The Humble Store debuts; deals on games 24/7

The Humble Bundle is a long-standing effort to offer great games for cheap and give money to charity - you name your price and determine how much of what you're paying goes to non-profit organizations that benefit from The Humble Bundle's largesse. But you have to act quickly, because the bundles are gone in a matter of days. Now they're taking the concept one step further with the Humble Store, a permanent fixture that will be available 24/7, with steep discounts for games.

The game deals will change every day, and 10 percent of the proceeds go to charity. Among the games offered are titles from Mac, Windows and Linux developers, often with accompanying Steam download keys and offered completely DRM-free. Most of the time the games being offered are from indie developers.

To celebrate the launch of the store, eight titles are being offered, including three Mac games: Don't Starve, Prison Architect Alpha and Rogue Legacy. Each game is being offered for 50 percent off its regular price - from $7.49 to $14.99. If PC or Linux gaming is more your style, other games are being offered as well. Will you be grabbing some new games? If so let us know which ones in the iMore forums

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Peter Cohen

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Reader comments

The Humble Store debuts; deals on games 24/7


"Each game is being offered for 50 percent off its regular price - from $7.49 to $14.99." surely from $14.99 to £7.49? A small thing but thought you should know, if not already changed.

Will check out the Humble Bundle in any case. Sounds a like a great idea.Thanks for the heads up.