AT&T iPhone MMS Carrier Update Now Available via iTunes!

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The AT&T Carrier Update (v5.5), required to enable MMS on the iPhone is now live and can be installed via iTunes. Just plug in your iPhone and if it doesn't pop up immediately, hit the check for updates button.

Note: You need to be running iPhone 3.1, so if you haven't updated your firmware yet, do that first.

Once loaded, reboot your iPhone and then head on over the Messages app and you should see the new (for the USA!) camera icon on the bottom left.

For more info, see Apple's support article on the matter, and TiPb's iPhone MMS Walkthrough from earlier today!

Then let us know how iPhone MMS on AT&T is working for you!

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AT&T iPhone MMS Carrier Update Now Available via iTunes!



So if we have a JailBroken iPhone with OS 3.0.1 we are pretty much left without MMS? This is BS!!! I have been waiting ALL morning

Mine works great. Interesting - the hacked carrier fail (file) was 5.1, now I see ATT 5.5. At any rate, there doesn't seem to be a difference in processing and sending/receiving speed.
It's cool! and finally here! Hopefully nothing will crash.

Oh great. Someone just mooned me via MMS. I was wondering when some crazy crap like that would happen.
Ah, friends.

ha, about a month ago i called att and had txt's blocked completely from my phone. i guess i will never see the elusive iphone mms

Crazy, How for two years we all wanted mms, and it took less than 30 secounds to get and installed what a joke ATT and Apple! But Im happy to finally have it.

After you update carrier file you have to reset your phone, at first my mms wasnt working, then i reset n now im good ...... Central , nj

Not yet. I got the hacked file yesterday and today I updated again through itunes. I've not seen anything except when you look under settings>general>network the MMS settings aren't there anymore. BUT the MMS options are still there under settings>messages.

Apple, You piece of monkey sh!t. Just because I don't wont your crappy new firmware 3.1(the iPhone comas and poor battery life), does that give you the right to keep a carrier update from me. The rest of the world didn't need to upgrade to have this function. They have had it for months now! I will be supporting the DEV TEAM because Apple abviously doesn't care about us the way they do!!! Eff you @ssholes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In atl it installed fine but I lost all text and mail sending. Anyone else with this problem?

the new carrier file can be used while your wifi is on, something that 5.1 didnt allow me to do.

okay maybe im just slow... but after the update i was goign through the settings on my 3gs and in the ipod settings it gave me an option to turn "tv out" on or off... since when can the iphone do tv out?

@BigMeat: You can't get it on 3.0.1 but I posted a link to the 5.5 carrier file from Apple. You will just to follow the walkthroughs available that let us update to the hacked 5.1 file.

I sent mms to test it to a friend. I sent a pic with a subject and some text...nothing happened. One with text and the pic...again, nothing. just sent it as a picture with no text and he got it...anyone else having this problem? i haven't tried it with text again cause he busy.

It eliminates the old option that use to be in General > Networks. Now it's just MMS On/Off in General > Messaging. Workings flawlessly in Michigan. I've sent and received to a person on At&t and T-Mobile.

@epphllps: worked great! Thanks. I remain jailbroken with carrier 5.5! Shift-click "Update" to load the file...

@ Christine: I had the 5.1 and updated to the 5.5 on 3.0 and it takes away you ability to edit the APN settings(no longer need to of course) and other than it being the official carrier file, nothing I know of yet.

Guys, if your on 3.0 or 3.0.1. You might wanna hold off on trying to load a downloaded carrier file and load threw shift-restore method!! Apple is signing this also. Just like the ECID. It may not go as planned when you try to load it!! WAIT!!

I can send MMS but I am not receiving any. I had a friend try and send me a picture 3 times and I still haven't gotten it.

I'm in Pensacola, FL... iPhone 3G updated fine, but not working. Turned MMS on and rebooted my phone, but errors out when trying to send any form of MMS... gets the little red "!" icon. Also tried it on both WiFi and 3G. Same result. Hoping AT&T is just bogged down and it will fix itself soon.

