Monday Fun Concept: Lexus iPhone Headrest Docks


What's funner than and iPhone in the car? And iPhone -- literally -- in. the. car. Or at least the new Lexus LF-Ch concept car thinks so. Gizmodo sibling site, Jalopnik has the details from the Frankfurt Auto Show:

The LF-Ch has four sport seats that feature trim lighting along the cushion's edge for cabin illumination. Rear passengers can enjoy headrest-mounted iPhone® docking capability for audio and video entertainment. In addition, the LF-Ch has storage in the rear seat armrests for small items such as iPods®, PDAs and cell phones."

The battle for most expensive iPhone accessory -- oh, it's on! So who wants 2 to 5 of those babies in their Rob Corddry-chauffeured hooptie?

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Rene Ritchie

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Monday Fun Concept: Lexus iPhone Headrest Docks


Looks like they know something we don't.. the iphone design will never change. lol. Seriously though.. this is a little over the top..(also, I don't know what iphone they have, but that one looks pretty large)

Why would an upper end concept like that make you plug in a pair of headphones stretched out across to the headrest? Something like that should utilize the connector like a dock would and provide headphone jacks next to the passenger on the center console or something.
An upper end device making you stretch your headset across the rear cab would feel cheap.