SPE retractable sync and charge cable for iPhone 4 - accessory review update


The Smartphone Experts S&C retractable sync and charging cable for iPhone [$4.95] is something Georgia took a look at recently for iPad and iPhone 3GS but, frankly, I needed a convenient, tidy, highly portable way to sync and change my iPhone 4 on the go and so I grabbed it. Literally.

The Smartphone Experts S&C Retractable Cable for iPhone expands to a length of 2 ft. and has a locking feature which allows you to choose which length you would like the cable locked at. A light tug on the cable and it retracts back to its wound state. When wound, the Cable is only 4.5 inches long, making it very easy to bring with you. My regular usb S&C cable was always a tangled mess when I carried it loose in my briefcase. A good deal of time and effort was spent on untangling the cord from whatever it had become attached to. With the Smartphone Experts S&C Retractable Cable for iPhone, charging and syncing my iPhone is a snap, just take it out of my briefcase and plug it in and when I am done a quick tug and is thrown back into my bag. The cable is quite well constructed and after a month of use it is still working like new.

It's also $4.95, so I'm not too concerned about lending them (which usually translates into giving them away). If you want to keep your iPhone 4 synced up and charged, check it out.

And check out Georgia's video after the break to see it in action on the iPad and iPhone 3GS. (Works the same with iPhone 4).

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SPE retractable sync and charge cable for iPhone 4 - accessory review update


Hey I'm not going to bash Georgia for not having the iPhone 4 (I do know why), but she is still a cutie rocking the 3GS. This cable is well worth the money I just wish it was 6 feet hah

Just to point out that this may not work if you use an official Apple Bumper case.
The phone-end connection on the charger that comes with the iPhone 4 is actually a bit smaller than on older versions (the housing/casing, not the actual connection), and this is the only one that fits into the hole in the bottom of the bumper case.
The older charger size cables will not fit into the bumper and the above unit looks like it is of the older size. I could be wrong though.

Whoah... i just check the pricing on it and shipping to Canada for $4.95 item is a whopping #34.95!!!!! What the heck? If TiPB is going to promote stuff like this they could at least warn that shipping outside the US is going to be insane.

Search iPhone retractable cable on eBay. Most $3 or less with free shipping. I even saw one for $.99 with free shipping. It's only a cable and spring.

It's not as durable as I would like it to be. I bought one off ebay last year and forgot it at a hotel. So I ordered this exact one and it has been working for me for a while. The retracting mechanism "locked up" on me once, but I was able to get it free with some effort. One major con is that the 30pin connector housing is a bit too thick. If you use a case with your phone, the opening for the port may be too small to fit the connector. If you compare it to an apple cord, the apple one is much smaller.

Better off with a short connector I keep it attached to my laptop. It's only about 3" lg and on eBay for £3

@thepeanutgallery, looking at the video, I would say yes. She had to squeeze it on the sides to release it.

in the past, i've literally bought these for $.01 (yes, one cent!) on amazon. skeptical, I ordered 10 of them. the entire order -- with shipping -- was under $10.
there was NO catch. the only thing they didn't have was the circular emblem that "brands" them (like the green one in this case). it seems these are all made by one company, who then allows other companies to brand them with circular disks that adhere to the sides. the ones I got for a penny were plain white with a tiny screw in the middle. big whoop.
when searching, be sure the description says sync, as well as charge. some versions don't do both.

I remember buying one of these years ago for my 1st Gen iPod nano. Paid a lot less and got a wall and car charger with it.

Did you guys test this cable with the Apple Bumpers? The iphone side connector seems big and may not work if you have a bumper installed. I had that problem so...

3GS gets the “this accessory doesn’t work with your iphone” and won't sync, 3G failed on a sync using it, haven't tried it with a iphone4 yet. Under linux it has no issues, but windows7 does not like it for syncing.