iMore (at that time TiPb) began. Soon it became a daily ritual, that quickly escalated to 4 or 5 times a day! This commitment to iMore continued and has not gone away! So I thank you iMore for always being there for me, feeding my desire for more iMore and Apple. How about making my birthday (Sept. 14th) a birthday I'll never forget.

I love Apple so deeply
I love iMore so much
I love the sound of Siri
And reviews of the iPod touch

No BS, my dogs names are Mac and Apple! A border Collie and a golden Retriever; that's how much I love Apple! And iMore is my go to site for all things Apple, since the days!

I love Apple for their ability to wow. Honestly it's hit and miss sometimes but they always pull something out of the hat. If nothing else it makes them the most interesting computer company. And, I love being interested.

Because a designer from the UK who is developing a device alike Apple s and a video game exclusively :) imore is brilliant for for new information.

Apple is the ice cream of an ice cream sundae. It the constant from sundae to sundae. iMore is the topping that finishes the ice cream and makes the total experience better. Apple makes the product, iMore makes it better for users. Kind of like 3M I guess...

Apple is by far my favorite brand of consumer electronics. I haven't been this excited by new hardware and software in a couple years. iMore's coverage of everything has been amazing. The only way things could be any cooler would be to get a new phone for free!

I have been a iphone fanboy since the iphone came out. I enjoy the iphone and how it works. im so excited for the new iphone. imore keeps me updated and on apple news and events.

I love Apple because they are wise and just so trendy. The fact that they have always been about education and even more so in todays world are more about it by delivering products such as iPhone and iPads especially for hospitals and now schools, they know what they are doing positively. I only think Apple when it comes to owning something because they last, get the job done and it's just so smooth when trying to get anything done on them. I love iMore because they have been there from the start of the iPhone. They, just like Apple, are all about keeping things trendy and up to date and fresh and the best part about iMore is that they listen to their users, there's no games in the comments section as you see in other blogsites. iMore staff, you guys bring us all the good stuff and your own input, which leads us to make smart choices when it comes to choosing the right accessories for our Apple products. Thanks for contests such as this one. I have never seen so many contest-offerings as much as I see it happening on Thank you. --Enzo

Because apple puts out amazing products and imore does a fantastic job reporting on them.

So many comments.. here it goes. I actually took the day off work today just so that I could watch the live unveiling of the new iPhone. I love Apple and its products because they make my life so much easier. From buying movie tickets, to reserving a spot at a restaurant, to scheduling an appointment, to tracking the distance I've ran. I can't even tell you how many times Apple Maps has saved me. I know some people have a huge problem with it but not me, I love it. As for you guys, iMore, you'll always be TiPb to me. You are definitely my #1 source of all news Apple. Though not the only site I visit, definitely my favorite. Georgia, Rene, you guys write amazing posts and I thank you for all of the knowledge you have given me. I really hope to finally win something amazing.

I love Apple products soooooo much, at school I'm known as the apple guru or the potable Genius Bar. I would love to win the iPhone 5s that would be AMAZING. Long live Apple

I love Apple's products for their functionality, and I love iMore for keeping me updated on the company I love.

When i-Bob, think anything about apple, i immediately think to view imore, for the latest and greatest news and or rumors. I have been following for several years now before imore was imore, and it was the iphone blog. I love apple and their products so much, that I am actually in the process of getting a job with them on top of my full time computer programming job. I am a tech head through and through and would love a chance to win my favorite companies product from my favorite apple related blog site. If not.... maybe I will see Rene at Crossgates Mall in line for the launch!

Because the products are amazing and imore keeps me up to date with the latest and greatest!

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can't wait for the new iPhone!! It looks amazing, and I'm gonna be following iMore the whole day to keep up to date, cuz you guys rock! Apple + iMore FTW

iMore has always been there to fulfill and ignite my Apple addiction! iMore is the best. Apple is the best. After the late Steve Jobs, Apple will still rule over all others. Never stop innovating! I would love the new iPhone...would be a dream come true.

I love iMore for keeping us so up to date with all the latest news, tips and tricks! I love Apple products because they make my life easier every day! Thank you iMore for the chance to win!!!! Looking forward to today's announcements!!!

Apple is the fruit of knowledge, a forbidden fruit, the first fruit ever mentioned in the Bible. Who wouldn't love it? The company itself is a representation of that, new, innovative, and secrets waiting to be unlocked. iMore is definitely the top source to reveal those info and my first place to check out for updates. Thanks iMore for the contest! Crossing my fingers :)

I love Apple because it keeps my kids behaved and I love iMore because it keeps me abreast on what would keep my kids behaved! =P

Apple has been like the cell of the human body without it you cannot live your life!!!
Thumbs up to imore for bringing such competitions n keeping us updated about apple daily.

Apple makes the best OS and hardware period...their stuff simply works and works simply. I enjoy iMore because they cover not only the latest from Apple, but also keep us up to date on the competition.

I love iMore simply because it's a part of the Mobile Nations eco system where I can get all of the best on all OS's!

I would love to love the Apple. Since it's the one product line I have't tried yet, I would really like a risk free chance to . :-)

I've used Apple products exclusively since 1988 and I've logged in several times a day to iMore since I discovered it a few years ago. I think that is a testament to how I feel about both!

I love iMore because they are always keeping up to date on all things Apple. All the gadgets I own are Apple products because they don't make sub par products, they are all high quality and fun to use. Apple for life!

I do love apple, and I've been quite impressed with iMore's coverage of apple. Words fail how much I'd love an new iPhone.

Strongly considering switching to Apple for Android... need something that just always works! I know iPhone can give me that... make it an easy switch for me! ;)