Apple working on a fix for 'fraction-of-a-percent' experiencing iMessage problems

Apple working on a fix for people experiencing iMessage problems

iMessage has been frustrating some people following the iOS 7 software update. Either not sending, not receiving, or just plain not working. We've given you some potential iMessage fixes to try, which might help, at least temporarily. However, a proper fix looks like it's on the way from Apple. The Wall Street Journal:

“We are aware of an issue that affects a fraction of a percent of our iMessage users, and we will have a fix available in an upcoming software update,” Apple said in a statement. “In the meantime, we encourage any users having problems to reference our troubleshooting documents or contact AppleCare to help resolve their issue. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes impacted users.”

A fraction of a percent sounds small, but with hundreds of millions of people on iOS 7, even a fraction of a percent is a large number. In our iMessage poll yesterday, roughly 50% of iMore readers claimed to be experiencing problems with iMessage. So, hopefully the fix arrives sooner rather than later.

The advantage of Apple's new over-the-air (OTA) system is that it can deliver small updates more easily. Let's see how well it's put to use.

Meanwhile, if you're a small fraction of a percenter, let me know in comments!

Source: Wall Street Journal:

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There are 48 comments. Add yours.

patrickpiteo says:

Both mine and my wife's stopped working did turn off and on plus hard reboot to fix..

mumfoau says:

I'm a fraction of a percenter and I'm really glad a permanent fix is on the way. Resetting network settings is a bit of a drag...

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Good OL MC says:

I've been having to revert back to SMS more than usual and my messages have been getting hung up towards the end of "sending." Doesn't look like I've been experiencing the issues others have though.

djstarion says:

Yeah sometimes mine get hung up on sending, so I reboot and it says not delivered. Try again and it sends fine.

trmoney24 says:

People have suggested resetting your network settings. I did that and it made my iMessage finally work again.

Amy wineBerry says:

Unfortunately, this doesn't always work. I've only found that a reboot "resolves" the issues every time.

Dev from tipb says:

Very similar experience here.

Brm5688 says:

Is anyone experiencing a data leakage with their 5S? My data is at 1.5 Gb used, and I've had the phone for about a week. If so, is this an iOS 7 issue? Or the phone it self?

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Brm5688 says:

PS. I don't believe I've used that much data. I'm on wifi most of the time anyway.

PPS. I'm on verizon and I use the myverizon app to tell me how much data I use...

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ethanwc says:

Here's the fix: Turn off iMessage. It sucks. It's horrible. It ruins lives.

Actually, the only reason I don't use it is because it uses data and I was dumb and changed to the 2 gig limited plan.

pappy53 says:

No data use between iDevices.

Carioca32 says:

?? I don't think that's quite right. There is no separate SMS charge, but there is data charge.

Amy wineBerry says:

What all do you do in terms of data that you can't have iMessage on? That's crazy!

cessex says:

I help manage a fleet of some old iPhone 4's (not 4S haha) we've only had one complaint about the iMessage iOS 7 update. Had her turn iMessage off than back on...seems to have worked!

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GeniusUnleashed says:

Apple just sounds so arrogant and douchey with that "fraction of a percent" comment. Like that fraction doesn't matter, but they'll grace them with a fix because they're so magnanimous.

Lockywood says:

Agreed and it means nothing regarding total number of people affected. 9/10 of 99% is a "fraction of a percent" and that would be a high number of total iOS 7 users.

pelley says:

I believe they meant 1/10 of 1000%.

supratik says:

Any one experiencing blue tooth problems? Calls keep dropping while talking in car. Never had it before , also sometimes not connecting for a long time.

guppyj12239 says:

My iMessage did not work for two days but and the messages didn't automatically send as text after a while either. I had to reset my phone and then it started working again.

alexku7 says:

sending status was fixed after rebooting iphone 4s. 3 days of "sending" status!!!

Jonathan Fiske says:

Not fun. I have this problem. I've followed their solution but can only do some of them. Instead I deleted ALL of my texts. Not fun.

Bill_Johnson says:

Both my 5 and the wife's 5 will sometimes show the progress bar as it is sending, then it will quit just before the end. Tried a number of things, but the only thing that works is powering the phone off/on. Going back the the message and hit "try again" sends it without delay.

jld3 says:

I had iMessages and Bluetooth control issues (car steering wheel controls didn't work) on my 5. I think I've fixed both. I "burned it down" and did an install and didn't restore. Just set everything up from new. Thank God for 1Password! I have unique random passwords for everything.

karmski says:

My sister, daughter and myself were having problems with messages being sent via SMS not iMessage - it worked with some iPhone contacts but not others. Bouncing my iPhone 5 worked - I've only had to do this once, but my sister has restarted her 4s a couple of times.

Didn't participate in the survey because the options didn't suit our situation - iMessage was neither great or terrible.

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juwaack68 says:

My family is all having issues with it (me, my husband, and my daughter). The full power down/up usually resolves it, but it seems to happen frequently and powering down all the time is a PITA. Will try the iMessage off/on next time. One other quick 'fix' for us, since we have unlimited texting, is to tap and hold the message that isn't going out and Send as Text Message.

erikbock says:

I started having this problem yesterday. The Reset of Network Settings fixed worked for me but for how long.

