Verizon Replies to AT&T's Lawsuit Over Attack Ads - "The

By now most of you have seen the infamous Verizon "map for that" attack ads against AT&T. It was only a matter of time before we heard Verizon's response to the lawsuit [Full document PDF link] that AT&T recently slapped them with and respond they did. Verizon's lawyers put their heads together to come up with the following opening line:


blockquote>AT&T did not file this lawsuit because Verizon’s “There’s A Map For That” advertisements are untrue; AT&T sued because Verizon’s ads are true and the truth hurts.

Ouch, if you continue reading the lengthy document you will find that Verizon does not intend to remove the ads from the air unless it is forced to. They also claim AT&T agrees the map coverage is indeed accurate and before anything progresses both parties need to do some more of their own investigating into the matter.

All of this really isn't necessary, both parties should agree to carry along and spend their time doing something more productive - improving both of their respective networks.


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Verizon Replies to AT&T's Lawsuit Over Attack Ads - "The


Almost as if Verizon had that response ready - their marketing department deserves a raise this Christmas season

In my experiences AT&T and Verizon both have equally good service. Instead of playing up their own respective strengths negative advertising seems to be the norm now.

TiPB is slackin, this shit was up waaaaay earlier this morning.
Anyways Jeremy on the last note, VZW has invested billions to be where they are at and is ready to roll to LTE starting next year...wish i could say the same for AT&T who is currently trying to patchwork their 3G with HSPA+

Just dropped another very important business call in my own house. AT&T is a joke. What we are forced to pay for an iphone on their network is a travesty. Soco_Jon is right. This has been out for days.

Instead of getting all pissy about things, AT&T should get it together and improve their service. I, personally, have very few problems with AT&T. Others do. AT&T should strive to have the best network possible. Having the iPhone just isn't enough.

...days, weeks or months, it doesn't really matter how long it's been out. And while it's funny to see the bickering back n' forth like two children on the playground, I'd much rather see the monies used for something to benefit the current customers instead of in boorish adverts against each other.
-inevitably someone always gets their feelings
hurt! In this case, AT&T

RON JEREMY SAYS this story is played out like Peter norths carreer. That statement fron verizon does sound cocky (pun intendid) but I guess they figure they're within the legal spectrum when it comes to their claims of att's subpar network. Where I live AT&T works decent enough for me.

I just got to laugh--I talk to my sister for hours, my dad for hours. Heck, I was talking to my friend Jerry ALL the way from Hammond, IN to the north side of Chicago driving almost 50 minute conversation never dropped. RARELY drop calls.
I understand that Verizon and Droid is all that blah blah in mega-awesomesauce blah rave blah, just don't tell me I can't get good service from AT&T or that the iPhone is a bag of 'doesn't' because it works for me--fanTASTICally.
Haters can freakin' bite me.

Being that Verizon cant do voice and data at the same time, is it still considered 3G coverage? By definition does not 3G allows simultaneous use of speech and data services?

3G just means 3rd Generation and speeds of up to 1.5 Mbps. VZW uses a technology in which data and voice cannot be sent at the same time. You can chat and text during a call but no web browsing.

Verizon only has coverage but no one likes their phones so that's all they have going for them. Yet there commercials are extemely tiredsome.

I envy your good AT&T 3G coverage....sigh.
Are these commercials on TV? I have yet to see them on TV (only youtube), but maybe that's because I only watch on Sundays for football. I agree, they should be using their resources improving the network.

Verizon has a larger high speed coverage area, AT&T has simultaneous voice and data. AT&T forget about a lawsuit and stick that money into being the best. I'm talking about 3G towers with the backbone to support FULL 3G SPEED!! If AT&T rolled out 3G and quickly got out good/widespread 4G coverage noone could touch them.

Hahah its funny how almost all the verizon ads include the iphone and at&ts service(which in mi case i have dropped a few calls on mi iphone. But ive nvr used verizon so i cant say which is better) but anyway the iphone is in the ads. Yet apple doesnt have anything to say they jus like watch ovr them while they fight.

Verizon is the joke. I will never use to them. They ripped me off. And there customer service is a joke, they don't care about there's customers. At&t so far has been fine no dropped calls of anything.

All these ppl that cry about dropped calls and shiy coverage with AT&T why don't you leave? There is verizon, sprint, tmoblie! Beat it. But that would be bad because then you can't piss and moan about st. AT&T has 75 million subs they must be doing something right! It's not cause of the iPhone. It accounts for about maybe what 10-15% of there subs. And I'm sure there are ppl like me who have great coverage and get great service when it is needed. Where do you ppl live in the mountains and lakes. Maybe you should go with verizon according to there maps they have 3g there. I have been on this and many other iPhone and apple blogs since they begun. All ppl do and cry cry cry there's other alternatives out there.

And I wish some off you would stop with the dropped calls stuff to. Verizons no better my gf gets more dropped calls then me. I've had like 2 the whole year. She's had about 30. And just to add. Last week we went camping in the outskirts of town. I had 3 bars of 3g on my iPhone she had 1bar to no service. She had to use my Iphone the whole week. Upstate NY.

Dear Verizon.
Please continue to attack AT&T on this front. It's really the only way they're going to get the pressure to expand.
The current AT&T customer base.
iPhone consumers.