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TiPb TV Special: Best of CES 2011

That... Rene ran off to the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas and left me here to anchor the show all by myself! Luckily (for him!), he sent back lots of footage from the CES 2011 show floor, including some of the coolest iPhone and iPad accessories we'll be seeing this year. That's the topic for this special episode of our video show!

We're talking cases, chargers, stands, robots, apps, and even a sneak peek at just what might be a model of the next generation iPad 2!

Want to see it for yourself? I know I do! Watch along up top and then tell me which ones you're most looking forward to in 2011!

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iPad Live podcast #38: CES 2011 wrap-up

Rene, Chad, and Georgia sneak in some Verizon iPhone talk, then get down with a CES 2011 table wars wrap-up, and cap it all off with Mac App Store talk. This is iPad Live!

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ZAGG's ZAGGmate keyboard case for iPad - TiPb at CES 2011

ZAGG's ZAGGmate is an aircraft-grade aluminum case for iPad... that also happens to convert to a full-on Bluetooth keyboard. It looks great -- executive even -- but for $99 it also provides road-warrier level text entry on top of protection.

Check out our video live from [CES 2011](and let us know -- if you had any worries about iPad as a content creation, typing champion, would a case like this change your mind?


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Monsoon introduces Volkano Flow, Volkano blast to shift your TV to iPhone, iPad - TiPb at CES 2011

Monsoon has announced two new boxes, Volkano Flow and Volkano Blast along with apps to let you transport ("sling") your home TV to your iPhone or iPad.

Flow is $99 and is barebones slinging. Blast is $199 and added DVR, schedule recordings, web video like YouTube, and mobile video recording (you pick your mobile device and it will record a TV show specifically for that format). The iPad and iPhone apps are $9.99 and the Windows and Mac apps are free.

We got the live demo at CES 2011 so watch along and let us know if you're interested in the new, cheap Volkanos.


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MusicSkins has their MTV - TiPb at CES 2011

MusicSkins had the Beatles first, then Apple copied them, so now they've gone from one generation of music to a new generation of media with their new line of MTV-based skins -- South Park, Jackass, Sponge Bob, Dora, to Jersey Shore. And if none of those do it for you, you can create your own.

Check out the video above and let us know which new skin is your favorite!


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Gelaskins go pixel art - TiPb at CES 2011

Last year we saw Gelaskin leap into Marvel Comics, this year they got their pixel art on with some awesome looking skins from eBoy. They're also full on into custom skins so if neither Wolverine nor aliasing catches your fancy, you can whip up a Gelaskin all your own.

Check out the video live from CES 2011 and let us know which skins are your favorites!


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iSkin takes SoloFX for iPhone to the next level - TiPb at CES 2011

iSkin isn't content to let their SoloFX for iPhone series sit still -- the 2011 model doesn't just wrap around, it slides over for even more protection, and more good looks. They're also continuing to push the envelop (i.e. case) when it comes to colors, textures, sparkle, and pizzaz.

We could up with the live at CES 2011 to get the full story so check out the video and let us know what you think!


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Otterbox shows off Reflex case for iPhone - TiPb at CES 2011

If the Otterbox Defender is like full plate armor when it comes to iPhone protection, and the Commuter is plate mail, then the newly announced Reflex is easy on, easy off, ultra modern kevlar.

Rather than layers of soft silicone and hard plastic, Reflex is a two part plastic shell that slides off when you want to dock and slides back on when you're ready rock.

We got a look at it live at CES 2011, so check out the video and let us know what you think -- old school Defender or new school Reflex?


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Slacker announces iPad app, free service in Canada

Slacker Personal Radio is coming to the iPad in an all new, all optimized app that lets you sit back, put your feed up, and browse and enjoy music on the big, bold screen. Want more? Well, if you're in Canada they're also launching the same free service they've had before in the US. You'll still be able to go premium but if you just want to try out some ad supported content, you've got it.

We had a chance to talk to them about their iPad app live from CES 2011, so check out the video and let us know what you think.


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NLU/Bodyguards show off dry-apply, new cases - TiPb at CES 2011

NLU Products of BodyGuardz fame showed off both their new dry-apply skins and their new line of iPhone 4 cases that include the Shelter and the bumper-style Ciderz. Don't worry, though, their traditional liquid-apply BodyGuardz aren't going anywhere so you get the best of both worlds -- choice.

Check out the video live from the CES 2011 show floor and let us know which you prefer -- dry apply or traditional?

[NLU Products]

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