Rumored new earbuds for rumored new iPhone caught on video

If the most recent of rumors are to be believed -- and yes, we're getting flooded with them these days -- Apple might be getting ready to release redesigned earbuds alongside the expected iPhone 5 and iPod refresh this fall. This according to, which has gotten their hands on prototype Apple equipment in the past.

Now, when it comes to the stock Apple earbuds included with every iPhone and iPod, there's little love lost between them and many users (including iMore staff. Inflexible, intractable, and just plain uncomfortable, they've been around since the early days of Apple's music business and seemed destined to remain around forever.

But maybe not? Check out the video above and let me know -- what do you think of this design? Real, fake, or really fake?

Source:, thanks ipavel

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Reader comments

Rumored new earbuds for rumored new iPhone caught on video


If real, they look just as badly designed as the old ones. If those fit and stay in the ears, I would be very surprised. I have no plans on giving up my V-Moda or Klipsch headsets anytime soon.

Think these could be an early design. Couple of things the "L" and "R" labels I would suggest are not in the traditional Apple place towards the base of the bud. Where they are detracts from the design.

The cable has the customary designed by Apple, made elsewhere printing on it, but i don't think this is usual, I checked the several pairs of buds, from various Apple devices and not one had this printing.

For iPhone earbuds wouldn't they also have an inline volume control, which wasn't shown in the video. They could be earbuds for an iPod touch, but I think fake. Apple earbuds are due for an overhaul, agreed. Thanks to a marketing ambush at the Olympics, beats headphones seem to be massive at the mo, but so does the price tag.

It is unfathomable why Apple has kept those horrible earbuds until now. The only explanation I can think of is that Steve Jobs never used them, or that his ears were different from everyone elses. I welcome any change in the earbud department.

i don't see myself using this over some even marginal quality aftermarket in ear designed ones with the rubber tips