Updated! Rogers/Fido to Sell iPhone 3G S in Canada, $199/$299 on June 19

Rogers to sell iPhone 3G S (twitter)

Okay, I take back 13% of all the bad things I've ever said about Rogers. The Social Media Rep for Rogers/Fido, Keith McArthur, has unleashed the following today via Twitter:

  • Both Rogers Wireless and Fido will offer iPhone 3GS starting June 19. [link]
  • Rogers/Fido pricing is $199 for 16GB iPhone 3GS; $299 for 32GB iPhone 3GS on a three-year voice and data plan. [link]
  • 8GB version of the iPhone 3G will drop to $99 on June 19 at Rogers and Fido with a three-year voice and data plan. [link]
  • Rogers is reintroducing the $30/6GB data plan for iPhones effective tomorrow, June 9. Offer available for a limited time. [link]
  • Rogers/Fido are only national carriers to offer $25/500MB plan. 93% of iPhone users use less than 500MB so this is the right plan for most. [link]

UPDATE: Steve in the comments points out this gem from the same Twitter feed:

  • There will be a no-contract price for customers who want to upgrade before they’re eligible for a subsidy [

You stand on guard for me. Well done, sirs!

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