Napster iPhone app now available in App Store

The music subscription-based Napster application is now available in the App Store to use on your iPhone or iPod touch. Last year the application seemed to be ready to go but due to apparent high licensing fees it was never released. The app made it's debut last night and gives you the capability to save songs, albums and playlists for offline playback and also tosses in music recommendations for your listening pleasure.

While the application is free to download, there is a $10 a month fee attached to the Napster plus mobile subscription to use on your iOS device. With so many subscription-based music services already available do you think Apple has been thinking twice about introducing their own service or are they taking their time developing something much bigger and better?

[iTunes link - free]

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Napster iPhone app now available in App Store


Rhapsody never seems to work as consistent as it should. On the pc, it always buffers forever, on iOS, songs skip. If napster Somehow excels in the flaws that rhapsody has, I'm switching asap!

"Wow people still use Napster? Lmao"
If you are a BestBuy Silver Rewards member you have the desktop streaming service for free plus receive 15 song download credits every 3 months.

Grooveshark is nice and is cheap, and I definitely use it, but this looks to be way way more polished. At $10/month it has competition... MOG, Rhapsody, Rdio. Lifehacker did a comparison, but I'd love to have TiPb do a head-to-head of the iPhone-compatible music streaming services. Please?

Does anyone even care about Napster anymore? That's like telling people, "Hey! Record players are back! Who wants one!?" LOL! ;)

I like the interface better than rhapsody but I can't figure out how to save songs to my phone to play offline, it supports multitasking too, it crashed once today, rhapsody rarely crashes if it ever has

I have a Napster account... yeah from Best Buy Rewards. I hate going on to my computer to download music because it is designed to make the user jump through hoops to get the song they want. I jumped at this and in the end was not impressed. App crashes on specific sections like looking at albums. Like the interface over the webs interface but thats it. I does have Billboard search that goes all the way back to 1957. Kind of like the Bing 100 tops music app. It is version 1.0 so hopefully we will see improvements.

They all have problems. Rhasopdy does skip at times, but not as bad as pandora. I have a lot of music I have been to lazy to transfer over to iTunes. The nice thing about rhasopdy, I can play songs from one artist, and not stuck listening to songs that make no sense in-between like pandora. Do all music apps skip, and jump except iTunes? When you pay, you expect more.

@GLENN. Pandora works 100x better than Rhapsody. In fact, the comparison is not even in the same league.
If you have plenty of experience with both apps, especially over 3G, you would know how buggy rhapsody can be in comparison to Pandora. Pandora just works a whole lot better.
I also wish TIPB would do a Napster vs Rhapsody heads up comparison!!

We have a sonos setup with a free Napster account - we can pretty much listen to anything we want on demand. They have everything from Indian Classical, Dubstep, Indie Rock to Uk Steppers and Dub Reggae. Good selections of obscure stuff for music heads. I was surprised, but it's pretty amazing... Nothing to LOL about from my perspective...

Maybe if you knew how Napster worked you wouldn't be so critical. Online - you pay $5/month and get unlimited, on-demand streaming, plus 5 MP3 downloads. This is not a radio station where they control what you listen to. This is you controlling what you listen to - so if you want to listen to a particular album by somebody - all of it - you can do that. They also have Radio Stations, and automixes based on an artist or song, and the ability to create your own library. If you couple this with something like the Logitech Squeezebox, you basically have your library in the cloud, or at least pretty close to it.

Adding to my comment above - I was speaking about the online experience. If you could replicate that exact experience through this app, I think it might be worth $10. But that does not seem to be the case.

Does anyone know if the Napster ap will support old Napster music files with DRM still embedded?

"Napster lol."
Hey Dexter and Erik,
Good call ignoramus. I haven't paid for a CD or an iTune in over five years. And with Napster to Go I have my whole collection available to play whenever I want, with all my playlists, without having to pay for any sort of data plan whatsoever. All the songs I want, wherever I want, whenever I want.
But hey if you want to keep paying .99 for Every song you buy go ahead. Or pay $100 per month for unlimited data. Good call as well. Napster kicks everyone's arse! I'm surprised Apple let them make an app actually.

For the second time in two days the Napster app crashes my iPhone. It happens when I am playing a song, pause it, turn off my screen, then later when I open up my iPhone screen again and click play, boom...iPhone crashes and has to reboot (and it takes forever to reboot when this happens). I have loved the Napster app up until lately...anyone else having this issue? Think I'll uninstall and reinstall the app to see if it helps.