The present and future of Vesper for iOS 7

The present and future of Vesper for iOS 7

Vesper gets a lot of attention because it's crafted by well-known personalities in the Apple community, namely Brent Simmons, Dave Wiskus, and John Gruber. Part of the reason they're well-known, however, is because they're not only capable of great craft, but of explaining the creative and business processes behind it. That makes it as valuable as them. Cases in point, Brent Simmons technical details on Vesper 007's iOS 7 implementation on Inessential:

You remember in Lord of the Rings when Gollum finally gets the ring and he’s holding it up and dancing around? That’s me and TextKit.

And John Gruber's look ahead on Daring Fireball:

We’re breaking with policy to announce this because sync is so important to so many of you that it was becoming untenable to do otherwise. We want you to know that our priorities align with yours. Sync is the feature that almost everything else on our roadmap hinges upon.

Also: syncing is a notoriously difficult problem to solve. There is no easy way. From the outside, it may seem as simple as “Just use _____”, where the blank is iCloud or Dropbox or Azure or S3 or anything else. From the inside, every option we have presents hurdles, limitations, and a ton of work.

Sync is also important, I'd hazard to guess, because SimpleNote, as part of their return, decided to lift Vesper's design and experience to an appalling degree, making it for all intents and purposes Vesper with sync. And if someone is going to be Vesper with sync, it should be Vesper, with sync.

Source: Inessential, Daring Fireball

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Reader comments

The present and future of Vesper for iOS 7


With or without sync, Vesper still remains a top notch Notes app. I use it a lot and lack of sync has not been an issue.

Does a day go by without iMore advertising this mediocrity of an app? A note-taking app without multi-device sync and backup is like going back to 2007. No. Let us live in 2013 and bury this nonsense. The devs made a cheap design, wanting to avoid the "hurdles" of coding the sync. Fine. There are many great note-atking apps, like Notesy, and others, that do sync very well. Why on Earth would anyone bother with Vesper?


Just because the app is made by Gruber these guys are advertising it like anything.

There are way more better alternatives which never get showcased much. Apps like Byword, Notesy, Write for iPhone, etc IMO are tons better than Vesper in every regard.

Seriously, stop promoting your friends apps!

Byword and Notesy don't have tags nor do they allow you to sort your notes by simply dragging them up and down, so those apps are obviously not better than Vesper "in every regard". I use Byword and Vesper, but for completely different things. I would never propose one as a substitute for the other.

I totally agree. This app and Launch Command or wtf ever it's called need to die a quick and painless death. The amount of salad tossing these apps receive makes me sick and I refuse to use them based on that alone.

Sent from the iMore App

Evernote IMO is better suited for power users. It's a lot to "absorb" for a new user looking for a straight forward & simplified note taking app. I feel Rene is just spreading the word about an app worth spreading the word about so for that I thank him.

++ to that. That said, this app did get 4/5 stars on iTunes. Not awesome reviews, but pretty good. And it's currently #10 top in paid productivity apps. also pretty good. As for those bitching about Rene giving favoritism; he's not a robot, of course he is going to help friends out.

Easy: all I want to do in Vesper is to save little snippets of text with the occasional image thrown in. For that Vesper is faster and the presentation much clearer because there are simply no other functions to get in the way. I also really got used to order my notes by hand, just draging them up and down as I please. Evernote is of course awesome, too, I just use it for very different things than Vesper.

Vespers was what they made us attend at camp.

Who cares about this app?! Evernote has no competition, really ....Apple should buy them, ASAP.

A notes making app for $3.99 that doesn’t offer sync function even in times of iOS 7! That itself shows why others are copying Vesper and why it might not have a future to look forward to. There are apps equally good as Vesper available for free in the App Store. Vesper would have to think outside the box in order to survive and retain the so-called popularity.