CEOh-Snap iPad Attack Edition -- Google, Nokia, Microsoft, and Nintendo on Apple's Tablet


Prior to Steve Jobs laying into Google and Adobe, Google, Nokia, Microsoft, and Nintendo got their shots in on Apple and the iPad, and here's what they had to say:

  • Google CEO Eric Schmidt: "You might want to tell me the difference between a large phone and a tablet."

Someone might want to tell him people are making Android tablets, or is he still using BlackBerry?

  • Nokia social point-main Mark Squires: In a post titled, "A fruit confused", he takes issue with Apple calling itself the world's largest mobile devices business (measured by revenue). [via Nokia Conversations]

Fair enough, considering there are lies, damn lies, and statistics, but the title of the post... really?

  • Microsoft director of product management in the developer platform, Brandon Watson: "developers of applications for the iPhone OS–which the iPad uses–are not making money. Developing applications for the iPhone and iPad is expensive, he said, because iPhone OS uses the Objective C language rather than Microsoft’s more pervasive .NET platform. And Apple’s control over the platform has alienated some people that make software for its products, he said." [via Technologizer]

Cue Windows Mobile millionaire dev and their 140,000 runtimes in 5... 4... 3... 2...

  • Nintendo President Satoru Iwata: 'It was a bigger iPod Touch. I question whether those features would be enough to get people to buy new machines." [via NYT]

Never mind his own company just released a bigger version of their own, the Nintendo DSi LL... He's missing the same point many others are likewise missing. The iPad isn't just a big iPod touch. The iPad is a big iPod touch. That's its killer feature.

And yes, we'll be saving all these comments, and any others we come across, and looking back at them one year post-iPad launch to see if it works out any better for the competition than it did when the iPhone was mocked in 2007...


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CEOh-Snap iPad Attack Edition -- Google, Nokia, Microsoft, and Nintendo on Apple's Tablet


i think engadget had some great points on their podcast. it has potential. but what it is now and what they showed is not better than that hp slate

Let's just see what the iPhone OS 4.0 has to bring to the table before we make assumptions. I believe apple didn't show it's hand yet and that we will see more of what the iPad has to offer. The omission of any camera is a letdown, and well we know how Steve feels about adobe so time will tell.

I thinks it's funny that Microsoft would say anything when they want to team up with Apple to take down Google. Come on Microsoft go's to Apple and wants Apple to use only Bing on on the iPhone.

Running scared I'd say. Or they've gone Ostrich and can't see the next revolution that's coming. Whether apple is right or wrong, time will tell, but alienating a few vocal developers over the folks who've grown the platform of available apps for the iPhone/iPod Touch and now the iPad to 140k can't be super unhappy.
And .NET platform, give me a break. I can't write .NET software on the Mac either, so is Microsoft alienating an important part of their market by not including a viable SDK on OS X?
Google and all the executives mentioned here in secret, if smart, are rethinking their product lines around this new tablet computing market that Apple has created.

They're forming their opinions based on the current OS and what was presented on Wednesday, which is entirely fair, but I have to think that a lot of the complaints against the iPad will be addressed with iPhone OS 4.0. Apple isn't stupid, and they obviously are putting a lot of emphasis on this product. There's a better than even chance that a lot will change either before the iPad is officially released or shortly thereafter with 4.0.
Also, I agree with your statement that it isn't JUST a big iPod Touch; it's a BIG iPod Touch. I agree that's it's best feature and the primary reason why the iPad might become my main computer for 95% of my computing activities.

Watson actually has a point, he's just expressed it wrong. It is harder for an established developer to make a habitual amount of money off the iPhone ecosystem. But for a start-up it's a perfectly good one.

As much as I Iike my iPhone I really like mis my PSP out all my portable devices since it had great game play and it was hacked with SNES NES Genesis and N64 all in one. I really loved that device. Possibly my favorite device for portable gaming I owned.

The only one I don't get is from Microsoft. Their .NET lang over C++? Are they serious? I took basic C++ in high school, they didn't offer .NET.

11th comment, sweet. Alright, I'm gonna give my perspective and I hope you can pick up what I'm about to throw down. For me, this device is fantastic. I want a device that has the convenience and portability of a laptop, without being a laptop. I want a device that just lays around my house, ready to be used whenever. I want this device for very simple reasons:
1. Browse the internet
2. Watch movies in my bed
3. Read my eBook collection (maybe even in the dark...Kindle?)
4. Manage my email
I am not looking for a device that allows me to Mr. Productivity with work crap, which is what a laptop is. I have a desktop and an office at work for that. I want something that is family friendly for my wife and smaller kids to play around on.
The iPad is not meant or being marketed towards the business minded, young entrepreneur. It is meant to be a simple, web browsing, game-playing, movie watching device that anyone can pick up and enjoy. And it is just that. I foresee this being in the homes of many, many people that don't really have the need for a full fledged laptop, such as myself and family.
Imagine having some friends over, wanna check out those hilarious YouTube videos? Bust out the iPad, no waiting for it to boot, it's always on. No having to watch from a direct angle, 3 or 4 people can hang around and watch it because of the IPS technology.
I don't know why more people aren't seeing this for what it is. But rather, trying to make it something it is not.

