GPS Module Coming to 1st Generation iPhones

Did you think we forgot all of you on 1st generation iPhones? Well we here at TiPb have not forgotten any of you! If you have been craving true GPS for you iPhone well here is your chance to grab it while you can.

OrangeGadgets is on the brink of releasing an add on GPS module for the iPhone, the iGPS360. This is excellent news for all of you with 1st generation iPhones... what's the catch you ask? I'm glad you asked... you have to jailbreak your device for it to work. The reason for this is that Apple has not allowed any 3rd party access to the operating system via the dock connector. So jailbreaking is the only way.

The iGPS360 is now available to order for $75.00. For that price you will also receive a 6ft USB-A to micro USB-B cable for on-the-go or at home charging. According to their website the module begins shipping today. Keep in mind, they are only producing 1000 of these units so if you want GPS, act fast!



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There are 8 comments. Add yours.

firesign3000 says:

you mean people actually have 1st gen iphones that aren't jailbroken? huh.

tom says:

for that price you are further ahead buying an on sale car GPS that talks to you and give driving directions

jed says:

wow! Now can they make me an external keyboard please? I would gladly jailbreak for that.

Ali says:

Nice, but I'm sure if those 1000 sell they'll make more. Looks like they're just being conservative with a new product. I'm sure it's expensive to bring something like this to market.
If these 1000 sell, I may buy one of the next 1k. If the prices come down on these, I may buy one anyway. I'm not spending $75 on that, though, the cell phone tower triangulation works well enough for me.

patrickbballer says:

i will never jail break my 3g. if i had a 1st gen thats a different story

N says:

If you jailbreak does this act the same as the 3G's GPS, can you use all the official apps that use GPS? Or can you only use unofficial apps that are written specifically for this device?

Insteon says:

It's a nice thought and I suppose if you're on contract it might make sense to invest more in your 1st gen, but otherwise the number of upgrades in the 3GS make it much more worthwhile to just upgrade.

Eloy Moya says:

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