Magellan GPS Car Kit for iPhone/iPod touch Coming Soon


Magellan recently announced they are releasing a GPS car kit of their own and it already has hit the FCC. Like the much anticipated TomTom car kit, the Magellan will give the iPod touch and first generation iPhone GPS capabilities as long as you are using the Magellan GPS application. [iTunes Link] This particular car kit is crammed with some nice features:

  • Fully adjustable mount that works with any skin or case
  • Rotates for both portrait and landscape use
  • Enhances signal with built-in GPS receiver
  • Noise-canceling speakerphone
  • Bluetooth hands-free calling
  • Amplified speaker for clear, powerful sound
  • Works with any GPS application (Unless you are using a iPod touch or first generation iPhone - you then must use the Magellan application)

Currently no price has been announced but you can expect the Magellan car kit to hit stores before the end of the year. Those of you in the market for a GPS car kit now have one more option available to you. Decisions decisions...

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Reader comments

Magellan GPS Car Kit for iPhone/iPod touch Coming Soon


so we have confirmation that it will work with any other application? i have been hunting trying to find this out because this seems to be the only car kit for someone with a bulky case, but i'd rather use the navigon app. i just want to make sure before i spend the money on that app, but i'd like to get the app soon, if it will work, since they have a discounted thanksgiving price.

According to their site if you have an iPhone 3G or 3GS it the car kit will work with any GPS application.

excellent. thanks for the information. guess i can go ahead and pull the trigger on purchasing navigon, then.

Good news for those who don't want to take their cases off the phone/touch. Why haven't other companies done this? who knows... I noticed there are two ports on the side: one for a 3.5mm and one for a mini usb charger I'm guessing. I also noticed how it says made for an iPod(touch) but works with an iPhone. Obviously because the touch doesn't have a GPS receiver. An additional dash mount would make this product even better even though I still wouldn't buy it.

If its cheap(no more than 30$) i will think about it. Other than that I could care less.

Jeremy, did it mention whether or not the kit will charge the device? I didn't notice it mentioned in the post. If it doesn't, it will be a fail of epic proportions.

@Obama the communist just go ahead and buy it cause you know that droid P. O. S. Will be forgotten in six months and you'll need one for your iPhone with google nav. Droid what a joke phone for losers.

cool hopefully some competition might get tom tom to drop he price of theirs, if its cheaper and will work with tomtom i'll get it in a heartbeat :) hoping it makes it to UK :)

i dont care too much about the app just yet, but the car kit is awesome! i dont know why more companies dont make their holders compatible for cases like this one does. the reason i havent bought a better phone holder for my car is because i'm not going to take it out of holder each and every time.

This sounds like the best mount yet because you don't have to remove your case on your iPhone ! But just wonder when next June comes around with the 4th generation Iphone will this fit That new version ?

This might be just what I have been waiting for - I had high hopes for the Tom Tom cradle, but once I found you had to remove the protective cover from the phone I gave that idea away. Tom Tom must have been asleep when they designed theirs that way - can you imagine getting in the car - removing the cover, driving a few km, putting the cover back on - ad infinitem!
Good on magellan - I want one

Ok, I like bargains when I see one. I have been reading posts about TomTom car kit price and Johm saying he wouldn't buy if over $30. Let's put this in perspective.
Phone holder $10-20
blue tooth speaker $45-90
3.5 mm cable $5
IPhone car charger $10-25
GPS enhancer?
So you are looking at $70-$130 for various equipment so anything in that range for one stop shopping is worth it if you need all of these items. If the Magellen Car Kit does all the above plus can use any cover or Navigation App it would be well worth it. Happy shopping!

Personally, I don't know how I used to manage without my GPS on my car. I use it everyday to find parking spaces, get to and from work and I can even access the traffic. I recently added Tom Tom GPS app to my iphone and it has revolutionized my driving experience. I use many online cars sites listed on to find the best apps, accessories and blogs. I feel that the Tom Tom GPS is one of the best on the market.

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