@Johan, figures it out, I had to uninstall the custom carrier logo, if you have that installed get rid of it, it worked for me

LOL the ATT facebook site is getting flooded with people complaining about the 3.1 upgrade because they won't be able to tether or jailbreak. Someone needs to post that carrier file link on that page!

Got AT& where's the tethering which is what I'd really rather have!

Is anyone else having problems receiving MMS? The person trying to send me the MMS is on Verizon if that makes a difference.

@Brian just reset and mail works but text seem to send but sill can't receive. Is this common?

@epphllps: where can I find the walkthrough for the hacked file. I downloaded the file & tried SHIFT & UPDATE but that doesnt work.

@jay. I can't anymore since I run the 3.1 on top of the old jailbreak. I probably have to do a full restore. My battery percentage is showing as well. Hmmm


Is anyone else having problems receiving MMS? The person trying to send me the MMS is on Verizon if that makes a difference.

It does make a difference. It can sometimes take as much as 12 hours for inter-carrier SMS/MMS. So test with another ATT user first.

In CT. Isntalled the file 5.5. When people sen dme MMS I get the thing and it i try to end i get a red !. WHat is going on?

So lets get the facts straighten out here... If you have 3.0 / 3.0.1 you can't get MMS regardless if you update the carrier file? Someone please confirm this.. I believe the cost benefit for MMS / Jailbreak is not worth it. :D

Why is that people think the iphone is behind by not doing MMS? When it's other phones that can do MMS. But are wwwaaaayyyyyy behind cause they cant do email!!!!! The first MMS was sent out in 2002. The first email in the mid 1960's!!!! Somebody please explain.

@icebike hmmm the ones I sent to my friend on Verizon were received in about 5 minutes. I can't test sending to any friends with iPhones since I don't know anyone who had a chance to update yet.

Tried the 5.5 carrier file on a jailbroken 3.0 3GS. Same thing as before.. red exclamation.. grrr.

I have 3.1 on my iPhone, I just rebotted and still have 5.1. Am I spossed to reload something off of iTunes? Help please, anyone, I'm crying hear, I want to join in the fun.

I'm not jailbroken anymore but I am running benm's tethering hack.. any chance this could be screwing with the update? anyone else that my be using this hack confirm this?

I'm in San Diego and my pics did get delivered just fine after I updated the carrier file. By the way my iPhone is not jailbroken. I'm using the latest iTunes and 3.1. Thanks iPhone Blog. You are far more informative than AT&T. I was waiting on the text from AT&T giving me the green light. It hasn't came yet and who knows how long I would've waited. Thanks for the info Rene Ritchie! Very much appreciated!

also if someone has updated and you still can't text pics audio videos etc.. turn ur phone off and restart it.. worked for me

"I sent mms to test it to a friend. I sent a pic with a subject and some text…nothing happened. One with text and the pic…again, nothing. just sent it as a picture with no text and he got it…anyone else having this problem? i haven’t tried it with text again cause he busy."
im having the same problem.. i knew it was going to be a flaw some more

@Omar, nope. I've had several try to send me a pic message from other carriers and they aren't coming thru. SUCKS!

i can't send a pic msg to my cousin who has att but not an iphone and i can't receive them from her either yet. my friend just sent me a pic msg from her verizon phone and i got it.

@Omar, I know what gives?!? Maybe they are having overload we expected. Sometime next week I'll have 15 pic messages finally come thru.

@Bre bre, yur lucky!! Not able to receive pic message from anyone who doesn't have an iPhone. Tried two different VZW phones and notta.

a big Thank yo. For the people that have provided links for people trying to upgrade their mms without losin. 3.0/3.01 jailbreak!
I'm on 3.0 and there is no way I'm upgrading to 3.1 and give up everything I have for something that should of came on the original 2g phone back in 2007.
I will try this and update the forum when I get home from work.
Long live JAILBREAK!!!

I have sent and received picture messages. BUT, I had my g/f send me a mms from her verizon phone and it still hasnt come thru (about 1 hour later) so I am not quiet sure why that pic message is slow but the other ones are coming thru? Any suggestions?

@Brandon Goodman thanks for the link! I got to the shift updates part in iTunes but can't get it to let me browse for the new profile. Just keeps telling me currect v. of itunes is up to date & then tries to get me to update to 3.1. Any help on this?

