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Poll: Now that Nikon has gone Android, does Apple need to get into the camera business?

Now that Nikon has gone Android, does Apple need to get into the camera business?

Nikon has announced a new Coolpix 5800c digital pocket camera, but one with a twist -- it runs the Android 2.3 Gingerbread operating system.. That means not only can you take photos, but once you've taken them, you can do pretty much anything with them you could do with smartphone photos, including processing them and sharing them to your favorite social networks. Now the iPhone 4S already has a pretty great camera, and who knows what the iPhone 5 will be packing, so do dedicated point-and-shoots even matter anymore? And this Nikon will be running a relatively old version of Android, quite a bit behind the current Android 4.1 Jelly Bean that all our friends over at Android Central are raving about. So... should this even matter to Apple?

I don't see Apple licensing out iOS to Canon anytime soon, but I don't see them making a traditional, dedicated camera any more either. That's the past and Apple is all about the future. We asked our resident product rendering expert, John Anastasiadis, what he thought. The image above is what he came up with -- using an iPhone as the "brain" for a camera attachment. It would slide onto a next generation iPhone and add profoundly better optics to the already excellent internet connectivity and interface.

Apple's late co-founder, Steve Jobs famously said he wanted to revolutionize photography the way he had computers, phones, tablets, and music. Did he mean making a camera, or making Apple's existing digital devices better at photography than conventional cameras? Or something else entirely?

What do you think? Now that Nikon has gone Android, does Apple need to get into the camera business? Would you buy an iOS-powered camera from Apple? An iPhone camera attachment? Neither? Something else? Vote up top and let me know the details below!

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Twitter rumored have talked about acquiring iOS app Camera+

Two anonymous sources are claiming that Twitter was looking to acquire Camera+, one of the top iOS photography apps available. Unfortunately, the folks that make Camera+ are all over the world, and few were willing to move to San Francisco as a part of the deal.

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Two year old boy rescued from a well thanks to the iPhone’s amazing camera

A two year old boy has been rescued after falling down a narrow well thanks to an iPhone and some quick thinking rescue workers. The boy was playing with some friends when he fell down a 40 feet deep well where he was obviously stuck and needed assistance to get out.

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New iPad vs iPad 2: Photo and video camera tests

One of the features of the new iPad that Apple brags about is the new camera. The FaceTime front-facing camera is still a poor quality VGA camera, but the rear camera has been upgraded to a 5 megapixel iSight camera with a f/2.4 lens and 1080p video-recording capabilities. Although it's not as good as the iPhone 4S' 8 megapixel camera, it's still a huge improvement from the poor camera featured on the iPad 2.

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Camera samples from new iPad show marked improvement (but how could they not?)

The camera quality on the iPad 2 didn't really impress anybody, but some sample shots from the new iPad have surfaced, and show a definite improvement in quality.

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Better focus and exposure, photo management, and app integration comes to Camera+ 3.0

Camera+ has received a significant update that includes the ability to lock focus and exposure, mulit-photo imports, improved social sharing, app integration API's, and more.

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Mujjo fisheye lens review: Fun photography accessory for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch [Giveaway]

"The Mujjo fisheye is a great little novelty lets that's cute, small, easy to carry, and a lot of fun to play around with, especially for kids."

The Mujjo fisheye lens is an incredibly inexpensive way to try out fisheye photography on your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad -- or almost any smartphone or tablet. A fisheye lens is designed to take extremely wide-angle pictures, so wide that it becomes almost spherical for still photographs. That means, however, you can get a lot more content -- people, scenery, etc. -- into a shot than is possible with a standard lens. It also means that pictures are often warped to almost comical levels. But that's really the point.

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Supposed photos of iPad 3 compared with iPad 2 confirm thicker design, more tapered edges

The iPad 3 rumor mill is chugging a long a full speed, this time showing us what's supposedly Apple's next generation tablet side-by-side with an iPad 2.

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iPad 3 rumored to have 8 megapixel camera, more tapered casing

Adding fuel to the blazing hot iPad 3 rumor fire, NextMedia claims to have gotten actual pictures of Apple's next-generation tablet, along with specs indicating the rear camera will be 8 megapixel. Physically, the casing looks very much like the iPad 2 but with shaper, more tapered edges.

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How to get started with iPhone photography

Everything you need to know about using your iPhone Camera to take great, memorable photos

With the new iPhone photography -- or iPhoneography -- series we're running on iMore, we have a lot of new iPhones users, and burgeoning photographers joining us. So, Leanna and I thought it would be a good idea to team up, take a moment, and go over the basics so that everyone gets up to speed just as quickly as possible.

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