iPad GUI Design Recommendations, Templates, and Galleries

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If you're interested in iPad design or development, the internet is already offering up resources for you, including interface recommendations, icon templates, and galleries of Apple examples. And why not? The same people who love every pixel of interface on the iPhone are finding 1024x768 reasons to pour over the iPad's beefy new canvas as well.

First up, Gizmodo highlights some of Apple's new iPad Human Interface Guidelines (HIG) which suggest developers "think different" and not just big when it comes to the iPad. They have to "just work" no matter how a user holds the iPad, portrait or landscape, and they should remain just as focused and uncluttered as iPhone apps. It should be easy to share, both in terms of several people using the app on the same devices, and moving data back and forth from the app. Real world look and feel is encouraged; making contacts look like a book gives it tangibility. Multiple multitouch gestures are your friend (there's a reason NOVA let the player touch the screen and turn the door latch). And while it is a computer, it shouldn't present the user with file-systems or other computer management tasks.

Next, Cocoia has been generous enough to share a downloadable Photoshop PSD template for iPhone and iPad icons, everything from giant 512x512 to standard iPad and iPhone sizes, to iPad Spotlight and menubar variants.

Last but not least, developer Frasier Spears has painstakingly assembled a Flickr gallery of every iPad UI element he could get his screen-shot on, and presented them with commentary. No better way to get started than by checking out what Apple's done so far.

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iPad GUI Design Recommendations, Templates, and Galleries


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