Around 2pm EST, I checked for an update and was able to load 5.5 After the reboot, MMS functionality is present. NE PA.
Tested sending picture and text to Verizon phone. Arrives almost immediately.
Tested receiving picture and text to Verizon phone. Huge delay. (over 10 minutes or more)
Tested sending to picture and text to AT&T non-iPhone. So far not recieved.
Tested sending video to AT&T non-iPhone. Only audio is received.

Download the carrier file from another website, hold alt and click update in iTunes, load carrier file. Won't require upgrade to 3.1 if you're jailbroken. If you have a 3G then 3.1 has already been jailbroken. Just google around people these answers exist and writing something in all caps on a swamped message board will do you no good. Use your brain if you have one.

I have 3.0 os (not jailbroken) and did the 5.5 carrier file update and everything works great, MMS out and in to all carriers....

Can send pics and r recieved but video is sent but no body recieved it. Not on AT&T or other networks. I can recieve video but no one recieved it from me. Have most current update no jailbreak or hack on phone 3gs 32g

Brandon Goodman & Jesh are correct...Thank You!! the install of carrier 5.5 while being able to stay JB on 3.0.1 is PRICELESS!! i can keep my iPhone working as it was and not have to lose my JB just to get MMS. S W E E T!!

I have a JB 3G with 3.0. I did the 5.5 update using the update and I'm working and good to go. Tried and succeeded with Verizon and Sprint. Everything works fine. Took a little longer to send, but I'm on Edge in the northwoods of MN.

So I updated to 5.5 from 5.1, and now my music is gone. It says I have 0 songs, but the amount of space they take up on my phone is still there. When I plug my iPhone into iTunes, the songs show up under "music". Any suggestions outside of a full restore? Please email me at if you have a suggestion. Thanks!

I'm jailbroken and have had MMS for over a month now. I'm on an iPhone 3g running 3.0.1
just go to and follow his tutorial. All you need is a ATT non-iPhone and to be able to access your ATT account online.....

Video is confirmed sent but other phones do not get it. Sent to 2 tmoble 3 AT&T 1 sprint 1 boost nobody got the videos tried 4 different videos and 1 animation. Nothing

Cannot receive pic message from VZW when on Edge. Came thru on 3G. Checking to see if wifi is blocking it too. Had to turn it off to get my first non-iPhone pic message.

MMS had been working for me just fine since wednesday. 3.0 firmware, jailbroken, carrier file 5.2. As of today, it has stopped working. I've updated to the carrier file 5.5 and it's still not working. AT&T can die

hey i got an iphone 3gs 32gb factory and legally unlocked that i bought in hong kong which i'm using for tmobile. i have the 3.1 firmware on my iphone, once i sync.......would it let me upgrade for the mms or do you think itunes has predetermined that my carrier is not at&t and wouldn't receive the upgrade?........... thanks

Been getting lots of time-outs sending pic MMS's in Detroit area... red explanation marks... if I keep retrying they eventually go through.

Do half of you actually read the posts before you type or ask a question? I just read through every comment and most of your answers are a few posts prior. READ PEOPLE!!!

i have to recant my last statement. my JB 3.0.1 3GS is NOT working. i see the options in Message settings for MMS, but when trying to send pic i get the red exclamation. F**K! i guess i'll just wait. i'm not willing to lose the functionality of my JB iPhone just to send a pic. i'll email the pic or post it on my blog. until then...

I can send pics but if any sends me a pic it says One or more of the message components have been deleted by MMS Adaptation. Either the message was too large or the components were unsuitable for your terminal.
anyone getting this error message?

Just upgraded, not getting any mms's. my hacked carrier file worked just fine this morning and now the real one wont work great

Sent pics to Sprint,verizon and tmobile. took less then 10 seconds to send.
I am jailbroken on 3.0.1 with carrier 5.5

Got the update in NC on my prepaid. I get the red exclamation mark to resend everytime and I don't recieve MMS sent to me!!! Anyone else?

i got the red exclamation with the first pic i tried to send. I retried to send it two minutes later and it worked

This may sound strange but the 5.5 carrier file update has fixed my battery life issues, I have had the update installed now for several hours on a full charged battery and my battery is still on 99% after sending MMS messages and browsing the web, before the update I could literally watch my battery drain, now that's better news than the MMS to me...

