iTunes Alternative Spotify Submitted to iPhone App Store

Still searching for that perfect online music streaming application for your iPhone? Spotify may be exactly what you are looking for.

Spotify is a online streaming music service that gives you access to over-the-air streaming of their entire music library, as well as playlist access. Where this application has a leg up on the competition is that you'll be able to cache playlists locally on your iPhone while in WiFi areas so that you'll be able to play them back at any time without any data connection. Spotify will be available as a free app download but will only be available to premium customers who pay £9.99 a month for the service.

Now comes the disappointing part of the story -- Spotify is not available here in the United States or Canada due to licensing restrictions. Sorry folks, we will have to make do with Pandora, Pocket Tunes, etc...

How many of you, our valued readers, think Apple will let this one slip into the App Store? Will it get rejected for "duplicating functionality"? Or will it mysteriously disappear into the abyss like so many applications before it?

[Thanks to icebike & Sam for the tip!]

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Reader comments

iTunes Alternative Spotify Submitted to iPhone App Store


I've been waiting for Spotify to hit the US for a long time! When I saw the title of this article I thought that meant it was finally coming :( It's a great service, I love Pandora and use it all the time, but I would probably never use it again should Spotify come to this side of the pond. Anyone who thinks they are satisfied with their online music streaming service has never used Spotify. The only thing it needs is a new name, lol.

I do know that foinder flew into the US today to get record companies to work with him) and if they are smart, they will).
On a sifd note, he will be coming to Baylor soon to teach for a couple of years...

Waa Waa, cry me a river USA :P Welcome to the world outside the US, where we get bugger all! Im in NZ and we still have no, pandora or any streaming music apps.... Regional restrictions are stupid, grrr >:(

yeah exactly what Martin said.. welcome USA to how it feels to not have all the stuff you have :L haha.
Im sure you will get it soon, its an amazing program.
And to be honest. 120 pounds for a year. thats around 12 albums. But this way, you never have to hold this music.. its all streamed - and the internet is everywhere now. And also no adverts when paid so its the ideal service!

Sorry, not interested.
First I LOVE Simplify which gives me access to my 100 G of music I have on my server.
Then there are plenty of free software like AOL and Pandora.
Why would I PAY for this? I can add my own playlist with the iPhone iPod for locally cashed music.

OK, am I the only one getting sick from eating all the sweetness poured on Spotify? I've read approx 10 blog entries on how wonderful Spotify is.
We don't know what it will cost. Let's say it's $15, close to the UK price. You really want to rent music for $180/yr? When Spotify goes out of business, your music is all gone. They'll take it all back just as quickly as Amazon takes back Kindle books. And, if you're someone who doesn't spend that much per year on music (me, for one), you'll stick with the Amazon CD or MP3 store or one of Spotify's free competitors.

Can you tell me more about Simplify? I have 60GB of music stored on my Apple Time Capsule. Besides my iPhone, I also use a Sonos system to listen to music at home. Thanks.