Gsarfin says:

Mine was a problem until I rebooted phone. My wife's phone is a whole nother story. Lol

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Grabber5.0 says:

Hey we've just been marginalized by Apple. That's swell. :/

blessed2bamommie says:

Tried the first troubleshhoot turning off

Twinsplus01 says:

I have tried all three "fixes". None have worked for my 4s. It will sometimes send iMessage to an iPod. But it won't send messages to other iPhones at all.

chris_26 says:

None work, if they do it's temporary.

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breakingseether says:

I've had this problem ever since updating to iOS 7 and it was there a little bit with iOS 6 as well on my 5 with the same reboot fix for both. Annoying as used to not having to watch it send (especially when in wifi) and now have to make sure it goes the whole way...just annoying is all.

Carioca32 says:

As we can see here, this is obviously not a "fraction of a percent" problem, unless that percent is close to 100%. Typical Apple denial which ends up backfiring. A fraction of a percent also had problems with their antenna on the 4, and with Siri connectivity on the 4s.

cwbcpa says:

Out of the 3 iPhones ( two 5's and one 4S) in our house I am the only one having an issue with iMessage on a regular basis. Resetting definitely solves the problem temporarily. I went for a day or so with no issue and then it happened yesterday again. It is not the end of the world, but it is frustrating. I can also see why some people may be bothered by the way Apple phrased their comment about the issue. They could have just stated that a fix was coming. That's all I need to know.

Riley2521 says:

All 6 of the iPhones in my house (4, 4 5's, and a 5s) seem to be having issues with sending iMessages back and forth. It's seemed to be mainly the 5's. It is a PITA having to reboot and I really hope they fix this soon!

dsm2220 says:

no offense to apple but..*cough**cough*...CORPORATE PLAYING WORD GAMES...."a fraction of a percent of our iMessage users" ? says apple.... really apple? with all due respect a fraction of a percent of apple is still pretty damn huge fraction. Besides, does this situation really look like it is worth being addressed as "a fraction of a percent"? makes me , a long time apple product fan, feel almost like apple regarding us who are experiencing this issue "negligible". made me question about "new" apple management to be honest :( At least have guts to admit the issue and simply notify consumers that fix is on the way just like it always have been? instead of using the words "a fraction of a percent"? If apple really said what this article claims, it would be very unprofessional of them.

Norbert_UK says:

Same here in the UK! on EE 4G network after update my imessage is playing up. My mates tells me he never received my msgs and i got it as delivered lol.......

Edward Benson says:

Had to turn off iMessage-reset network settings-restart iMessage for proper operation on 2 iPad 3's and two iPhone 5's

Marissa Rojas says:

I have had to reboot (turn off phone then turn on) almost everyday due to imessage not completely sending. The other day I didn't receive calls or voicemails in the afternoon and calls were not going through.I never had this problem prior to the ios7 update. So frustrating!

Uri Kelman says:

My wife and I are experiencing the iMessage bug.

applejosh says:

I had not had any issues with iMessage since upgrading to iOS 7 until today. In fact, it had been more reliable than it was under iOS 6. But I got bit today. Rebooting didn't work. Ended up resetting my network settings, and then things went through finally.

jakeless.123 says:

I had no issues with iMessage to start with on iOS 7. However, just the other day it started acting up on me and wouldn't let me send them, but I could receive them. To which I deleted all conversations, closed all apps, and did a soft reset, and after that, everything was perfectly fine.

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joshdbeard says:


I am one of the "fraction of a percent" of users having issues. It started Friday 8/30 with iMessages that were stopping their sending process about 95% of the way...
...sent multiple as Text Messages.
...turned off iMessage.
...reset Network Settings.
...powered on/off.
I have tried a lot of things since Friday and iMessage has worked at times since Friday.
It's sporadic and I'm hoping for a quick fix.

iOS 7.0.2/iPhone 5/Vzw

jmiah28 says:

I have been experiencing iMessage issues as well. The status bar goes almost all the way across and can sit there sometimes for hours if I minimize it and forget about sending a message!

tncowman says:

I have started experiencing problems. Seems the worst is Apple to Apple messages.

gregorypjordan says:

My wife and I both are having issues. Imessage will work temporary after restarting iphone. We gave up and just turned imessage off.

Alex Bertrand says:

Recently iPhones have been unable to send my android phone text messages.

I think all of the iPhones think that my phone has imessage because it attempts to send every message as an imessage rather than a text message. Is there a reason that iPhones can no longer send me text messages?

I have never had an iPhone, imessage or associated my current phone number with any apple accounts, I have had iphone users delete my contact info and re add.... didnt work. Put on the setting "send as SMS when imessage fails".... didnt work.

I have contact my service provider and phone manufacturer who both claim that the issue lies on Apples side. I contacted Apple who said that the issue is on my service provider or phone manufactuers' side.
Either way, I am very frustrated with this and would really like to remedy the problem.