Glif - iPhone 4 tripod mount and stand

A couple of New Yorkers have introduced a very slim and elegant solution for iPhone 4 photographers with their invention of the Glif tripod mount and stand. Glif is an iPhone 4 accessory that works as both a standard tripod mount and kickstand. The minds behind Glif put together a promo video that showcases using the Glif to participate in activities such as hands-free FaceTiming, watching videos, making movies, and using your iPhone as an alarm clock.

The idea for the Glif was first formed when we realized the iPhone 4 is literally the best camera we've ever owned. With the addition of HD video recording and High Dynamic Range photography, it's clear Apple is positioning the iPhone as a very high quality portable camera. But because of its small form factor (and Apple's minimalist design approach) it will never contain a threaded nut for attaching a tripod - standard on almost all photo and video cameras. Solutions for mounting an iPhone to a tripod exist (DIY or otherwise) but they are typically bulky and cumbersome. Our goal was to create something small, simple, and elegant.

And something small, simple, and elegant they did!

Not only did Tom and Dave invent a fantastic accessory, but they have a story that is just as amazing. After designing the Glif, they put it up on Kickstarter in an effort to raise the $10,000 needed to put the Glif into production. The design was so popular, they received almost $140,000 in pledges! Incredible. The Glif is now in full scale production and available to order for $20.

This accessory truly is amazing with such a great story and I can't wait to get my hands on one.

Check out the video after the break!

[Glif via TUAW]

Glif Montage from Glif on Vimeo.

[Vimeo link]

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Reader comments

Glif - iPhone 4 tripod mount and stand


wow....i was doing a project in school using kick starter. we had to create an advertising banner for any project we liked. i passed over this one and read into it about a month ago and it seemed pretty cool until i realized it only fits a naked phone. my phone always has a case on it so i doubt ill be getting it.

The iPod nano watch conversion kits (mentioned here yesterday) also do incredibly well on kickstarter - already $452'000 pledged (with an initial goal of $15'000). A good idea is everything.

Good idea! But does it allow to keep the iPhone in a protective case, eg. Otter box Defender?

No, GAMH, for naked iPhone only. Which is what will prevent me from buying one right away. Bummer.

I hope they (or someone) comes our with a similar accessory for cased ip4's. I really want to mount my ip4 to my travel tripod.

I want one. I'm already accustomed to taking my case off for all the AUX cables I have so I guess it wouldn't be that bad.

This is one of those things I look at and want to smack myself for not thinking of it. It's so ridiculously simple, but brilliant.

Ordered mine! I replaced the glass back on my iphone4 with a metal back and now I'm naked. The Glif looks awesome for taking slow shutter images and I aleady have the Gorillpod tripod features in the video so I'm stoked for this cool accessory.

I like the Glif, but the company I work for, PC Treasures, offers a cheaper alternative that will let you attach your smartphone to a tripod without having to take your phone out of its protective case. It's called the Grippit. Check it out at

Got my Glif in just now. It's pretty cool. I don't know if it's $20 cool though. It just fits on the iPhone by friction, and even with a screen protector on front and back it's not very tight. I definitely wouldn't trust it hanging from a tree like they show on the website. Still, it will be a welcome stand for travel and night-stand duties.

What happens when your tripod tips over with your precious iPhone attached, very likely it won't be a pretty sight. Considering how clumsy many people are a tripod attachment would work better if the phone was protected a bit more.

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