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How to use the panorama camera on your iPhone or iPad

The Camera app on the iPhone and iPad lets you capture panoramas — much wider, much higher megapixel photos than are otherwise possible with the built in iSight lens. By taking a video-like stream of successive frames, the iPhone can stitch together a single photo greater than the sum of its parts. You can take a "pano" from either left to right or right to left, and you can even rotate your iPhone and take one from up to down or down to up.

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Lensbaby takes to Kickstarter with new iPhone 'sweet spot' lens

Lensbaby has some new iPhoneography gear up on KickStarter and it's called the Sweet Spot or the Creative Focus lens... or the LM-10. Or something. But naming consistency aside what Lensbaby is offering is a single, tight area of focus surrounded by MASSIVE blur. Whether you find that directs the eye to exactly where you want it to be, or just annoys you no end will likely depend on whether you view the Sweet Spot as art or novelty. Either way, if it appeals to you and your photographic sensibilities, you can back it now!

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How to use the HDR camera on your iPhone or iPad

The Camera on your iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad lets you take high dynamic range (HDR) photos. HDR involves taking a series of photos in rapid succession, at least one of which is under exposed and at least one of which is over exposed. Those photos are then all combined resulting in a single, unified image that shows details both in the shadow and the light. The results are landscapes that aren't lost to darkness and skies that aren't all blown out. Apple has provided an HDR mode on the iPhone for years, and more recently has provided not only an HDR mode for the iPad, but an automatic HDR mode for the iPhone 5s.

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Canon launches EOS 1200D camera with an app to help you use it

Canon has today pulled the wraps off its latest entry-level DSLR camera, the EOS 1200D, and along with it a companion mobile app to help you find your way around it. The 1200D – like the 1100D before it – is aimed at those taking their first steps into DSLR photography, and the app will be available to folks with an iOS or Android device.

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How did Apple film the 1.24.14 video in 10 countries just one day? Like this!

Apple's new 1.24.14 video not only honored the Mac's 30th anniversary but showed how the iPhone was making computing even more personal. But how did Apple pull off a 15 camera crew shoot across 10 countries in just one day? Oh, and entirely on the iPhone?

The video up top shows us just exactly how. Hit play. Enjoy. And then tell me — If the iPhone can be the best camera because it's the one you have with you, why not the computer?

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#CESLive: Document Your World with Narrative

People are keeping detailed digital records of what they're doing more than ever before - journaling, microblogging, taking photos. But there's a point where doing so can occupy so much of your time that you can't do much else. Narrative takes a different approach by offering a tiny clip-on camera that takes photos continuously throughout the day.

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How to use the camera flash on your iPhone

The Camera app can not only take photos, it can take flash photos when there's not enough light for anything else. Make no mistake — mobile flash photography still stinks no matter the quality of the tiny elements involved. However, whether you have a single or dual LED on your iPhone camera, they can help you capture important moments at low-light levels that would otherwise be impossible. So, to get the best photo you can, regardless of whether the you'e facing twilight to incandescence, tungsten or florescent, something cool blue or warm yellow, or any combination in between, you can set up and use the iPhone flash.

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How to use live camera filters on your iPhone

Apple has added basic color and effect filters to both the Camera and Photos app on the iPhone. The new filters apply to the still and square cameras. They don't apply to the video or panorama cameras. If you apply one, they're live and you'll see them in the preview the way they'll look when the photo is taken. They're subtle, as filters go. Mono, Tonal, Noir, Fade, Chrome, Process, Transfer, and Instant. There are three types of black and white, one desaturated, one over saturated, and and one each that tint towards blue, red, and green. Nothing blown out, nothing vignetted, and nothing overly dramatic. Best of all, they're easy to use!

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#CESLive: Expanding iPhone Photography with Olloclip

The iPhone's camera has improved in leaps and bounds - optical quality is better than ever, and Apple's attention to the sensor, combined with better software, makes it possible to take truly stunning photos with your device. But there's always room for improvement.

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Retina iPad mini iSight and FaceTime HD camera tests

The iSight camera in the Retina mini remains unchanged from last year's original. It's still the same 5 megapixel, backside illuminated (BSI), five-element, hybrid IR file red, and f/2.4 aperture. What has changed is the Apple A7 processor inside, and the image signal processor (ISP) inside it. That's 2 generations ahead in terms of imaging technology, which includes auto white balance, focus, exposure, face-detection, and more. In daylight, when the sun is flooding it with photons, there won't be much if any difference. When it comes to low-light, however, the A7 ISP pulls a little more detail out of the darkness, same as the iPad Air, but certainly nowhere near as good as the superior optics in the iPhone 5s. So the question becomes, how good - or bad - is it?

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