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Bloombox natural iPhone amplifier dock doubles as a fancy planter

If you like quirky designs and love your iPhone then this particular Kickstarter project may be just up your street. Say hello to Bloombox, no that’s not a typo, it’s a play on words to pretty much describe exactly what this project is about. It’s first and foremost a charging dock for your iPhone but also offers an acoustic amplifier through It’s simplistic hollow square framed design along with a place to plant a few bits of greenery.

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Reuters adds to rumors that the next iPhone will have a smaller 19 pin dock connector

As first reported by iMore back in February in the next generation iPhone 5, yet more rumors have surfaced concerning Apple ditching the traditional 30-pin Dock connector and replacing it with a new, smaller, micro-sized Dock. Reuters now says:

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Elevation Dock for iPhone review

Consigned to having to charge by cable rather than waste money on a dock that'd give me fits, I fell into a deep depression, haunted by the white iPhone dock cables I had strewn about the house. Then, one day in mid-December my dreams were answered. An upstart Oregon company by the name of Elevation Lab was kicking ass on Kickstarter with their proposal for the iPhone dock to beat all other iPhone docks: the Elevation Dock.

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iXoost dock is a handmade high performance sound system for your iPhone

The iPhone can certainly be classed as a top performer in the smart phone world so why not pop it into a dock made from the exhaust system of a high performance car. The iXoost dock is handmade and the base is made from a solid block of aluminium. It then incorporates a performance cars manifold which is turned and milled into a shiny work of art.

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Keep up with Facebook, Twitter, RSS, and more while your iPhone is docked with Dock for iPhone

Dock is an iPhone app that acts as as screensaver of information when your iPhone is not in use. While your iPhone is docked at your desk, Dock will scroll through weather, RSS, Twitter, Facebook, Clock and Stock widgets.

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Do you want Apple to get rid of the 30-pin dock connector? [Poll]

Do you want Apple to get rid of the 30-pin dock connector?

Earlier today we posted a story about Apple moving to replace the 30-pin dock connector with a new "micro dock" to save precious space in the next generation iPhone.

On one hand it's a bold move, dumping something everyone's familiar with for something new, which is very typically Apple. On the other hand, it's not dumping it for something really, truly new, like Palm-style inductive wireless charging.

While a lot of accessories would continue to work as long as they or Apple provided an adapter, some might not, and then you'd have to buy them again. And if you have a lot of accessories or even cables, it's either impractical to get an adapter for each one, or annoying to keep having to switch the adapter.

Rene laid out a good case for why Apple could be getting ready to pull the trigger on a smaller dock connector, so now we want to hear what you think about it. Do you want Apple to ditch the current dock? Pro or con or couldn't care less?

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George’s most used iPhone and iPad accessories of 2011

When I was asked to compile a list of my most used accessories of 2011, I looked around and discovered -- I don't use that many accessories. That made my list much easier to compile. So here is a list of the accessories that I actually do use.

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Andrew's most used iPhone and iPad accessories of 2011

My list of most used accessories for 2011 is rather short, but these accessories are real gems. Like Leanna, Chris and Seth, I like to keep things nice and simple to help with productivity, and these accessories fit the bill perfectly. I don't like the wiz-bang accessories that add flash, but rather like to stick to items that add to the functionality of my iPhone or iPad. Here are a few of my favorites.

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iHome working on three new iPhone docks, set to show them off at CES 2012

iHome is working on bringing three new iPhone docks to its already large portfolio of accessories. The new docks are set to be revealed at CES 2012 which starts next week. Three models will be introduced in total; one will even include AirPlay.

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The BEHRINGER iNuke iPhone dock delivers 10,000 watts of music power, lots of publicity

BEHRINGER sent us a release about their latest creation -- the world’s biggest and most powerful iPhone dock. The dock, which it has appropriately named iNuke stands at over eight feet wide, four feet tall and weighs in at a massive 700 pounds. The sound output from this beast is said to be around 10,000 watts.

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