iFixit.com iBreaks it Wide Open! iPhone 3G Tear Down Live!

What Jobs puts together, iFixit will tear asunder. Live. On the interwebs.

Seems like they got their hands on a New Zealand unit and promptly began to rip it apart for their -- and our -- education. Sadly, and iPhone 3G was harmed in the making of their post, but if you want to see the guts and maybe do a little iPhonemancy, check it out.


Rene Ritchie

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drew says:

maybe ole gus here should clean his fingernails?

WatersWest says:

@ drew: funny you say that because he actually apologized for the dirty fingernails in a later post.
Question -- I wonder if the addition of the external screws down by the 30-pin dock connector means that it will be easier to (1) open, and (2) replace the battery??

Zaposlitev says:

ebigfstsaryltiwhiodg, delo, yGIUooM.