Review and giveaway: Qmadix Dual Mobile Charging Kit for iPhone and iPad

The Qmadix Dual Mobile Charging Kit for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch lets you charge two iOS devices -- even the power-hungry iPad! -- at the same time. If you're going on a long family trip, or even an extended drive for the holidays, this can make all the difference between peacefully playing children and happily tapping significant others, and the agony and pain of bored passengers with dead devices turning their angry gazes in your direction.

The Qmadix includes the twin-charging USB hub made out of "rugged" (rugged they say!) polycarbonate, advanced circuitry to prevent overheating/overcharging, and 10W (2.1 amps) of charging power. There's also a 4-foot USB dock cable included for good measure.

There's really not much more to say -- the Qmadix performs as advertised and if you're planning to be in the car with more than one iOS device for more than a couple of hours, you owe it to your collective family's sanity to pack a couple of these babies with you!


Want to win a Qmadix Dual Mobile Charging Kit for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch of your very own? Just leave a comment letting us know how this little beauty might save your car trip this holiday season, and we'll pick one of you to win!

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Reader comments

Review and giveaway: Qmadix Dual Mobile Charging Kit for iPhone and iPad


Would love this to go with my new car and iPhone 4s :) my iPad 2 is great for the kids but always dies :/ help me tipb

I use waze for navigation and sometimes if it's a long trip and/or my iphone isn't charged all the way that sucker will be dead before I get where I'm going and I have to resort to using a crappy old Tom Tom or (even worse) god forbid.. a paper map! THE HORROR! Please hook me up with this awesome charger.

I have an iPhone 4s, an iPad 2 and my grandson has my old iPhone 4......we need all the charging we can get..

It'll allow my wife to play games on her iPhone while I'm using mine to navigate us to my uncle and aunt's house.

Now with so many iDevices in the family it would save a lot of kids complaining while traveling to the grandparents for the holidays, what a life saver it would be!

I am in desperate need of this charger. So many iDevices, so many individual chargers. This will be a tremendous packing space saver.

We are traveling grandma's this holiday season and there will be two iPhones constantly being used on our long trip. Not only will I be using mine for entertainment but I have to work during this trip, this long car trip; my wife will just be killing her battery texting.

Between traveling all the time for work with my iPhone and iPad and trips with the family (2 more iPhones) - I need all the extra charging options I can get!

I would like to win because this dual mobile charging kit is worth it's
weight in gold - - very cool device!

4 iPod Touch (Touches? Scandalous!), 2 iPhones, 1 iPad....grandma's house is 8 hours away. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

This would work awesome for me. I'm actually moving from Nova Scotia to Alberta (driving) right after the holidays with my wife and 6 month old son. I'm thinking this will work awesome to charge both our phones and keep the baby happy while we drive!

I always get stuck in the backseat during trips and my car charger somehow always gets hogged by the people in the front seat. Then I can't reach to charge my phone. So this would be nice to charge my iPad and iPhone from the backseat!

This would be nice on the drive to the grandparents. Between the kids and my wife something is always on the charger.

Would Love this! We have 2 Teenage Daughters in the backseat both with an iPhone 4 listening to music & my husband & I have our iPhone 4S's. We also have 2 iPads we take on trips we always end up having a friendly fight over the charger!
This charging kit would make for a more Peaceful Christmas this year on the road! ;) Merry Christmas Tipb and Peace on Earth & in the Car! :)

The video said no ipad, good thing i have 5 iphones in my family plan i defenely need a charging station on my car.

When it's "to grandmother's house we go", keeping three kids 5 and under (and my wife) occupied is a necessity! Keeping an iPad and an iPhone fully charged is life or death at times.

We are travelling from central TX to Northern Indiana...including stops, over 20 hours driving in each iPhone4 for navigation, My wife's iPhone4, and we each have an iPad2, which will be used to keep the mrs entertained, as well as the youngest, who is still in a rear facing seat, entertained while the boys are watching the in-car DVD player. This will be a MUST to reduce the charging clutter!

One to charge my iphone 4S and/or ipad 1 and the other to keep the USB cooler nice and cold! (For food of course)

My kids are all set with the built in DVD player in the Van, But my poor wife willneed extended juice for her IPAD and Iphone on the trip.
This should do the trick nicely.

This would help me out a lot. I spend a lot of time in the car, and I'll be spending even more through the holidays with multiple people. This is a pretty elegant charging solution and it would make my driving life much easier.

Totally. We fight over the charger on the way to the grocery store. This will certainly make the 5 hour trip to Mt Rushmore more appealing...

My wife would love having this in the car. Since switching from a BB she uses her Iphone 4 for EVERYTHING. Needless to say, it could use some charging during her commute to and from work. It would also win me some brownie points :D

Traveling with the kids in the car is a total mess because my car has one lighter only so even if we have two chargers they can't be charged at the same time. We hav 2 touches, an iPhone and a PSP as well as out CLEAR device on our trips. I do not want to have to listen to their hip hop.

Having three kids, traveling is not an easy task. We have one DVD player and on out last trip, I order to keep everyone happy, we had to give them our iPad and iPhone. On several occasions, they died and it would have been so much easier to have a charger to reload without stopping! Having

Truth: I'm not taking any trips this december... But I do work out of my vehicle (law enforcement) and I use my iPad and iPhone all day long for various reasons. I have found myself stranded several times with two almost dead devices and one 12V outlet in my car. Please help?

I'm still deciding if I will make a 12 hr trip with two kids to see my family for the first time in over a year. This would definitely come in handy as I've tried it once already without charging my devices.

Well, this would be helpful since most of my USB cables end up in the trash after a few days using them. Also I like how it looks and it seems like it is high quality.

This would be perfect for this family of four with 4 iOS devices! The kids tend to burn through the iPads pretty quickly playing their games and I use the iPhone for GPS and music which also burns through the batteries pretty quickly. Surprisingly I don't own a single car charger yet!
Most of the time you don't need one because the batteries are so good, but in traveling situations this multi charger would be perfect!

I would love this, Im a college student who uses the iPad as my main computer for class. I have a hard time making it through all of my classes taking notes and reading blogs between lectures. I sync my notes between my iPhone and iPad just incase one dies on me. As a bonus if I won this charging kit I could tether jailbreak my iPad to iOS 5 without worrying about it dying on me. Ive been reluctant to upgrade because it is my main note taker. Thank you so much for considering my plight for this.

I would love one! We usually drive about 6hrs to see grandparents. Our little girl watches movies & plays games the whole time. This would really help out on those long trips.

Ohh i cant tell you what a godsend this would be,i travel from London to Glasgow frequently and 80% of the time the trains i catch dont have power sockets,if i was win of these chargers i can,t put into words what a difference it would make while playing my games on my iphone,many thanx!