Anyone interested in trading in their iPhone for a Windows Phone? Anybody?

While Apple reports record first weekend sales after launching the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, Microsoft it seems is running around trying convince folks to ditch their iPhone and jump to a Windows Phone. No, really. After a similar promotion where Microsoft stores would accept an iPad in trade in against a Windows 8 tablet, Forbes reports the folks from Redmond are to begin accepting iPhones as well:

According to an inside source at Microsoft, Microsoft Stores will begin giving a minimum $200 in-store credit for iPhones on Friday as part of its “#timetoswitch” campaign, obviously hoping consumers will use the cash to buy a Windows Phone.

On the one hand, you can't blame them for trying. There's a bunch of iPhone 4 and 4s owners out there who might be eying up something newer, shinier and with a little more junk in the trunk, that might not feel they can stretch to a new iPhone 5s. But, it reeks quite a lot of Microsoft trying to buy customers, rather than concentrating more on selling the value of Windows Phone as a platform.

The in-store credit could also be used towards another Microsoft device – perhaps a Surface 2 – but the iPhone trade-in program will reportedly be called "#timetoswitch," so it's clear where the true intentions lie. I just can't help but feel it's a shallow attempt at wooing customers who may ultimately end up disappointed. There's plenty to like about Windows Phone – I'm quite fond of my own Lumia 920 – so surely Microsoft would be better served marketing the heck out of it and advertising its strengths, than simply blindly buying customers?

The question remains; Anyone out there interested in trading in their iPhone for a Windows Phone? Anybody?

Source: Forbes via Windows Phone Central

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Anyone interested in trading in their iPhone for a Windows Phone? Anybody?


If there was more to a Windows phone I would consider it. Though having all Apple products that work together is why I wouldn't. The live tiles are the only good thing. If Windows put more into it, they would do better.

Its true, the eco system is what keeps me and my family with apple. I would love to try other oz's. Too bad I can't

I am going to upgrade my iP5 to Lumia 1020. First, my iP simply does not work together with any other devices. It's an outsider in the world of consumer electronics. Secondly, I will be running out of the 12 month warranty period soon, and would not like to pay hundreds of euros for fixing the phone should it develop any problems. My brother's iP5 suddenly stopped accepting any charge, and a colleague's 4S just died one night. Would hate these to happen to me one month past my warranty. So I need to sell it before that. Thirdly, iOS7 just tries to be a poor man's WP, so why not go for the real thing? Plus I will get Nokia location services which, unlike Apple's Maps, actually work in Europe. Four and final: I really need a better camera and a phone with a two-year manufacturer warranty and support options. So 1020 it shall be.

So there you go. Nothing fantastic. just ordinary stuff. But as a European I won't be beenfitting from this MSF program.

I made the same jump as you, but used Android as a stepping stone to a 920.

I love the idea of the 1020, but will wait before making a decision. From what I have read and heard, it seems unique and I like the different design.

Hope you enjoy it!

I have enjoyed my 920. Kept my iPad for now, left the iOS7 though. Now I am just waiting until Nokia gets their Windows Tablet out...
Interesting to read how people think WP is confusing as I think quite the opposite using my L920 and iPad.
And what Trappiste said about Here-Maps is so true, they are brilliant!

I find it hard to fault as a phone and it hasn't taken long to learn my way around it. I still like checking things on it and picking it up - the camera is still amazing to me.

I think there are new tablets coming out on MS now, but haven't any idea what they're like.

I left the iPhone 4 and went to Windows Phone after it launched. I just came back and got the 5C. I will not switch back. I can tell you it feels like one hand doesn't know what the other is doing at Windows phone. Updates are stalled through carriers (even though MS that they would push them out to get around that) it's a whole mess.

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IPhone sucks (then explain why everybody is copying it or at least comparing themselves with it) if you don't have android you're an idiot (or simply have different values/priorities... and a bit more financial freedom). And the new platform is directly linked to the NSA (way to go champ! How’s that for a first contribution to iMore!!).

