UPDATED: How-To Enable OBEX Bluetooth File Transfer for Jailbroken iPhones

UPDATED: iClarified has posted an extensive how-to for getting iBluetooth setup on your jailbroken iPhone so you can enjoy a little Apple-unsupported OBEX Bluetooth file transfer.

If you give it a try, let us know how it works for you.

ORIGINAL: [See comments and then move right along...]

Thanks to Antonioj for the tip and the screen shots, more after the break...


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UPDATED: How-To Enable OBEX Bluetooth File Transfer for Jailbroken iPhones


You got it all wrong. iBluetooth is an app from MeDevil a former iBluetooth Project member than went rouge and stole a lot of the code. So iBluetooth is not the prpduct of the iBluetooth Project. Sweettooth was their demo/sample app, the full version is going to be free and will be named bluesn0w.
That's acording to the various rumors around.
iBluetooth kicks ass nonetheless...

You guys are right, cause what's he's posting right now is really old news.
Even the link to ars relates to an old article.
OT: iBluetooth works quite well and fast for me.

All wrong ibluetooth is a rip off sweettooth. Sweettooth is much much better please change this post!!!! Remove ibluetooth from your phone and wait for sweettooth ^_^

Thanks for the reference guys, but like MatiCek pointed, there are some mistakes. This is iBluetooth, not Sweettooth
There´s controversy between Medevil and the Sweettooth team, however, Medevil is presenting results and giving a good reason for asking for money (buying a new bluetooth stack to use instead of iphone´s limited one so that we can have a2dp)
@Steve...what??? Try ftping from the Iphone to a phone that has no wifi. And going to a photo store and sending photos to the photo printer machine (you can´t, they only use bluetooth). No to mention this is the first step to other more powerfull bluetooth profiles, like a2dp (bt stereo)

graztd...how come sweettooth is much better, when the working version does not EXIST??? iBluetooth WORKS, the rest is only talk, talk and talk - if the sweettooth team wants people to "wait", better shows WHY, and some results

Needs to be updated again Jeremy, cause there's no need to mention the app sweettooth cause it is still just a stumbler, no OBEX yet. iBluetooth is from MeDevil (leaving all stolen code issues aside) and the iBluetooth team is working on an app called sweettooth. So iBluetooth is not from iBluetooth Project Team.

I can't seem to find the iBluetooth in Cydia. Can someone please provide me with the source url?

Some times it works be better if it you could go into music pics ringtones etc and have the option from there to bluetooth instead of having to go through the var/private/etc but it's better then nothing.

Hey ... so im using the 7 day free trial just testing it out seeing if it works fine and all on 2.2.1 and umm I was wondering if you guys will make sort of a shortcut to the most transfered files such as Music or Photos or even Videos since now I can transfer from my computer ... will you guys make a shortcut to the folders that the iphone reads from
for example: the ipod application on the iphone reads its music from i believe the folder located in "/var/root/Media/iTunes_Control/Music/" ... correct?
Thank you

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