iPhone 4S will be the first phone to feature Bluetooth 4.0

One of the iPhone 4S features which was briefly mentioned during yesterdays Let’s Talk iPhone event was Bluetooth 4.0. Bluetooth 4.0 is a hybrid of current Bluetooth standards and Bluetooth Low Energy. It has many features that improve upon the current Bluetooth 3.0 standard which is widely used in current mobile phones. Apple has already introduced Bluetooth 4.0 into its latest MacBook Air and Mac mini lines.

Bluetooth 4.0 can offer a huge improvement in battery life as it consumes far less power than other Bluetooth versions when in Low Power mode. In fact, it is claimed that a Bluetooth 4.0 device can run for years on a standard coin-cell battery, it is that power efficient. Other features are low cost, multi-vendor interoperability, and enhanced range.

Low Power Mode is geared towards accessories with low power requirements such as in the health care markets; for thermometers, heart rate monitors blood pressure monitors etc.  It could be that you will see a ton of accessories coming to the iPhone 4S to take advantage of this new technology. Of course for most, you will not notice any difference, your current Bluetooth accessories will continue to work in exactly the same way!

Source: Bluetooth SIG


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Norn Iron says:

This will work well with the Bluetooth 4 heartrate monitors announced earlier this year

CDOOKU says:

Still doesnt justify upgrading from an iPhone4.

Guest says:

Any word if AVCRD profile support is improved?

August says:

AVRCP support was added in iOS 4.1, over a year ago.

Noel Hibbard says:

I hope they added support for AAC over A2DP.

Alfred Saikali says:

So if your accessory uses the old version of Bluetooth, are there still battery saving benefits to the iPhone's use of Bluetooth 4.0? Does the accessory have to be Bluetooth 4.0 to access these benefits?

dloveprod says:

Does the spec feature faster transfer rates and better stereo audio?

Kyle says:

I'm not too sure about that... My Alpine deck with Bluetooth was fully able to display track names of songs from my iPhone 4, over Bluetooth. I distinctly recall it being there... At least I think I do...

Brad Roekle says:

So will it work better with Microsoft Sync in Ford cars?

MuhammadM says:

will we be able to send and receive files like all other phones do via bluetooth and accross any phone with bluetooth(not resticted to apple only)?

Daniel says:

What's the range of BT4.0?

Manhasset music stand says:

I love music, on the other hand don't wanna be fame.