I agree with you in principle, just a bit of tweaking, as your statement shows similar disdain towards Android users. I just take a bit of issue with "values/priorities" as that seems to say that you have 'better' values. Android users have different priorities. Also the "financial freedom" line. Everyone I know with an Android has a more expensive one, and most everyone I see with an iPhone has a free model. Just saying.

Microsoft has said they (have to) give to the NSA, as did Google. Pretty sure Blackberry would too. Who are you left with there? Do you have any facts to point to? I'm an Android guy (mainly, have a 4S and a Lumia 920), but *you're* an idiot.

I already did. Left iPhone 4 for a Lumia 900. Microsoft let me down. Really not even interested in trying WP8, or Windows 8 for that matter.

Maybe if Microsoft just gave me that $200 straight up I would try it.

I have a real good reason for not wanting one that most people that have never used a Windows 7/8 phone might not know about.

On the Windows phone there is only one volume level, for everything, I'll explain what this means. If you are watching a video clip on Youtube and you turn the volume down because you are at work you have also just turned down your ringer, notification, alarm, and every other sound on your phone.

I had the phone for 3 weeks and it almost cost me my job because I never heard my alarm go off since I would forget to turn the volume back up before going to bed. I also missed several important phone calls because I would forget to turn the volume back up after playing Cut the Rope or something like that.

I called Nokia and HTC who all stated that was the way Microsoft designed the software that way. I also called Microsoft to mention that it might be a good idea to change that and was told that it was the way it was designed and that was that. So I sold my Windows phone on eBay and unless I was given a free one I would never spend money on one.

Poor you. I guess you could never figure out how to turn off in game volume. Or that you could simply put your phone's ringer on vibrate only with the volume high for alarms.

You had the phone for 3 weeks you say? I guess they were right when they said, "your smartphone is only as smart as you are"

This isn't true. Yes, there's only one volume control. Apparently seperate volume control is coming ion GDR3 or Blue. But your comment is so untrue. The alarm goes off at max volume. You can't control the volume of the alarms... I put my phone on vibrate every single night and my alarm always wakes me up the next morning.

If they offered $200 for an old iphone 4 I would consider it if you could use it in the whole Microsoft store. iphone 4 is not worth much anymore and could put the $200 towards a new xbox one lol

I did and I wasn't paid!

I had an iPhone 5 and ended up with a Lumia 920, although I went via Android (mistake) to get to WP8. I had never used iOS or WP8 before and so was fresh to both and knew what I wanted my phone to do. I use it largely as a work phone, so having MS Excel, Word etc., baked in for free is great, as is Nokia HERE+ maps (also free).

There were three areas that put me off the iPhone - the odd 'swoosh' sound when a text/email is sent (not very business-like in a meeting) which I couldn't disable; the physical size of the keyboard - I have large fingers and found it too small to type comfortably and lastly, I was fed up with the childish wrangling between Apple and MS which meant I couldn't open and editing Windows/Office documents. Having to pay (why it is more in iStore than Android for the same Docs to Go bundle?) for a third party app is pathetic in this day and age.

The Lumia isn't perfect, but for what I want, it's better suited to the business use I need it for.

You couldn't figure out how to remove the swoosh sound?

Yeah, best for you to move to a Windows phone. Next time, consider Blackberry too.

You aren't a good advert for Apple. No, I couldn't find a way to silence it, but then neither could anyone else who had iP either.

I came from Blackberry and it was superb - you could personalise every notification. Butwhen my contract came up for renewal, I wasn't sure about the new OS....

That was something I loved about the BlackBerry. Every single notification was customizable from the tone to the vribration. I miss that feature...