It's killler feature is that it's a big iPod touch? Excuse me? How is that a killer feature? And since that's all it is, can someone explain why it took so long? I swear it sounds like they watched the hype and built it in response a few weeks ago.

@chris @fathom614
I agree, I guess all apple really needed to do at the event was show developers what they should be coding for. I really do think and hope that apple is keeping the magic all wrapped up in v4.0 to make it an amazing launch.
In its current state i can't see it doing that well , but with the new OS containing ichat/multitasking/finder capabilities that would change completely.

"Someone might want to tell him people are making Android tablets, or is he still using BlackBerry?"
People do what they want with Android. You don't have to get schimdt's approval...

So...just because Apple managed to present a device that - were it not for PR - would fail on a common-sense society. You have to bash all the other company's comments. I know you're an iPhone site and all, but I felt your reaction was a bit immature.

Out of all those comments...only one who I think has the gall to speak is Iwata. He holds reigns of the most profitable, successful, famous gaming company in the world. So eh...I think he knows what he's speaking on a bit.
Everyone else...could be right. Could be wrong. Who cares.


  1. nice name
  2. thank you! for being the ONLY FREAKING PERSON on the Internet that actually has some sense!

so many people have commented on here saying that the tablet is such a waste of a device and hardly anybody is appreciating it for what it is.
in short: I completely agree with you

But you have to take into account...these enraged comments are coming from Jobs own comment. This is the man that said netbooks aren't good at anything. Then basically introduced this as a netbook killer. So yeah. I'm not disagreeing with you, but just a little "look from the other yard" perspective.

The best perspective I have yet to read anywhere about the iPad. I definitely can not wait to get my hands on one!

I don't understand your analogy that it isn't just a big iPod touch but that it's a big iPod touch.
I don't know of many people who exactly wanted a big iPod touch. " gee man , I wish my iPod was 3 times as big, it would be soooo Awsome " no.
However , I feel that people wanted an even smaller mac , smaller than the MacBook pro but bigger than iPhones. I guess apple was right when they said they didn't know how to make a cheap mac under 1k that wasnkt crap. So they make a big iPod touch under 1k and it's still sorta like crap.
The other companies haven't hit the nail on the head when it comes to the fact that the ipad will not be another iPhone. This might see slightly more stardom than the MacBook air ; which is reduced to nothing at this point.
I want them in march to tell us the ipad was a practical joke and that it wil have 300 major features other than what we can experience on our phones and iPods but still come close to a mac.

While I'll agree that this iPad offers nothing I need... it's also true that I already have many other things I don't need — three TVs, several rarely-used appliances, two unnecessary vehicles, etc., etc...
I think many of us can look around our homes and see things we've bought that we don't need. Booze? Cigarettes?
So, I'll eventually either be getting this iPad or the next gen (unless a MacPad comes out first). It's reasonably worth $500 to have it when I'm at home and I don't have any real work to do on my Mac.
But it does need major improvements. Hopefully, 4.0 is all it needs.

"Developing applications for the iPhone and iPad is expensive"
Sigh. XCode is free. Visual Studio Pro is more than half a thousand dollars.
You can code .NET applications using C#, Visual Basic or J#.
@Andrew Lombardi:
I think there are a few .NET compilers for OS X but obviously the huge majority of .NET apps have been compiled by Visual Studio.

So basically, I think Google Chrome OS could kill this thing easily. I'm getting an Entourage eDGe because it is waaaaaay more innovative and useful. I can't stand electronics that don't serve a useful purpose. Chrome OS can beat this, and Android already has. Only thing this has on the two is looks and that is it. Also, the HP slate will probably be killer.

So tell me if I got this want something that does less for more money.
I agree with what you are saying...the fact that you want something around the house for quick access to view/read stuff(coz that is more or less what you can do on the iPad). If the iPad was going for $200...then it would make sense. Jobs insulted netbooks claiming that Apple had something better. But honestly, I have a netbook and it does all what you(Saggyballs) want to do and more for less $$.
And seriously, what century are you living in if you still shut down your computer? Most netbooks can run for upto 8 hours of continuous usage.
So even though your points are valid...they aren't enough to justify the existence of such a device.

It will sell but not because it's a great product.. but because it's everywhere in the media.. Apple causes a lot of reaction...
...and the fan boys... those are the worst..