Not working in Detroit, I can send them but the other party don't get it and when they send one to me I don't get it, I really can't beleive the network is down allready!!! BS

got it, installed, rebooted, but it isn't working. I goes to send, then hangs up at about 80% for a long while, then I get the red exclamatin points. Full 3G signal. In SoCal.

I had 5.1 for a couple weeks now, worked great
When I added one more than 1 person to a text it turned into a GROUP MMS, kind of like a chatroom between more than 3 or more people...Names showed up in smaller letters and you were able to send texts between a bunch of people in the same box. Now that i updated to 5.5, the option is gone

Same thing as Jeremy above......just hangs around 80-90% then rejects couple minutes later

Got the carrier 5.5 files.
I was getting the red exclamation each time I tried to send. The sending bar would nearly complete then the mms would fail. Now it's working. Looks like there are some issues.

i'm getting the same thing as Jeremy and Pete. i have tried to send a message to ppl on att, verizon, and sprint and they all did the same thing...

Oklahoma City, 3:35 pm Central time. Downloaded the update, rebooted phone, tried to send picture, failed with red exclamation point. Many retries, still failure.

I downloaded and updated and restarted my phone but I still can't send pic messages. There is an error every time. I can receive them but they won't send.

Works perfectly for me!!! About time!... Pictures, videos, voice memos, and contacts have been sent and recieved all morning since I got the update, and it has worked flawlessly. The first time I used it messages came through kinda slow. Since then they have been very fast.

The 1st time mine hung up at 80% too, but I did tried a 2nd time and it went through, The only dif is that I did not have any txt, I did have a subject.

Keep getting timeouts (red explanation marks) sending pics... I hate AT&T. They either need to fix their or put a hault to new customers. It is obvious they are overloaded and cannot handle any more customers. I want a refund. This should be illegal.

There is a workaround for this if you are on 3.0.1 You can install the 5.5 Updated Carrier file manually. Working fine here with Itunes 9.

Same as 139, 141, & 146. I sent a couple right when I got it at noon and it worked fine.
Minneapolis, MN.
Servers crashing down???

So got home, updated, waited a while to try. Just tried and it still says sending...Well now says it failed. Indiana here

It's 5pm on the East Coast and 4 in Central, plus it's a Friday. People are getting off work, going home, updating and sending MMS. There's a good chance the server is going down or running really slow. From now till about 8pm EST will be the busy time. If you haven't updated yet I would wait. I haven't b/c of this thiing called work and they tend to frown when you miss time. So I'll be waiting till later tonight.


Phoenix area here. MMS worked a few times around noon. Now all MMS sent are failing. I believe their servers are overloaded. For some reason.... I'm not surprised.

I have a little bit of water damage, so I cannot turn off my iphone (power button absolutely does not do anything). I guess I will have to restore to get it to power cycle. Oh well...

If you iphone is jailbroken or unlocked you will get a network error, I wiped my phone then it updated no problem still cannot send in Boise,ID

Still isn't working in Cleveland Ohio. Updated carrier file, still getting red exclamation point saying message send failure. hmm. i hate at&t.

Had done all updates, still wasn't able to send or receive MMS, even though my parents' phones were able to. Kept getting the red exclamation. After an hour on the phone with AT&T, they found out that, for some reason, the system was recognizing my phone as a 2G still. They corrected the issue on their end...all is working great now! Just figured I'd give this info in case anyone else had done the updates and still couldn't send/receive....and had previously upgraded from the original 2G iPhone. =)

in in virgina sending them back in forth as we speak bout time atnt!!! i have one of the best phones on the market and couldnt send pics back n forth!! but for all that have your phone jailbroken u can keep it that way read up in he comments

been an hour and i stil cant update my carrier setting!!!!
anyone jave an answer for this?

