iPhone 2.0 SDK Beta 7 + Quicktime 7.5. iTunes 7.7 to Follow!

iPhone 2.0 Beta 7

A New Version of the iPhone SDK is Now Available. Seventh beta version just posted.

So quoth developer.apple.com/iphone, continuing their breakneck, nigh-unprecedented release pace for the iPhone Software Developer Kit (SDK) and iPhone 2.0 beta firmware.

As always, enterprising developers will likely comb through every string and bit in the new release, looking for new features, and hoping strike gold as they have in the past. I'm still holding my breath for video recording and... cut and paste, but admittedly any new discovery will be welcome.

Meanwhile Apple Software Update is now delivering Quicktime 7.5, one of the core components of the Mac's, and iTunes' graphic layers. If you're not prompted for it, and don't want to trigger it via the utility proper, just surf on over to Apple and grab the direct download. (Note: Mac users will require a reboot -- like we said, it's core level. Windows users, please let us know if you're likewise sent to the restart.).

Speaking of iTunes, iPhone 3G specs indicate iTunes 7.7 will be required to use Apple's new handset, so expect another update sometime between now and the July 11th first release date. Other than iPhone 3G specific support and shifting activation to carrier stores, it's unknown what else the update will bring.

Anyone want to guess? What's hidden in 2.0 Beta 7, and iTunes 7.7? Give us your best shots!

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iPhone 2.0 SDK Beta 7 + Quicktime 7.5. iTunes 7.7 to Follow!


Does anyone know if the remote wipe function is available to the casual user? Can I just notify Apple my iPhone has been lost and they can wipe it?

Well, Yes Apple will be dominating the market, but a thing Apple are not good at is there consumers. lets just talk a bit about the old iPhone. thousands of costumers has been asking for copy / paste or cut / paste, but nothing happens. Even the new iPhone will not be able to do this. Why ? I personally have no idea, why they do not make this. It is a vital tool for any that has to communicate with a lot of people, and not share all the info. I have had the iPhone from when it came out and I'm still using it, many would say, " if you are not happy with it, get another phone ", but it is not that simple. Cause the phone is good and I love the mail ( it just doesn't support spam, so all your spam will go to your inbox, if the server you use is not a special kind ) and web browser. those things are great.
Why did the the iPhone not go well in europe. Well Europe is light years in front of USA, so it is easy to please US. To sell in Europe and Asia you need to have a "super phone" and to be honest the old iPhone was nothing close to that.
The new iPhone, will still have a hard time cause the technology is still old. 3G has been around in Asia and Europe for at-least 7 years. Europe was doing video calls on cell phones 6 years ago. Why do we not get that. why is there still no video camera function ?
Apple is great at hyping products and to make them work so well, you just need to have MOBILE ME. Apple is perhaps just for me a bit to "smart".
So conclusion on my long comment is that I do think Apple will sell a lot, but I hope that Apple will start getting up to the beat of the consumers and LISTEN to them, cause they don't

hi all,
Well......I have the new iPhone 3g and a few things have disapointed me. One being that there is no video recording function. Two web surfing is very very limited, you can't call it the internet if you can't watch live streaming files. Apple say the reason is that they are worried about copyright problems. I say that's just bull as live streaming is free anyway otherwise I'd have problems viewing stuff on my broadband Internet. Why they never put Quicktime player or java on the mobile I have no idea, it's not like there isn't enough Harddrive space to behonest I'd rather loose a few meg and be able to watch stuff like YouTub which again is "free" so why are the bloody well charging you for it.
All I have to say is thank god I never paid for my iphone and I'm certainly not paying for Quicktime if they implement it as it's free to use. Let's hope some bright spark hacks and gives us a Quicktime/Realplayer to use on the iPhone.
Goodluck apple I doubt you'll make it in the running for the next ten phones unless you listern to your consumers.

The video feature lack has been well known, and frustrating, for a long time. Apple will likely site battery life. I'd like the choice.
iPhone can, however, stream Quicktime video as long as its in the right format. I often click links on Twitter and start watching streamed podcasts like Geekbrief TV, right in Safari's Quicktime app. (And strangely QT supported rotating video all the way back to 1.x)
And of course, there is the YouTube app right there on the home screen, which you're not "paying for"...