Amazon Instant Video for iOS adds AirPlay streaming

Amazon Instant Video for iOS now lets users stream content over AirPlay

Amazon Instant Video for iOS has been updated to allow users to stream content to their Apple TV through AirPlay, along with other new features and improvements. The update also lets users dig into the information surrounding their movie or TV program, with comprehensive IMDB information, including the cast, director, trivia, and quotes. Additionally, Amazon Instant Video will now point you towards other videos featuring cast members or the director of the video they're currently watching.

This update now integrates more community information, and makes taking videos offline much easier. Customer reviews can now be viewed with videos. Additionally, when viewing a movie or television episode, users can now see what other people who have watched that video have also watched. Amazon Instant Video now also supports concurrent downloads, letting you download more than one video at a time. Amazon also says that the general offline experience of the app has been improved. Other improvements include a faster, more responsive interface, and the obligatory bug fixes and stability improvements. The updated is available to download now.

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Reader comments

Amazon Instant Video for iOS adds AirPlay streaming


Thank goodness. This has been a thorn in my proverbial side for the past few months, as Amazon has a plethora of choices on their Instant Video that Netflix just doesn't provide. Hopefully we'll see an Apple TV app someday, but small victories.

Hm. I have been toying with the idea of getting an Apple TV soon. As an Amazon Instant Video user, I was disappointed to find there would be no app for ATV. This may scratch that itch.

Can anyone comment on how well AirPlaying HD video between iPad and ATV works? In particular I'd be interested to hear about any irritations or gotchas that people have been caught off guard by.

This may push me too. We use a Roku 3 which is an outstanding device. Comast, my provider, does not allow its customers to use HBO Go on the Roku. I can't complain about this enough. I hate them for that.

They do allow it through Apple TV however. I was hesitant to go that route because of no Amazon so....I do have an iPad 4 kicking around. Never had an excuse to use Airplay before.

This makes my Apple TV a million times more useful. Now I don't have to use the Roku in my bedroom when I want to watch Amazon, I can watch it on the big screen TV in the living room (where the Apple TV is).

This is a needed update, but it still isn't working for my iPad mini using the Lightning Digital adapter to HDMI. I get a message that mirroring is not supported. Is there a work around that anyone knows of?

I think the update was for Airplay to stream Amazon movies wirelessly from your iPad mini to a Apple TV 2 or 3.

I just finish updating and is to working, as always only the audio works, even when I try mirror playing nothing
I hope the fix it soon