Note to jailbreakers!
Disable any changes to your carrier name (AT&T Carrier Logo or MIM). This will cause an error.
Running iPhone 3GS w/ 3.0 and carrier file 5.5 just fine. =) Was getting errors from iTunes trying to install the carrier file manually when I had the carrier logo installed.

i have a jailbroken 3.1 shouldnt that work perfectly..cant update carrier settings...same as mike and ryan

Can I just download carrier file 5.5 and update the way I did 5.1 yesterday with my 3.0.1 Jailbreak? If not, why should I upgrade? MMS works just fine for me here in LI,NY.

Downloaded the update, restarted and all I get is the apple logo in the middle of the screen...tried to restart again...can't turn it off?? Help!

I can send pics no problem here in Philly suburbs (to ATT and Verizon). Able to receive from ATT, but not from Verizon yet...

If some of you that still can't send you might want to call AT&T. I called and they still had me under my iPhone 2G and not my 3Gs.

I am having the same problem, The txt pic run thru about 80% then hangs up. Tried to send my first pic. It took over a hour

nelson i got the apple logo too for a while but u have to let it sit there. it just takes a while booting up after u restarted it for the first time.
after that it restarts fast again.

Loaded it on my 3GS from iTunes just now, shut off the iPhone and turned it back on. Daughter sent a picture from her regular phone and it came through and I sent one just fine to her and a few others on other carriers with no problems.

Works great here in Clearwater, FL(Tampa Bay). Can send/receive photos in texts and to those on other carriers. Took a photo within the Message app and worked just fine

Kept on getting the little exclamation point as well for a while. i just shut it down and rebooted and now it seems to work "ok".

I can receive with any setting but can only send without 3G or WiFi turned on. DFW with iPhone 3G(no hacks, 3.1, 5.5)

@Pholey22 no my friend is not with AT&T one is with t-mobile and the other is with us cellular and i got both results both times they both said test came and then when i sent the pic by itself they said they got it

Finally SUCCESS! Sent two MMS on 3g after sending one on Edge, and received 2 MMS on 3g. This after 3 hours of red !.
Dallas, 3G, 8GB, 3.1, 5.5 carrier file

Everyone that installed MMS u need to restart your phone or else u won't see it. And it works great it's as fast as like sending messages to two people at the sametime.


I am running 3.1 OS and 5.5 carrier in St. Louis MO, and it has only worked one time when i sent my wife a picture from my 3GS to her 3G but only worked just one time. Keep getting red exclamation point after a three minute time out. This is waht we have been waiting for...its faster to send to!!!!

Installed mms reset iPhone and ...... The red exclamation point. Nothing goes or receives.
FYI live in Detroit, Mi area. Any help is appreciated

Still no luck, Called AT&T and they said my phone has to wait to be invited into the network which should be by morning. I would guess this is how they are staggering the roll out. They had me do a couple quick things which did nothing. They said there is no button they can push to make it work nor do they have to much info in tech support on it. Sounds like AT&T left their own tech support in the dark too.

MMS messaging was working fine earlier today but now everything I try to send fails. It's 5pm here in New Mexico so I suspect it might be due to everyone getting off work, getting the update and trying it out but I wanted to know if anyone else is having problems like mine. Just for reference I have a new iPhone 3Gs that has never been hacked in any way so I'm only interested in replies from people with legit systems. I don't want to know about all the jail-breaking issues.

OK great, Apple/AT&T have finally joined the 21st Century. A little too late. Why wasn't this available June 29, 2007? What is Apple's problem that it would not include such a widespread, simple and standard feature in a device billed as revolutionary? And yes, it was Apple and AT&T that held up MMS. Both are guilty. What a joke.

It amazes me that so many people are so angry about the lack of MMS on the iPhone (until, of course, today). AT&T this, Apple that. Blah blah blah.
So many people are acting as if AT&T and Apple have been withholding oxygen and water from the people.
What a joke.
Fck AT&T
ck Apple.
They lied!
Summer is officially over.
The iPhone is the most incredible mobile device to date. Even before 3G. So MMS came later. It's not like you can't just e-mail stuff to your family and friends text address.
It sounds like a lot of non smartphones are unable to receive MMS messages sent from iPhones anyway.
I really hope most of this is in jest. Sometimes humor or sarcasm is hard to detect in a text presentation.
I'd like to think that the people who come to The iPhone Blog are iPhone enthusiasts and not people who just like to whine and be snide.
I love this site but sometimes the comments are harsh and unwarranted.
People: LOVE your iPhone, and in return, your iPhone will love you back!!

