iOS apps growing faster than iTunes music?

iOS apps growing faster than iTunes music

Both iTunes Store music and iOS App Store apps are being downloaded at an increasing rate. Apps are just increasing faster.

As can be seen, the App store has reached the same total downloads in 2.2 years as the iTMS reached after five years. The two curves are likely to be the same height (around 13 billion each) before the year is over.

I'm downloading far more apps than music, what about you?


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iOS apps growing faster than iTunes music?


That's because the App store has more free apps than iTunes has free music. I've downloaded over 200 apps and only 8 of them actually required purchase.

This isn't that amazing a finding. Erik is right, free apps are definitely skewing this curve.
The other difference between apps and music is the fact that with apps, you can purchase once, and download as many times as you want, including on multiple devices.
With music, you buy once, download only once and need to keep your own backups.

Very good points above, that's really all there is to it. Not to mention, the platform is becoming more of a game device, so people are sorta moving into new territory with their purchases.

"iOS apps downloads increasing faster than iTunes music"
That's because today's music blows chunks. The RIAA doesn't do any of us much of a favor either. They specialize ripping off the artists and deamonizing it's customers.

This is kind of why I really hope Ping is a catalyst to get artists to stop posting free stuff on myspace and instead posting promo tracks on iTunes. It would be awesome for music discovery and promotion plus I would be willing to be it would get people to buy music.
I know it's just a psychological thing.. but when you search for an artist and it goes to myspace and you listen to a song and like it... there's two choices: boot up iTunes, load up some stuff, check out the other previews, and maybe consider buying the song, or type in a quick google search for the album. Integrating free songs into Ping will keep people in the buying environment which I would imagine would be good for sales.

Besides you can download music for free the app store is aviable in way more countries than the itunes music store

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