iPhone Connected to Apple Bluetooth Keyboard

Want. This. Now.

ubiqkom.org (via Engadget Mobile) has posted a video of an Apple Bluetooth Keyboard hooked up and running alongside an iPhone. We've seen homebrew keyboard connectivity before, of course, but this is such a nicely packaged, Apple-centric solution is makes us dream again about what could have been -- and still could be if Apple gets its Bluetooth profiles sorted out.

Of course, we'd also expect a built in dock, and maybe a more portable keyboard in general, wouldn't we?

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

iPhone Connected to Apple Bluetooth Keyboard


please moaning about battery life everytime someone shows some feature the iphone desperately needs (like turn by turn gps)
i´d like to see this really working, but only if the virtual keyboard could be disabled when using this

It looks cool as hell, but what apps would this benefit? I'm not going to bother with a full-sized external keyboard just to write emails faster. There really needs to be some kind of office suite for the iPhone already, it's strange that there hasn't been one yet.

LOL let's get word and excel editing down first before we go all nuts over this. Please hurry Docs To Go!!!!!
I'd like to see a RedFly type solution eventually :)

there are several mini folding bt keyboards on the market that work with the other smartphones...to write long emails, blog posts, memo´s, docs (hello docs to go), on the go, this a good solution to avoid having to use a laptop

omg, seriously Rene?
You want a portable keyboard for your iphone? I thought you hated hardware keyboards and loved the software one on the iphone. Why would want to carry around another, larger device rather than have it built into the iphone like all those lovely renderings we've seen?

Would have to agree with Ana on this point... you'd definitely need a more portable keyboard, maybe folding (as forementioned).
The only thing I'd find this useful for would be to type word documents on the train etc.

Sorry for the previous incomplete post.
I have a foldable iGO BT keyboard that I was very happy to use with my Hx4700 or even with my TyTN (even it integrated a hard keyboard). I would be happy to be able to leave my laptop behind me during some conferences, etc.

My phone already has a more portable keyboard.
Well, then, I guess this solution isn't for you, then, is it? Luckily, no one will be forcing you to buy it.

A notebook on average weighs about 5 pounds, and battery lasts 2 hours. 5 pounds may not seem like much...but you carry that around for 1/2 hour in a hot sun and you know its not really portable. Notebooks produce lots of heat, and are much less impact resistant compared to an iphone.
An iPhone weighs about 150g. A wireless keyboard probably averages at another 150g. You probably can get 5 hours use with BT. With an iphone with keyboard, I can touch-type my notes. I can touch-type dictations in a meeting. I can write 6 page essays while sitting in a coffee shop.
I am so waiting for this to come out.

@Sean peters;
This may baffle you, but I have opinions like everyone else. But you don't like mine because you don't like me. You don't target the others here who have commented that they don't want this, do you? Oh no, just me.
It's really just tough sh!t for you. Well, then, I guess this blog isn't for you, then, is it? Luckily, no one is forcing you to come here. :)

What's goin' on here? I don't own a iPhone yet. Has the enlightened despot, Jobs the Great, banished all vestiges of old-fashioned typewriters from his empire? (I did learn to use the reformed Dvorak keyboard, on an old Mac.)
But seriously, has anyone tried Morse code, as an input method? Is the iPhone screen suited to this approach? This approach might require too steady a hand.
Why do this? While driving, I contemplate using a Morse code key to write the first draft of the Great American Novel. (LOL) Seriously, I want to type, while keeping eyes on the road.
Here is one Morse code software vendor, for the iPhone.http://www.appstoreapps.com/2008/10/30/morse-it/
Anyone try that?
As far as Graffiti, WikiPedia.org has some info about patent restrictions. Believe it or not, the minimal-stroke Graffiti alphabet is actually owned by Xerox, and can't be used by others without paying licensing fees, or resorting to the lame Graffiti-2 multi-stroke alphabet.
For typing, looks like I might need to carry a Palm Pilot and external keyboard, then later somehow transfer the text from the Palm to my iPhone. How disappointing.

I would like to say, great page. Im not sure if it has been talked about, however when using Explorer I can never get the entire page to load without refreshing alot of times. Could just be my connection. Thanks

Do you think we'll be able to connect the iPhone to the announced iPad's keyboard dock / 30-pin connector?