Apple To Add New iPhone Models and Grow Product Line This Holiday?

Santa is watching you. Well Steve Jobs is anyway. AppleInsider says that Apple will introduce new iPhone models in Q4, hoping to expand its Smartphone line.

Extremely reputable sources have told AppleInsider in recent weeks that the company's iPhone roadmap for the 2007 calendar year includes not one but two distinct models, the second of which is set to turn up just months after the first. According to one source, development of the second model has followed so closely on the heels of the inaugural iPhone that it was making its final pass through engineering around the same time that today's model hit the manufacturing lines back in May or early June.


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Reader comments

Apple To Add New iPhone Models and Grow Product Line This Holiday?


thats hogglesquash .... i think people are getting confused with teh new ipod and the iphone. Get ur act together appleinsider... that blog is known for its bullshit statements.

You guys are all fools. I can almost bet that the new models will be out Christmas time. A larger drive and new colors. Think about it. Along the lines of the iPods.

i think it people will be upset if a new model of iphone will be released....just give 2 years for the handler of the 1st iphone model...

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