Apple reportedly exploring 4.7- and 5.5-inch iPhone 6 for 2014, pressure sensitive iPhone 6s for 2015

Apple reportedly exploring 4.7- and 5.5-inch iPhone 6 for 2014, pressure sensitive iPhone 6s for 2015

Rumors of large-screen iPhones have been around for a while now, more specifically as an option Apple's looking into for the 2014 iPhone 6. With the launch of the new, more gesture-friendly iOS 7, rumors of curved displays, which would better suit them, have followed. Now we're once again getting some numbers, 4.7- and 5.5-inches, along with some more wish-list features, namely pressure sensitivity. Tim Culpan and Adam Satariano, reporting for Bloomberg:

With screens of 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches, the two new models would be Apple’s largest iPhones, the person said, and would approach in size the 5.7-inch Galaxy Note 3 that Samsung Electronics Co. debuted in September. The South Korean maker last month released its curved-screen Galaxy Round, the latest phone in an array of sizes and price points that’s helping keep Samsung ahead of Apple in global market share. [..] Testing continues on the pressure-sensitive technology, which is unlikely to be ready for the next iPhone release and is instead planned for a later model, the person said.

Larger screens are especially popular with people, and in regions where, one multipurpose device is preferred over several, specific devices. For those who don't want to carry around a phone and a tablet, or who can only afford one mobile device, the phone has a bigger job to do, and a bigger display helps it do it.

Apple has long shipped Macs in multiple screen sizes, and in 2012 expanded the iPad into two screen sizes. In 2013 Apple showed they can expand capacity enough to produce two new iPhones at the same time. A lot of pieces seem to be coming together. I wouldn't be surprised at all to see a larger new iPhone next year.

As to pressure sensitivity, on larger screen devices, not only phablets but full on tablets, digitizers and similar technology hold a lot of appeal. Humans transitioned from finger painting to brush, calligraphy, and pen work long ago, after all.

How Apple will handle scaling iOS to more screen sizes - here's some math from back in January - and taking pressure sensitive input will be fascination to see. Anyone else want one already? Hop into the iMore forums where we have a poll set up and let us know.

Source: Bloomberg

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Reader comments

Apple reportedly exploring 4.7- and 5.5-inch iPhone 6 for 2014, pressure sensitive iPhone 6s for 2015


I cannot wait to see what Apple is gonna do this coming year! Apple has yet to disappoint me, look forward to the future! Also cannot wait for the iWatch/iBand.

Interesting. I wouldn't mind a slightly bigger screen. Maybe from 4.5 to 4.9 inches. But I think it would really help if Apple could somehow eliminate most or all of the bezel on the long edges. That way the visible screen area could increase in size without making the iPhone itself much bigger. There's a fair amount of bezel area around the touchscreen area, and a bezel isn't necessary for holding the iPhone. (Not in portrait orientation anyway.)

But my 2014 iPhone wish list stills stands:
- Liquidmetal enclosure
- 6.0 to 6.5 mm thick ("iPhone Air"?)
- Synthetic sapphire screen
- Wireless earbuds (same as the ones that will come with "iWatch")

And my wish list for iOS 8:
- Touch ID + iBeacons + for retail purchases stores + movie theaters etc.
- Augmented reality in Maps (aim camera, see superimposed street names etc.)
- More translucency + color

Bigger screens would be cool, but not at the expense of true one-handed operation. If any design team can pull it off, it's Apple.

But, I don't understand the pressure sensitivity stuff...could others explain its application?

I read on a different site that the pressure sensitivity will be able to determine from a light and hard tap. This will probably be used for different gesture controls.

Artists would love pressure sensitivity, as it would give them far more control and precision for things such as shading. As it stands now, sans special Bluetooth stylus' (stylii?), there is no difference in input between a light brush stroke and a heavy stroke.

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The Moto X has a 4.7 inch screen and is basically the same size at the iphone 5S. It can be done, Motorola did it.

I'll tolerate anything up to 4.7 inches but I really like the current size. I value operating my phone one-handed over a few extra lines of text.

5.2 is the biggest you can operate with one hand and I know this because I have the LG G2 (5.2") and had the Note 2 before that (5.5") so 4.7 should be no problem for one hand usage.

Well unless you have small hands, that screen size should be a huge issue. I have normal size hands and haven't had issues using it with one hand. Of course it's gonna feel weird at first but with in a week or 2 you'll get used to it not to mention the extra screen real estate for reading and watching stuff. Go into a carrier store and try out the HTC One or the LG G2 for yourself and see if you are able to use it with one hand. It won't hurt to give it a shot.

True, teen girls and hipters that wear skinny jeans are the main users of the iphones. They have very small hands.

Except I owned a 4.7 inch phone before the iPhone. It was the Galaxy Nexus. I cannot comfortably operate 4.7 inches with one hand but I'll tolerate it. 5.2 inches is unusable for me and I don't even have particularly small hands.

