Fling mini brings analogue joystick love to the iPhone and iPod touch

Ten One Design has announced a version of its popular iPad Fling joystick for the iPhone and iPod touch. The new product will come in a pack of two and will be called the Fling mini.

iPhone gaming is all about precision maneuvering, and Fling mini gives you this crucial advantage. As you control a game with Fling mini, it pushes gently back towards the center position.  This haptic feedback guides and stabilizes your gameplay, making every action more accurate.

The Fling for iPad has been a very successful product and is now stocked in Apple Stores in the United States. Now that an iPhone and iPod touch version has been announced, we hope that more game developers start to include full support for it.

The Fling mini is available to pre-order at a cost of $24.95. This includes two Fling minis to enable maximum game compatibility.

Are any of our readers planning on picking one of these up? Let us know in the comments!

[Ten One Design]


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Reader comments

Fling mini brings analogue joystick love to the iPhone and iPod touch


didnt the developers noctice this thing takes up most of the iphones screen, the only way i will probably ise it if my iphone is conected to the tv but who plays games on thier tv through iphone anyway

I got them for the iPad 2 and they suck bad. I waste $35.00 on a pair of them. They don't work with all games. The include a card with only 3 games they say they work with.

That's odd that it wouldn't work with all games. Since it just sticks to the screen, I would've thought it would work with most games that use virtual analog sticks or finger-look.

That thing looks horrendous. What ever happened to that icontrol game case that was coming to market it looked small and convenient.

Absolutely ridiculous. Honestly, I can't believe they thought this would be a good idea. Look at how much estate they occupy on the screen!
I bought one for the iPad 2 and to be totally honest, it was a waste of money. Two areas it falls down in for me:
1) Obvious prime placement area in some games can be a problem. For example, take Final Fantasy III. While moving around, it's fine* however when not moving around, the dialog box appears and text gets obscured from view by the Fling! Obviously with no fling, the virtual D-Pad disappears from view and the text box comes to the foreground.
2) The diameter of some D-Pad's is too large in some games. For example, First Touch Soccer and Final Fantasy III that require pushes to the very extremity of the edge of the D-Pad to perform 'run', the Fling can not reach that extremity.
3) In practice, it is simply just not as accurate and agile as your finger. Key if you need to pull off a complicated maneuver.

  • see point 2

I honestly had high hopes for the Fling and I was in the camp that thought it was a great idea, when so many put it down and called on devs to be more innovative with the control system designs. After actually owning one and trying it myself, I find myself often removing it, if that is, I've even bothered to put it on in the first place.
Good idea in principle, poor in practice, sadly.