Does iPhone 4 support the iPad camera kit?

Does iPhone 4 support the iPad camera kit? Turns out no, at least not under iOS 4. I plugged mine in and immediately got the error you see above. Since I've gotten compatibility errors using other accessories in the past that turned out to work just find if I ignored said errors, I plugged in a camera to see if anything magical would happen.

It didn't.

Whether or not Apple will chose to add that functionality in a future iOS software update, or if they've decided that, somewhere in their product differentiation matrix, iPhone is for creating photos and iPad is for consuming them via USB and SD card adapter, we'll have to wait and see.

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Rene Ritchie

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Does iPhone 4 support the iPad camera kit?


What about going the other direction? Can you take your 30-pin from an iPhone 4 and plug it into your iPad via the camera connector to transfer photos and videos?

I think that it would've been great if it would've worked and even though it didn't you have probably gave some dev a great idea for a cydia/rock app.

The iphone 4 may not suppor the camera kit, but the camera kit does support iPhone 4. If you plug the kit into an iPad then attach an iphone 4 via a 30pin to USB sync cable, the ipad will import all the photos off the iPhone.

Still waiting on more accessories for utilizing that dock connector. I thought for sure we would have had a controller for games made by now.

I was really hoping this was going to work. i would love to have my iPhone as a backup of my DSLR on vacation.

May be Steve don't want to make/give everything at one shot. That is why upgrades are there know lol

To be fair, it's for the iPad and not the iPhone.
Maybe it would be a good idea for Apple to make this work on the next software update.

Yet another great example of how apple makes YOU conform to THEM instead of the other way around! Thanks for the help Fidel Jobs! Does he even know what customer service means?

It is very customer unfriendly to:
1. not have a usb and sd card reader in the iPad which forces many to buy the camera kit
2. it is even unfriendlier to not make this camera kit compatible with iPhone 4
this type of milking the customer marketing will start to annoy more and more customers and drive them to open standard brands. Good for short term profits and share price bad for long term customer loyalty and value creation. Apple customers increasingly are taken for idiots by a brand they trusted before. The bright early adapter crowd that gave Apple it's mystical buzz will move on and with it the magic will go.

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@Rob, Uhh.. It's Not Really "Milking Customer Marketing" In Retrospect Of The Fact That It Doesn't Work With The iPhone, As There Isn't One Seperately For The iPhone =), But I Agree, Apple Are Getting These Amazing Gadgets And Straight-Jacketing Them Too Death Like They're A Phyco-Mentalist. It's Too Much.

hummm…really hope the camara kit works on my 3GS, I really don't like to take my laptop everywhere for review and backup the photos from my Pantex DSLR. Hope some one can work out something similar but works well on iOS, not only the IPad.

I bought it today not knowing it isnr compartible with the IPhone i wanted to use the iphone as a kinda display for my gopro so after shooting video i can instantly view it