I don't mean to sound rude, but you've only got one sound point (from your listed preferences): "the physical size of the keyboard - I have large fingers and found it too small to type comfortably."
The first point seems moot - if you turn the iPhone to silent, via the rocker, you mitigate this issue, altogether. If your company is cool with your phone going off for text messages in the first place, it seems pointless to argue that the swoosh sound is "not very business-like" - it's no less professional than the iconic tri-tone alert going off; as for email, you CAN turn off the sound for the "Sent Mail" alert (and always could).
Your third point is wrong, altogether - there was/is no wrangling between MS and Apple, with respect to MS Office on iOS. Apple has guidelines for the App Store into which a mobile version of MS Office suite could easily fit - MS simply has chosen not to submit suitable, Office-suite-editable apps. The one in the App Store is SORELY lacking in functionality. Additionally, Apple offers iWork which can convert Office files to be compatible with the Apple counterpart (and it can export them back to Office format). My point is this: no wrangling, purely MS' decision. This ties into your fourth point, paying for third party apps (and the differing prices between OSes) - the developer (as noted, is third party) needs to turn a buck, and ads are ridiculously annoying in apps, especially productivity ones, so they will charge a fee (and depending on the platform owner's pricing model, may need to conform his own asking price to stay consistent in the end, which I imagine is his personal preference).
In sum, I respect that the Lumia is right for you and your needs, but I think your points for swaying towards MS are greatly flawed (minus the one about your mits). Sorry dude

You aren't rude. I knew about the rocker for silence, but it's a work around and not practical for every time something was sent. (Sorry - I put the "/email" because I couldn't remember whether it was one or both that notified when sent).

When I looked into software compatibility, there were a few articles saying that the companies weren't working together to find a solution. I don't know who was at fault. I was trying to make the point that it seems daft to have to use another programme to open what are, presumably, the world's most popular document formats on the world's best selling phone.

I don't know I quite understand your point on app pricing. With Docs to Go, I paid for the full version on Android, but noted it was several £GBP more on iStore. I don't know who determines the prices, but as it was the same company's app, it stands to reason they have quite a say. If it's Apple that add a hefty charge, I'd be interested to know what it was extra that they think qualified it for a nearly double price.

I agree with your summary!

You're right about them not working together, but they weren't necessarily "wrangling" either. The OS platform owner (Apple, Google, MS) doesn't generally work with app developers in creating or pricing their apps; they merely say, "these are our guidelines, and this is how much we will charge for the app to be hosted in our store." Which leads me into the last point: Apple, I believe, charges the most to host an app (I know that it is 30%, right off the top). So, as an example, let's say I want to submit my app to Google and to Apple, and I want to make $1 for each download. I need to present a different asking price to, each, Google and Apple, so that I can get my desired pay.

I spent a year on WP7 with a Samsung Focus. It was a great phone and a great OS, but in the end I gave up on the platform because of the app situation. The fact that two years later the app gap still exists throws up big red warning flags for me. It's sad, because the OS really is great. I miss it, but there is no going back at this point.

You should give it another try. I don't have any app problems at all. I will admit that I did at first, but not anymore. Everything is there. Except Air Canada... I want an Air Canada app!

It has many instagram apps that are better than the official app.

Why do I even bother commenting anymore...

Over the years of owning smartphones between BlackBerry (when they still had a large market) and various devices running Windows mobile.

Early on even after the launch of the original iPhone in 2007, I promised my nephew that if he showed me a report card that showed he had some determination of making it through high school, I promised him I'd give him my 8GB iPhone which I loved and he did too since he was nursing a half broken clamshell.

I kept my promise and added him to my mobile plan with my original iPhone.

This left me with choice of waiting on another batch of iPhone 3G models to come out or try another smartphone platform. The top of the line phone (at the time) sold at AT&T was the HTC Tilt with WinMo 6 Professional. It was a slick looking phone which had some features that wouldn't be on the iPhone for over a year later.

I bought this thing blindly after believing the sales rep that it would work with my MacBook and it was one of the first 3G phones that AT&T sold along with the newly released and hard to get iPhone 3G.

I carried this monster home and it was not user friendly once you got behind the HTC skin to make address book entries and general use. I did love that Microsoft office was made portable but on a phone with such a small display, it was better for viewing than busting out that new spreadsheet. Directory access was insanely slow which also was a battery killer. One final day with that phone left me so frustrated. The local 3G tower went down while still providing EDGE service leaving the rest of the first generation iPhones unaffected. My Windows Mobile "smartphone" had no way to switch on the fly to the EDGE data network leaving me with a brick. This was later corrected by a over the air update to Win Mo 6.1 which honestly to me didn't change much of anything but under the hood. The phone still lacked a proper display driver for hardware acceleration which made the UI choppy and frustrating to use.

