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iOS 7 preview: Camera gains real-time filters, and... a square

The Camera app has gotten the same objectified and gamified makeover as the rest of iOS 7, but Apple also managed to sneak in a few new features as well. First is, um,Square mode. The second is Filters. The bigger news, however, is what was taken away, including the signature shutter animation and button treatments are gone.

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Camera and Photos for iOS 7 have better sharing, Moments, photo filters

Apple has added a host of new features to both the Camera and Photos apps in iOS 7, including enchanced sharing, fliters, and Moments. In addtion to sharing with Airdrop, Apple has also expanded the capabilities of shared photo streams, making them easier to use while adding the ability to share videos over iCloud. Moments arrange photos by date and location, allowing for better organization and easier navigation.

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iPhone 5 vs HTC One: Camera shootout

It's become a cliché for a reason -- the best camera is the one you have with you, and for the vast majority of us, that's the iPhone 5. It is, as Apple will happily tell you, the most "popular" camera in the world. Over the last few months, however, other manufacturers have really been stepping up their optics as well. The one who has taken the biggest risks, and made the biggest gamble, is the HTC One. Instead of going for more megapixels, they went for more microns. Like Apple, they put sensor quality ahead of quantity, but took it to another level entirely. If the camera is the most important part your phone, that raises an important question -- iPhone vs. HTC One, which takes the best photos?

iMore's own Leanna Lofte has done a complete iPhone 5 camera review, and Alex Dobie from Android Central has done a similar HTC One review, but what happens when we put them head to head? Each camera will have its own strengths and weaknesses, but for most people, most of the time, which will let them capture the moments that really matter? Let's find out!

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How to take amazing fashion photos with your iPhone

The iPhone is the best camera you have with you all the time, and that's why fashion photographers and models alike often use it to take and share fun photos while on shoots. Nothing beats a DSLR for final photos, but increasingly the iPhone is the new polaroid for everything else on set. Add in the power and community of Instagram and it really is a whole new world for fashion photography.

To get some industry insider tips on how to take the best possible fashion photography with your iPhone, we enlisted Mobile Nations' own design lead, David Lundblad, the frequent subject of his photo shoots, Amanda Delduca of Capture Fashion, and asked videographer Martin Reisch to document it all.

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New iPhone commercial takes aim at Samsung, focuses on Photos Every Day

Apple has aired a new iPhone commercial, Photos Every Day, which unlike previous, recent commercials, eschews cheery music, chanting, and a rapid fire parade of apps to focus on the camera and camera apps, and on capturing those special moments, at a variety of times, in a variety of places, under a variety of conditions.

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Wonderful Saigon Electrics of Binh Duong hopefully not providing 12mp cameras for iPhone 5S

Apple is rumored to be sourcing 12mp camera parts from Wonderful Saigon Electrics of Binh Duong -- love that name -- for use with the next generation iPhone 5s. That's according to (translated by Google):

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Luxi incident light meter accessory for iPhone arrives on Kickstarter

The Luxi incident light meter for iPhone has arrived on Kickstarter and is looking for funding to help it to get into mass production. The Luxi is a clip on accessory for your iPhone that when working alongside a companion app becomes a professional grade incident light meter which helps you to take awesome pictures with your DSLR camera.

More → unveils horribly overpriced punctuation-laden iPhone camera accessories

Have you ever wanted to have a better camera on your iPhone? How about a physical keyboard? Sure, there are people that want those things. The camera on the iPhone has always been quite good for a smartphone, always leading with quality sensors and optics. But of the Black Eyed Peas thinks he can make it better, and he's unveiled his new line of "" accessories with the goal of doing such.

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Olloclip launches iPhone 5 fisheye, wide angled and macro lens, available end of November

If you use your iPhone for any serious photography, the chances are you will have come across the Olloclip lens before. The good news, if you have an iPhone 5, is that olloclip has launched a new version of its hugely popular three in one lens especially for Apples's latest handset.The iPhone 5 version of the olloclip lens offers the same features as its predecessors' namely a fish-eye lens, wide angled lens and a macro lens.

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HiLO Lens lets you take pictures at creative angles with your iPhone or iPad

The HiLO Lens is currently on Kickstarter seeking backers for what can only be described as a clip on lens for your iPhone or iPad that allows you to get creative with your photographs. The HiLO lens is the first ever right angle lens for your iOS device that will let you take pictures from all sorts of new angles.

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