MOG music app for iPhone/iPod touch launches in App Store

Today MOG (Music on the Go) [iTunes Link - free download] has been released into the App Store. For $10/per month you will get access to over 8 million songs with the ability to store the MP3 files (up to 320Kbps) directly on your iPhone/iPod touch to listen to them whenever and wherever you want. Keep in mind this is purely an app that allows you to store the music locally on your iOS device and not actually keep or transfer the files.

Unlike some of the streaming music apps such as Pandora, with MOG you get ad-free music from favorite artists with no limit on the number of consecutive tracks by a single artist. The one big pitfall is the current lack of multi-tasking support. On a positive note we were promised that this will be added within a few weeks time period.

Be sure to check out the video after the the break and if you give MOG's free three-day, no commitment trial a go let us know what you think in the comments below!

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Reader comments

MOG music app for iPhone/iPod touch launches in App Store


That bitrate is really nice, though probably overkill. It's a no-go for me until background audio support is implemented. And, even though I listen to lots of music on iPhone, at home I'd rather have flexibility to play via pc/Mac. Pretty solid option on the whole.

Hmm rhapsody thumbplay and now this mog?? I wonder who really is the best? Maybe we should do a poll? Or a side by side comparison with stats what say you tipb?

Now that Rhapsody's iPhone app has background music playing support, I'm happy with my service with them.
I'm glad to see some competition in the space... it should keep the market moving for "all you can listen" plans.
Right now, pricing is better for me on Rhapsody because they don't just have a $10/mo plan. Their $15/mo plan allows 3 PCs and 3 phones, so the whole family has music.

For jailbroken phones Grooveshark does the same thing for $3/month. It has millions of songs and has a web app, desktop app, and iPhone/Android/Blackberry/Palm apps.
Plus it has iOS multitasking support already.
Hope it gets an AppStore release sometime.

Same here. 10bucks. I can put up with adds on pandora. Lately pandora's play list has been better. If I pay for the iPhone app, I would go with rhasopdy since I already have an account.

Took a second look. Still 10 bucks, but you can get a three day trial. One thing I really like, artist. You get full albums, and can play nothing but the music by the artist, unlike playlist on pandora where every so often you get the artist. In the radio section, you can control just play songs by the artist, or via a slider, various songs by different artist similar to the original. I turned the phone screen off, and it played fine. When pushing the home button, back on went ti mog where I left off. I did that to pandora, and crash. I really tested the mog library by searching all kind of artist from jazz to metal, and in-between. Very impressed. Just wish it wasn't 10 bucks a month.

complaining about $10 a month? You guys are weak. This music MOG stuff is worth it, great sound, insane selection, and convenient as hell. I think its a great tool to use when reading record reviews and just plug it in your car audio player and hear ALL the music you want, no crap mp3s with MOG you get depth in music.