I finally gave in and dumped the phone in its box on the counter and asked AT&T if they had any option for me then that pile of rubbish and my luck came through after enough of fighting my phone, the 3G was there in stock. They even credited me the amount I had to spend for the missing sync software on my Mac just so I could get my contacts in there. Music was pointless as the WinMo device lacked a headphone jack.

I was so happy to have the iPhone back in my hands since everything I have is Apple. From my computer and tablet to my TV set top box.

I've seen the modern Windows 7 and 8 phones and once again had to make a decision as I changed my family plan over to my brother in law who was willing to pay the high fees for AT&T service and I moved on to T-Mobile (proud Tmo iPhone 5 owner here) but back then it was a risk of choosing another Windows device the HD7, a Android based phone, or the BlackBerry.

I had chosen the BlackBerry Bold 9700 over the somewhat early Android offerings which did have a bit of growing pains and didn't go with one till the Galaxy S3. After many years of having the old 'Berry, I missed much of the iPhone but since I had both an iPad and the fourth generation iPod Touch, I had my iOS and kept hopes up for the iPhone on T-Mobile for years but loved the cheaper rates.

Today, with my iPhone 5 and LTE data service on T-Mobile with unlimited tethering, my iPhone is rarely out of my reach.

Not one issue ever since now that I have my phone of choice with my carrier of choice and seeing the latest from Nokia and Microsoft, I don't see any features that jump out at me telling me that it's a must have.

The same feelings go with the MS surface tablets and I'm still rocking my 64GB iPad 2

I am right there with you. I have had Windows, Blackberry, and Android devices. But nothing can compare to the service I have had for two complete years with all Apple products. I hve no axe to grind with any of them, they all have their selling points. But none of them ever have nor will give the level of service I have had from Apple. Just the facts here!

I can easily say that the iPhone 5 and the newer 5S (and 5C) are fantastic devices for those who love perfection in industrial design but at the cost of features sorely missing from other platforms.

One such example is the camera app between that on the iPhone vs the amazing amount of options that are on the Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4 phones. Samsung has so many options within it that nearly match some DSLR's and easily any dedicated point & shoot camera. Being able to also have such real time filters that must be post processed on the iPhone and also the stylistic filters for video is really a strong selling point for the Galaxy series phones if you shoot a lot of photos on your mobile. The only problem with the Samsung though is the wonky color balance and color saturation.

The iPhone still provides the more natural colors in most every scenario being any time of day or low light. Many comparisons show this all over the web.

So I admit while the iPhone is my mobile device of choice, having some real pro options for a great camera. Apple missed the boat on this with the iOS 7 overhaul focusing more on eye candy than functionality. Even my old BlackBerry Bold 9700 had multiple shot profiles that were perfect for capturing text or many other situations for such an old phone.

Honestly, had I found a older Bold 9780, it would be my daily driver as far as communications go but the old 'Berry is limited to 3G. LTE speeds on my iPhone 5 have really spoiled me. So my 16GB iPhone 5 is now my daily driver as not only does it do everything I need (or want), the nice bonuses of a great mobile game platform really strike a home run.

Needs for everyone are always different depending on what they expect out of a modern smartphone with many options to consider on every platform. Security for your data? BlackBerry has that area covered but is weak in most every other category.

Android is the best platform for those who love to tinker to get the most performance out of their phone much like custom gaming PC's. Sure there are entry level devices for the average user that just wants a smartphone on a budget and there are tons of Android based phones made for the entry level user to the most demanding power user.

Windows phones are the one platform I've always been curious about since WP7. I've never gotten a true hands on test drive with one but from what I gather is Microsoft trying to make a single common platform for mobile games and Xbox Live integration.

Finally the iPhone as I see it is a perfect phone for those who want a smartphone that is powerful but also very simple to use. It also has the benefit of the best app selection for nearly everything. The sacrifices of the iPhone as a smartphone is those looking to unlock the full potential must void their warranty to jailbreak and use apps that allow finer control over certain aspects of the iOS platform and also willing to tinker but not to the far easier way of doing so on Android.