What they should do is keep the 4" and introduce another flagship at 5" that would be the sweet spot. That way people who want to keep the same size can buy the 4" and those who want bigger can go with the 5". It will also attract more customers who always wanted a bigger iPhone too.

Sounds like the talking heads are already speculating their way in to a disappointment. Just like the 5C was supposed to be "cheap", when the iPhone 6 comes out and isn't Galaxy Note 3 size, the headlines will of course be "Apple isn't innovating" "Apple is doomed" "Apple dropped the ball" and other mountains of nonsense.

I for one, hope the size doesn't exceed 4.2-4.3" with 4.5" to 4.7" being an absolute extreme. 5.5" would definitely discourage me from buying another iPhone, unless they continued to offer a smaller model as well, that still has the frontrunner top of the line hardware.

If they can do it without increasing the size of the phone, that's ok, but I DON'T WANT A BIGGER PHONE!

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This is my only real gripe I have with iPhones is smaller screen size. They don't need to go super large, but 4.5-4.7 would be nice and not just stretched out like the 5

I'm fine with the bigger phones as long as they continue to offer something like the current size. I'm still on a 4 (as we've played upgrade roulette in my house). I am due for upgrade in June. If the 6 is close to being out then or within a few months, I'd wait and see what the user experience is like. As I get older, a bigger screen will be nice, but my ipad mini helps a lot in that regards.

I do agree with what others have handed operation would be nice....

You do know that you can update Apple devices any time you want, now with all these new programs that T- Mobile started you can update without restrictions.

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The screen size is specifically why I am using the Nexus 5 right now, other small grips I have with ios as well but that specifically, 5" would be perfect, I need a phone slightly wider then the current one, I hope they don't just stretch it again...

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I hope so as well. While I am now typing this on my iPhone 5 and have come to love it I really would like to see them expand horizontally a bit more rather than just going vertical.

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I personally really hope apple doesn't go larger on the phone size. I'll take a slight increase in screen size if that's possible, but really, I'm just fine with my 4" iPhone screen. It's a phone that fits nicely in my pocket and I can hold comfortably in one hand. I literally laugh out loud when I see people holding tablet sized up to their ear, barely able to hold it comfortably In one hand. Also reaaaally hoping apple skips this wearable watch fad. Just seems so unneeded and won't give you anything more that your phone already does.

Still saving my money for an iTV!!!

I think Apple needs to move to models like the laptops. Top of the line models available in multiple screen sizes. Not iPhone 6 in one size, iphone 6c (with 5s internals) in a different size. I wouldn't even mind seeing the return of the 3.5" screen. iPhone mini in 3.5, iPhone Air in 4, iPhone Pro in 5.5, all with same internals and functions (e.g. Touch ID)

Interesting, I could go for that, two models each with three screen size variants? Do you believe the 5.5" rumour? Just doesn't seem very Apple something that big....

No bigger screens. I think the iPhone 5/5c/5s is probably the biggest I'd want. I kind of think these reports are still BS, as they have been saying that for a while now that Apple will make a bigger iPhone.....just like the Apple TV set is coming next year (or next year......or next next year)

Part of me would love to see larger iPhones, while another part of me thinks they should keep the standard 4" screens to not cannibalize their market with the iPad devices. Let's not go Samsung here.

And that's the only size Apple is considering, there's no chance they would go any bigger with a display. It looks like 2014 will be the liquidmetal, waterproof, A8 chip, 4.5" inch display iPhone 6 with 10-12" MP camera and an improved 4" inch iPhone 6C with A7 chip. That's probably all folks (and it'll be enough).

If they can manage to make the interface still work one handed for the music app. I wouldn't care. As long as I can still comfortably fit it in my pocket.

Bigger screen really is not what I want but if it means that we get a MUCH larger battery? Then please God, let it happen ASAP!!

This is great. I have 4S and was close to get 5S but the moment I heard bigger screen rumors I didn't and will wait for 6. What do you mean pressure sensitive? What does it do on a phone?

I hope they make a bigger but slimmer phone. And no curved phones!

I have the BB Z10 and plan on getting the iPhone 6 and I think the screen size of the Z10 is perfect but the phone itself could definitely be shorter. I'd survive with 4.7" but anything larger I would not get.

the upcoming iPhone is going to beat any other smartphone on the market. iOS 7 .. touch id technology.. the 5S's just the beginning

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the upcoming iPhone is going to beat any other smartphone on the market. iOS 7 .. touch id technology.. the 5S's just the beginning

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I'm excited for a bigger screen on the iPhone. I think it's time. My dad was going to get an iPhone but since he's older (mid 60s) he thought the screen was too small so he ended up going with a SG4 instead. After playing with it, I definitely was envious of the bigger screen but still prefer the iOS environment.

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I think this is gonna be a great year between the new iPhones and iOS 8. Color me excited ;)

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I am so ready for iPhone with 5.5 inch screen....still rocking a iPhone 4S just for the sake of upgrading to iPhone with a bigger screen !!

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First, I would like to say that I LOVE the new look of the mobile iMore app! Very iOS 7-stylistic and intuitive. Very well done guys and gals!