There was absolutely NO REASON that this old feature on phones should be a new feature on the iphone. Just plain silliness.

in 5.1 if you group-texted multiple people, it would be called "GROUP MMS" and make a chat room like thing where everyone could see everyone's input with their name written small above it -- once you update to 5.5 it takes the update away
i totally used that Group MMS all of the time too... this isnt cool, i feel like i just downgraded my phone

I have a jb 3g running 3.0 have had carrier file 5.1 and working mms for months. It's still working. My wife and daughter on non jb iPhone 3g running 3.1 with carrier file 5.5 and they get red exclamation point.... I guess they just gott wait it out

JimmyD: people can have their own opinion. This is a basic function of almost every other phone on the planet. Can you give one good reason why it was not included on the iPhone until now?

Um.. My mms was working fine... Now the icon to attach a pic is gone?? What the hell??? Any one else?

Guys, as frustrating as it may seem, I came from the Blackberry Storm and this is nothing. The Iphone is the ULTIMATE phone, second to none. With the Storm I had hourly problems, freezing, random restarts, millions of battery pulls, failed service. Since I have been here life is heaven!! ATT and Apple may not be perfect but its far better than the competition. Have patience and NO SEXTING!!! HA

Network is running slow ofcourse with everyoe trying to send Picture messages. But it does work. Be patient. All iPhone users are just trying to use it so its jammin up the system.

i updated my iphone, restarted and it was stuck on the apple screen. I waited 15-20 mins and reset it again and it's still stuck. I hope this clears itself up!

Working just fine here in NV. Jailbroken phones: I heard from an AT&T rep that if your phone is jailbroken the update will crash your phone and turn phone into a brick! Has this happened to anyone? I know the 3.1 update did crash a lot of phones..plz post if it has.

MMS has not been working now for 2 hours, anybody else having this problem. location Houston, tx

nelson might be cuz u rebooted it the first time and didnt wait enough. it only took like 3 minutes for me the first time. i was freaking out but i went afk and came back and it worked and after that reboots were fast again.

finally glad to have my MMS all my friends have been whining about them not being able to send me MMS messages. now they can. so i am happy and so are they. I am in salt lake city utah fyi.

@dondadda76 no MMS does not work for iphone 2G supposedly it does not have hardware that support spicture messaging. if you want it you will have to upgrade to either the 3G or 3GS

Had to restore my phone before it would let me do the carrier update. Apple said it was because it used to be it's loaded on there but every mms in or out fails. SMS works fine. In chicago, any ideas??

Brian: Can you give me one legitimate reason to curse two companies because a function that is completely unnecessary for the iPhone was not included until now? Opinion is one thing. Name calling is not opinion. Opinion is: I really think MMS should have always been a part of the iPhone. Opinion is not: I hate AT&T and Apple because they've screwed us. Or: Let's crash the system!
I honestly think the bulk of negative/nasty comments are from non iPhone people. The iPhone has been on the market, without MMS, for two years. Everyone knew there was no MMS. So if MMS is/was the deal breaker, why did so many people go ahead and buy the iPhone?
I agree that Apple should not have said "by the end of summer" knowing full well that people were going to make their calendars. Maybe a more responsible target could have been: Before the end of the 3rd Quarter.
My comment is aimed at the posters who are acting as if both Apple and AT&T have deprived them of elements that could prevent them from breathing.
THEY PROMISED! I just hope these same people are just as passionate about health care and the economy.

All good here in San Diego,CA. Tried sending MMS 1st time and failed. Did a resend and all MMS work fine now. 6:39pm PST

Going on 7 hrs of red (!). I'm getting over this! The amount I pay per month for two of these things and to get this crap service from a provider.... They should be paying us! I left "v" because of shit service to find AT&T not much better!