The iPhone and iOS platform remain a lead in mobile gaming performance and despite the sub HD screen, people still shell out a lot of money for the lead mobile gaming platform as well as the most widely supported.

Apple does have one issue though. While the iPhone itself is a wonderfully crafted device, it is also over saturated the market which sees slowing sales even from the largest Apple fans with a minimal feature update at times for a very large sum. Making many customers keep what they have (such as myself with my Black/Slate iPhone 5).

The 5C is nothing more than what I already have supposedly to become a "affordable model" which is really wasn't. My view of the 5S is that it's a great phone under the hood with its speed but no 720p display or other updates to stay competitive. The fingerprint reader is a nice update for Apple trying even more to take the position of BlackBerry in the secure corporate world and it's working its way on replacing the BlackBerry in multiple companies.

In closing, there's always something for everyone. For me, it was the iPhone for its simplicity and variety of apps. Finally also music playback with the Apple EarPods. I love them after finding some foam covers for them and the sound had much improved.

This post may be too much for some to read or get the wrong message. It's simply my personal view of each mobile platform as they stand currently.

Sems there are more people commenting with positives than negatives. In my opinion, Windows Phone is better for me as well.

I have and use a device on each platform and I do like WP8. I also think the fact that you can go out and just just buy a Lumia 521 for $100 is a great deal. I don't mind my 920, but I find that I use my GS4 more. Now, to upgrade my older iPhone to the 5s...decisions. It's damn hard stepping down in screen size from a GS4 to what seems a puny 5s. It is easier for me to hold seeing as I can't keep my hands on my S4 in a case.

To begin with the article title is wrong as MS isn't offering a trade at all. Secondly, MS is doing what others are doing, offering cash for your iphone in hopes you'll get a windows one. Misleading article but just one among hundreds just to get people to read their junk!

Put the pitchfork down for a second, and reread the article (including its title): A) the title is merely a question, which intends to invoke a debate, of sorts, B) nobody said MS is offering this, currently - article states, "According to an inside source at Microsoft, Microsoft Stores will begin giving a minimum $200 in-store credit for iPhones on Friday as part of its “#timetoswitch” campaign..." - "will begin" means "not current practice, but in the future," and finally C) no one has been more publicly vocal than MS in attempting to make you switch, not just away from platform x to MS but, specifically and explicitly from Apple to MS. You, sir, are wrong.

I already traded in my iPhone for a Lumia 920. I never looked back. I didn't switch because I hated iOS. iOS is fine for most. I switched because I like the tiles and integration with products and services I already own. I use SkyDrive, Xbox,, and I'm a SysAdmin by trade. So a Windows Phone is also a bonus for work. Plus I love the Office app and all the Nokia services.

Since switching I never looked back. There's no issues with apps and I've never been happier. I love the phone, the OS, and the camera. I'm a huge Nokia fan too. The way apps are designed on Windows Phone are unique. I like it.

But I admit that Windows Phone is still lacking some basic features. But at the same time it's fun being a part of a growing operating system. I turn heads all the time with my phone. Constantly "what kind of phone is that?". "Is that a Windows Phone?".

I guess I like being different. At one time having the iPhone was different. There was always the excitement of what's next. But all I've ever waited for was a dynamic home screen and I never got it. Still, iOS 7 is a static experience. There's no dynamic app icons or widgets. I do give Apple credit for having the best lock screen experience. But then again I love having the ability to choose an app to customize my lock screen as well.

There's no reason to dump on Windows Phone, iOS, or Android. They are all very well built operating systems. But for me, being a part of Windows Phone is more exciting. Microsoft has built a solid mobile operating system that runs extremely well on budget hardware as well as premium hardware without changing the overall experience. Having the ability to run a buttery smooth operating system on a $80 device is nothing short of amazing... And you can't argue with that.


