Bang & Olufsen A8 Earphones Deliver Smooth Sound, Makes You Look Like a Rich Snob


Bang & Olufsen is a name well known among elitist snobs with bank accounts bigger than their brains. The products are sexy and elegant, but often overpriced and under deliver in terms of performance. Hmm...this sounds like another company I know ducks to avoid flying tomatoes

For those who fall into this category, B&O A8 Earphones are for you. These sexy and functional earphones claim to deliver unsurpassed sound quality by matching the contour of the human ear, thus preventing sound leakage common to conventional earphones. Uh, yeah.

But as with all things that wear the proud B&O label, these earphones won't come cheap. A pair of A8's will set you back $160. Still, if you can afford a $600 iPhone you should have no problem ponying up another Ben Franklin or so. And you'll need to purchase the Belkin headphone adapter to mate these earphone with your iPhone.


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Bang & Olufsen A8 Earphones Deliver Smooth Sound, Makes You Look Like a Rich Snob


These headphones can be used without the adapter.
On my A8's it's possible to slide back the outermost plastic cover on the connector and just plug in the headphones like normal. And, after a year of use, these headphones still rock.

Thanks for sharing. I'm thinking buying a pair for myself. The pair that Apple bundles with iPhone are totally lame, quite possibly the worst earphones I have ever used. Looking to upgrade.

Anyone pair these with Shure's Music Phone Adapter for iPhone so one could switch between music and calls?

I am using a pair of Bang & Olufsen's A8's with Shure's Music Phone Adapter on the iPhone. It is very clear the mic on the sShure seems to work about 4 inches way from you with the ports facing upward. The only downside is the length of cable on the A8's.