iPhone 4 dock

One of our readers let us know his Apple iPhone 4 dock arrived and sent along some pictures to show the still dock-less among us just what it looks like.

Check them out after the jump, and if you nabbed one as well, let us know how it's working for you.

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Reader comments

iPhone 4 dock


From what I've read, no, it does not work with the bumper. Which sucks.
After the whole thing with the iPad case being too big to fit in the iPad dock though, I'm not surprised. Disappointed, but not surprised.

My iPhone 4 dock arrived today too.
Not impressed with the lip at the front of it.
It makes using the Home button more awkward than the previous dock.

Why have a 'case' like the bumper by Apple and not allow it use the dock. The universal dock should work with the bumper installed as it did with my 3gs in case. I just change or remove the dock adapter.

Got my dock on launch day at the store. Nope, won't work with a bumper, or any other case for that matter.

I'm still waiting for SwitchEasy to come out with some cases for the iPhone 4 so that I can just use my universal dock with their dock inserts.

My local Apple store (Beverly Center in Los Angeles) had plenty in stock as of yesterday. Works fine except you can't use it with a Bumper!!!! I needed to take mine off to charge in the dock. Not only are we forced to have a case, but it's not compatible with other Apple accessories.

I have a dock for work and home - I agree with @Howard - the front lip is awkward to access the home button. but I prefer it to laying on my desk.

It was obvious the dock wouldn't work with the bumper or other cases. You need a case for the antenna issue, and if you want a dock too, it will have to be something like an InCase slider or one of those flipper things--something with a back. Or buy an aftermarket charging stand with inserts or a bigger opening. Either way, not well executed by Apple.

Really, are you serious? THIS is considered news? Heck, I had some socks show up in the mail last week, but gosh I forgot to send an email about it to TiPb!

I have an iHome and I use it with my iPhone 4 with a case on it and it works fine. It seems like this would work with a case but I'm not throwing money away on this useless tool.

Does this double dock sync as well? Could really use that in our house. We have one of the Griffin double chargers but it's just for

I'm confused; why does an iPhone 4 dock exist? Isn't the point of the (no-longer-) "new" dock system that you use inserts that fit a universal dock? Didn't the iPhone 4 come with a universal dock insert?!

  • iPhone 3GS owner

What is the purpose of a dock? I'm just trying to decide whether or not I want to purchase one. Anyone want to give me a reason they have theirs?

I got my iPhone 4 dock on launch day and I have to say it's not the best! I liked the 3G one a lot better! This one is small and light!

Universal Dock for the win! Just leave out the tray in the Universal Dock and you can leave just about any case on the iPhone and sit it in it.

@Christian, besides holding your phone upright ( nice for clocks, slideshows, and general viewing), the advantage of a dock is it's easier to connect. You just drop it straight down without having to futz with aligning the connectors. The problems with universal docks are they don't support as well, you still have to align a bit, and if you have a case that covers the bottom, the connectors don't seat completely.

I use the universal dock without an insert or maybe with the largest insert, I forget, and my iPod Classic 160GB fits fine with a case on.
@Christian: Also, the dock lets you connect directly to audio in without having to mount on the computer. This comes in handy for me since my iPod was Mac-formatted and my work computer's Windows. So at home, I use the USB cable and mount it in iTunes; but at work, I use the line-out on the dock to connect to the line-in on the computer, so I can play music (that I otherwise couldn't without, I presume, reformatting the iPod for Windows--I've never looked into it but I presume that'd be needed???).

For anyone complaining that the docks don't work with the bumpers, WHO CARES! The bumpers are useless. Its called being careful. Have never had a case on my 3GS and I got it launch day last year, not a single scratch or crack, or even smudge. TAKE CARE OF YOUR APPLES!

Wasted $30 = too much of a pain to take off the Bumpers and the screen protectors Apple sent were for a 3G so the front facing camera was covered. What the !?!

Urgh, I've orderd one but I'm regretting it now that I know the bumper definitely won't fit

Don't buy one if you have already have a multi-fit dock ... contrary to the advice from my Apple Store - the iPhone 4 fits fine in it once the size adjuster has been removed. That's £25 down the drain!

I was told by the Apple store staff that the dock would work with the bumper on and it does NOT WORK. Again clueless advice from the Apple staff. I am going to return it and demand a full refund. I agree 100% with the comment left earlier:
20 hrs, 4 mins ago
My local Apple store (Beverly Center in Los Angeles) had plenty in stock as of yesterday. Works fine except you can’t use it with a Bumper!!!! I needed to take mine off to charge in the dock. Not only are we forced to have a case, but it’s not compatible with other Apple accessories."

I ordered a dock when I pre-ordered my phone, since I'm getting tired of the cable. It totally didn't dawn on me that I can't use it with a case. They better accept returns if unopened!

Sold mine within a day of getting it after it didn't work if you use a case/bumper - no means made of making it fit with a case. My 3GS case (a SwitchEasy one), had its own dock connector and fitted into the old dock. I don't like to take cases on and off all the time, it loosens the fit.

I bought the iPhone 4 dock and a case at apple store with my phone as Apple employee said it would work with the case. It didn't. I went googling and found a totaly unique dock called a Spiderpodium (http://www.breffo.com). Ordered it. Received it. Love it!!

I bought one of these the day the iPhone 4 went on sale. I returned it. This may sound strange, but I wish it weren't so small. Also, it lacks some of the features of the universal dock (headset plug, for example). Also, I found it hard to pop my iPhone into this thing. I just use the cable my iPhone came with... for now... but I might buy a universal dock instead.

Check out the LYCO Adapter at www.synthecept.com. It is a universal dock adapter that works with the iPhone 4 with or without a case. The LYCO Adapter also works with the iPhone 4 bumper case!

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If you are using a case on your iPhone 4 check out http://www.synthecept.com I bought the LYCO Adapter because it allows me to dock my iPhone without removing the case. I use the LYCO Adapter with an iHome radio and the Apple bumper case, a friend of mine also uses it with the original Apple Universal Dock.