CEOh-Snap! Dell to Jobs: Let's Get it On!

Jobs vs. Dell

Michael Dell has gone done and opened his mouth about Apple again:

"Yeah, I could take [Steve Jobs in a fight]."

He's gone done and done it before, of course:

"What would I do [with Apple]? I’d shut it down and give the money back to the shareholders."

And we all know how well that's worked out. Any reason to think this time will be different? Let's check out the tale of the tape:

Ego: Both are crushing. However, Jobs' company is called Apple, not Jobs. Edge: Dell.

Build: Jobs is Vegan thin. Dell is big as Texas beef. Edge: Dell.

Reach: Dell once made profits based on Walmart-style supply-chain "management" and low labour costs. Jobs continues to make profits based on unparalleled technological design and innovation. Edge: Jobs.

Record: APPL: $187.01, DELL: $21.69. Edge: Jobs.


Dude, you're getting Vulcan nerve pinched by Mac.

(tip'o the hat to Dieter for the inspiration)


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CEOh-Snap! Dell to Jobs: Let's Get it On!


Dell cheats it's customers with deceptive financing and warranty scams. Apple gave initial iPhone adopters $100 company credit it didn't have to when customers complained about price drops. Edge: Jobs

Dell is a pretender and definitely high on the ego side of things. It is interesting to me to think about how Apple almost fell off the face of the Earth when they canned Steve Jobs, but look at 'em now. Like him or hate him, Jobs is obviously a visionary. And kudos to Jobs for sharing the stage when it came time to introduce the SDK. Hopefully, when it comes time to introduce the new iPhone, he will once again share the stage with those who made it a reality!!

I think he will (share the stage). Other execs and staff are apparently confirmed for the keynote. Jobs typically lets experts handle the hardware and software specifics, especially at a developers conference, while he talks the "big picture".