My first smartphone was the iPhone 3GS and I really liked that phone. Miss it actually. Then I had to switch from AT&T to Verizon Wireless because I moved into an area where AT&T wasn't very strong. The Verizon sales rep convinced me and my husband to get the brand new HTC Thunderstorm. My husband loved his phone and learned to like Android. I on the other hand hated it and took it back a couple of days later for the iPhone 4 which had just come to Verizon. I was happy as a clam on the iPhone 4 and didn't upgrade to the 4S or 5 when they rolled out.

The iPhone 5 had been out a few months when I got "wondering eye syndrome". I got a Nokia Lumia 822 and kept it for a day before going back to my iPhone 4 (which I had kept just in case). Watching what Microsoft was doing and then the GDR2 undate rolled out I got the Nokia Lumia 928. I kept the 928 for a week this time before running back to my iPhone 4.

Now iOS 7 has rolled out and I miss iOS 6's look, however, I do like some of the added benefits to iOS 7. My first reaction to iOS 7 was to ditch the iPhone and go either back to WP8 or Android. As I got to use iOS 7 some more I became a lot more comfortable with it. Now I'm not looking to jump ship to the next flashy thing to come along. However, I'm not completely discrediting the other options as well. I want to hold out and see what updates Apple makes to iOS 7 in response to user feedback before I decide to jump ship or not.

I hear so many people say they like Android, but I just don't trust Google and find the inconsistent versions on different devices very fragmented. Blackberry isn't even in the picture for me. I still "like" WP8, but think I want to hang back until Microsoft releases WP8.1 and GDR3 and see if my previous concerns are addressed before I consider jumping to WP over iPhone.

I really wish there was another, simpler, option available. I see phones with Firefox OS or some other OS only available in developing countries that look very simple and straightforward and I wonder why I cannot have it too!

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I own a 4S and am waiting for my unlocked 5S to arrive week after next. So I've never had the chance to own the larger screen. That said that picture above is the first time I've seen someone actually fill the screen with apps/folders. I drives me nuts that people don't do that more often for some reason...

As far as a Windows phone? Every WIndows machine I ever owned went downhill quick from the day I bought them. Meanwhile I have a 2007 Macbook that runs better than the day I bought it as the OS was upgraded and everything works perfectly. Never in a bazzilion years would I do such a thing.

I was interested in the Nokia 1020 until they did another "AT&T Exclusive". My carrier is SPRINT and they don't have any Nokia Windows Phones, so this trade in deal wouldn't have worked for me. Instead, I stood in line at a Mall Apple store on Launch day for three hours and got an iPhone 5C. Very happy with it. Not giving up my iPad 2 for any Surface device, but I would trade it in for an iPad Mini 32GB.

Seems like more of the same here. Microsoft buys software developers and now consumers. They would be much better served by promoting their own products without making cheap and incorrect shots at the competition.

Why to go from a flat os i don't like in ios 7 to a flat os i don't like in windows tiles with even less perks? Um no. If i switch operating systems for my next phone it's Android hands down.

I will trade my android tablet and iphone 4s with a surface 2. I don't have any problem with apps since all the apps I need are on the windows store. and I like to be on one ecosystem either Microsoft or apple. This is an opportunity Microsoft is offering. Hope apple does this in the future.

I would gladly trade my iPhone 5 for a flagship Lumia. Except for the fact that Sprint doesn't carry any Nokia phones... heck I'd trade it for an 820. (Please Sprint, Lumia 830 next year at the very least, please.)

Anyone trade android phone for apple phone anyone.
Seriously want the most secure and stable phone.
One that works buy the windows phone.

Want a phone that has lots of problems but the company is in denial. Buy a apple phone.
Want a phone with lots of issues but allow you to fix them yourself. Buy an android phone.
I suppose that why android is the top seller.

I have all three.
Microsoft - boring nothing to tinker with and stable.
Apple - put it in the cupboard till they fix it.
Android - fix it and play with it while on the plane.

I would give a windows phone a go. I have an iphone 5, which I've had for a few months, and just switched from android, really for a change of pace more then anything. I have all intentions on going back to android but would be open to trying a windows phone at least for a bit.