Secondly, can someone give me insight on pressure sensitivity. Sorry, might be a dumb question but I don't quite get the necessity. Thanks in advance!

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I'm not sure if this is the right thread to post this - but the new iMore app is smoking hot.
Good job all around. I'm sure there would be bugs which would be ironed out but - this is really really beautiful and fluid.
Great - !!!
Keep up the good work !!!!

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Right :
I bought and used (briefly) the Note 3 as a second work phone.
- the screen is gorgeous really really gorgeous - but there ends the beauty.

Coz one handed operating can go down the drain - I don't have small hands but found using the Note 3 - a huge pain.

Case in point - A busy airport - connecting between flights with trying communicate home or client - forget it - 5+ screen a real pain.
I'm sure many would identify with a similar situation.

The iOS environment is still the very best and I will never leave it.

Having said that - if there was a 4.5 or 4.7" phone within too much compromise on the overall size it would be advantageous.

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Love my 5s but a 4.7 in screen would be pretty amazing. I don't care as much about one-handed use but I don't like phablets so this would be an awesome middle-of-the-road size for my needs

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Apple does need to offer a bigger screen option. Too many people think bigger is better and they don't want to leave those sales behind. Another factor is easier typing for those leaving physical keyboards behind.

I'm looking for a dual product announcement featuring the iPad Pro and the iPhone Pro next April. The iPad will be 12.2" while the iPhone will be close to 5".

Given the size of aging demographic, I hope to some image expansion instead of just more pixels. The iPad Pro will also come with a cool new keyboard cover and be targeted at corporate IT departments as a laptop replacement

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I think 4.5 inch screen would be perfect. Maybe add another column of apps to make it 5 across.

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If we're going to go bigger, hopefully the width would increase too, otherwise leave as is. I could rock a 4.7" - 5", but maybe the curved body, etc. would help over 5". I think developers would be upset having to modify their apps AGAIN though, but it would be interesting to see a larger screen iPhone. I predict it would bring a lot of the Android customers over as well.

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For Christ sake we just have the iPhone 5C and 5S realease 1-2 months ago. You guys must be kidding.

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A larger screen size would be welcome by many. Screen real estate is one of the major decision maker for a phone...aside to speed...for me at least...

I've loved my iPhone size. Very easy to use one handed. I hope iOS 8 brings more advancements to ensure that it stay that way

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I've loved my iPhone size. Very easy to use one handed. I hope iOS 8 brings more advancements to ensure that it stay that way

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This would be even better! I absolutely love big screens, just imagine what would happen if it does go through. Woohoo.

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I'll probably just hold on to my 5s if the screen gets any larger. I was actually okay with the size of the 4s and the 5s is great. When I held my cousin's Galaxy I couldn't even work my thumb over to the opposite side of the screen forcing me to use two hands to type. No bueno. I love the one handed operation of the iPhone.

What percentage of time do you use your iPhone one handed? I have been observing many many people throughout the years using iPhones and before that many years of watching people using Blackberrys. Almost all of them use their phones two handed.

I am not saying that there are times when one needs to use an iPhone one-handed. Because there are times when the need arises. While driving shouldn't be a valid reason.

But the questions is... how often is that?

I want a phone sized the way I use it most of the the time, which for me is two handed, not based on a minority of the time.

Going to stick fingers in my ears, close my eyes and shout "I can't hear you!" to all the rumours this time.

I would rather be happy with the phone that is launched rather than be built up by statements from Analysts and rumour mongers - whoops, my bad, Analysts whose job is to make sometimes very wild guesses based on something that they heard from someone who heard it from someone whose cousin knows another person that knows a guy that drives a truck for a company that picks up the trash at a supplier to Apple whose janitor told his this or that.

Only slightly bigger. I suppose bigger screen makes sense if you can only afford one device. I am certainly not into these so-called phablets. We have iPad Mini. Due for an upgrade to 5s and the screen size works for me. I know whatever comes down the pike Apple will hit it out the park. Will be interesting now we have 64 bit architecture. If only battery life can get up to snuff.

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The only thing keeping me from getting an iphone is the small screen, if apple were to make a 5.5 inch screen id switch right away.

I wonder if apple would ever focus some effort in making the phone more durable and hence eliminating the need for cases and screen protectors.

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Man I love all of apples products but I truly feel as if This one is gonna be a waste of time I mean come on really you need can read up on this all day google search on this all day and you'll read the same thing "iPhone 6 said to bring larger screen" like really if that's all people care about then they need to bring there asses over to galaxy and let apple focus on something more important like software improving ISO doing something more then trying to step up to competition.. If that's all people wanted then apple shoulda just simply came out with that like what HTC did for the HTC One. I didn't know to much about Steve Jobs but I'm sure he wouldn't allowed this to go on cause he was more of doing something new something no one else had.. Not doing something that everyone else is doing especially when they have 2 products that everyone could get iPad mini and an iPad if that's not large enough for you then...there is no pleasing you..