Apple sees high demand for iPhone 5s, several models sold out

Apple sees high demand for iPhone 5s, several models sold out

Apple has seen high demand for their new smartphones, particularly the iPhone 5s. Apple's new iPhones went on sale this morning. While Apple did not release any numbers, something typically done after the first full weekend of sales, they said that some models of the 5s were sold out, according to All Things D:

“Demand for the new iPhones has been incredible, and we are currently sold out or have limited supply of certain iPhone 5s models in some stores,” an Apple representative told AllThingsD.

Shipping times for the iPhone 5s on the Apple Online Store quickly slipped from 1-3 business days to 7-10, with the gold version of all models simply listed as shipping in October.One thing we don't know for sure is just how much of Apple's supply the iPhone 5s made up compared to the iPhone 5c. We had already heard about constraints on 5s supply at carrier stores, but how representative of the overall 5s supply is unclear. It's also been reported that Apple has asked suppliers to ramp up production of the gold 5s model, following higher than expected demand.

Source: All Things D

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Apple sees high demand for iPhone 5s, several models sold out


Gold wasn't available at my Verizon store. I almost bought black but decided on white and silver. Hrm, been a bit since I typed on an iPhone, I think I miss the period being on the first keyboard.

If the supply isn't deliberately lower than demand then someone at apple needs to loose their job. This is such a predictable story now

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They can only make'em as fast as they can make'em. Plus component supplies for the touch ID sensor are reportedly constrained. Plus plus it'll take a while before the build process is streamlined for the new components. It all adds up to sad panda.

I'm in line @ Apple Store in Milwaukee & they have NO gold or silver. Only grey in 16 & 32.

Stopped at the AT&T store this morning & they had ONLY gotten shipments of the silver. Nothing else.

on the phone with Pentagon City...

"....there are more than eight calls ahead of you..."
"....there are more than eight calls ahead of you..."
"....there are more than eight calls ahead of you..."

dude I just want to know if I can use the trade in program towards a new 64G gold iPhone 5S AND also my early upgrade from AT&T.....

....seriously....I'll come in next week....


" have eight calls ahead of you...."

The Verizon store that I went to today had only gotten 8 silver and 0 gold. I thought I was getting the last silver one but somebody must have changed their mind before it was my turn.

I ordered mine online from AT&T at 3:35 AM EST today. AT&T sent me an original ship date of 21-Oct to 30-Oct. They just updated it to 01-Oct to's hoping for another update making it ship out today. Funny thing is, it's the nano SIM that shows back ordered, not the iPhone.

I got the slate 64 GB 5S at a Verizon store in Longmont, CO less than an hour ago. It's the exact model I wanted, but they ran out of gold and silver pretty quickly. Did not see anyone walk out with a 5C. Still setting up my new 5S and am very excited.

Ooh, aah. I like that Space Gray color.
But I'm on the even-year plan at AT&T.
And I want a bare, shiny, polished Liquidmetal iPhone 6 next year!

Standing in line at Tucson Apple store. It's about a 1 hour wait. Only space gray for all carriers (they were out of silver and gold really early this morning). Only 64Gb for Verizon and 16Gb for ATT. I wanted silver but will settle for gray.

FIRST-world problems :-)