Joz Speaks! iPhone 3G Cut-and-Paste, Turn-by-Turn, and Office Suites?

Greg "Joz" Joswiak, Apple's head of iPod and iPhone marketing shed some light on the iPhone 3G/2.0 and some of its highly requested, yet still missing functionality, like where's our ability to select text, cut it or copy it, and paste it?

Apple has a priority list of features, and they got as far as they could down that list with this model

Why isn't there a constant yet ever-so-slightly-disappointed voice telling us we missed our last ten exists and threatening to "re-calculate"?

[T]here are some murky "complicated issues" preventing driving directions apps at the moment. "It will evolve. I think our developers will amaze us."

Like TomTom?

With regards to David Pogue's claim that Apple said the iPhone 3G GPS antenna was too small for turn-by-turn?

Find his answer after the jump!

That's wrong; the iPhone's GPS is just like the GPS in other phones, many of which do provide driving directions

We can view Microsoft Office and Apple iWork docs in iPhone 2.0, why can't we edit or create them?

[T]here might be issues with applications each having their own file space. "There's no cross-application file structure."

TiPB is still waiting on DocsToGo as well. What about unspecified technical issues?

[D]idn't know of any such hold-ups.

Does that mean there aren't any, there are but they remain unknown, or that the ones he knows off are all very specified?

Time, and future 2.x firmware updated will hopefully tell.

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Joz Speaks! iPhone 3G Cut-and-Paste, Turn-by-Turn, and Office Suites?


Hey, Windows Mobile, which I have on my Treo 750, has Office Mobile, and it works great. My wife's iPhone has all but replaced her notebook computer, except for one thing, and that is being able to open/edit Office documents, and that is really only Word and Excel. Surely they can do something for the iPhone users.

the iPhone will be just a toy (the coolest one of course)as long as EVERY business tool doesn't get implemented. Why did they go half the way? Why did Apple implement push email but not the capability of editing word and excel documents? How about printing wirelesly to a network printer? I think Steve is just concerned about iPhone users not buying macbooks anymore if he makes it that capable, right?

I want a MacBook because of the iPhone not because of its inabilities. They are having some growing pains but I think Apple can work through it. Just so you know, iPhone is all I own of Apple but I see good products and their customer support is great to deal with.

I've never "need" to edit documents on a mobile. But, I do "need" cut and paste and A2DP. I'm sure its close.

At least they could package part of pages and keynote for the rest of us. Though I do not edit text much, I do like to jot down thoughts and make small documents on the fly when need be.

I've needed to edit documents before on a mobile, and it came in really handy to be able to at the time on Windows Mobile. I haven't needed to in quite a while, though, so I haven't felt limited by the iPhone in that regard. That's just me, though. I'm sure business users would have more of a need to edit Office documents on a regular basis.
I can't believe cut and paste was pushed down because other features were "more important." It's a feature that's been asked for since the iPhone released, but I guess it can't be too important, right? Just another way that we're just along for the ride when it comes to enjoying the Mac experience :P

Tired of NOYFB: CutnPaste is as important as a mouse. What is the point of surfing if you can't CnP a find into your notes; or doing error-free science calcs if you can't paste a result. Another one of those "Buttons, Jobs don't like stinkin' buttons" issues...

While our culture is increasingly Me-centric (now MobileMe-centric ;) ), priority lists will always different between userbase and user. What a Blackberry-come business suiter considers priority #1 will be different than what a PSP-come ZOMGamer!1 considers #1, never mind a feature phone-come "what's this screen for" iN00b.
I'd love cut and paste, but it's absence only annoys me every now and then. Considering what made it into 2.0, they certainly had to prioritize some things (like ActiveSync) over others. Mass delete is great, as another example.
What can they get done the fastest to improve the experience of most (not niche, no matter how vocal) users?

Not being able to cut and paste goes beyond frustrating. I have to be careful to email myself important details that I might need for other apps, like contact data or an address in the exact format needed to auto detect for a link or i'm stuck retyping. Usually I just put it back in my pocket and get my blackberry out for anything truely productive to get done.

the iphone lacks some key features that make it much less useful than a BB. My BB died so I made the switch to iphone believing all the good reviews but I have been very disappointed with the lack of the following features that will relegate iphone to toy vs. tool status untill these are fixed.
1) cut and paste, 2) email sorting by subj, sender, etc. , 3) notes synching w/ outlook, 4) editing capabilities on word and excel. 5) file save on phone (readdle is very inferior), etc.
Can someone tell me when we might see some of these features???? Otherwise I may go back to BB.

So cn someone explain why one cant edit docs in Excel and Word? It is the ONLY reason I have not bought the iphone. It does not make any sense to me. What am I missing?

Because there's no office suite yet. Then again, I bought both Palm OS and WinMob devices in the past to do just that (edit docs) and found everything from Pocket Office to Docs2Go to Quick Office pretty much useless for what I needed -- converting everything to HTML and mangling formats, and killing style sheets which were uber-important to me.
Everyone's priorities and needs will vary.

How smart is it to include iWorks as part of the iPhone both of which are Apple products. How stupid are they? They are missing a clear opportunity to get people to use the iWorks software on the iPhone and they are so daft as they let the opportunity slip through their fingers by allowing 3rd party applications to edit docs. I cannot understand the Apple mindset and I own several MACs. They are stupid beyond stupidity!