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Elgato EyeTV Mobile now available for the iPad 2 [video]

Elgato has announced that its EyeTV Mobile DVB-T tuner is now available for the iPad 2. The EyeTV Mobile was announced back in August and is now beginning to ship. The tuner clips into the 30 pin dock connector on the iPad 2 and comes complete with a telescopic aerial. The tuner is a DVB-T freeview tuner which is geared towards the European market.

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Iomega SuperHero, an alternative backup solution for iPhone and iPod Touch

Iomega has announced an alternative backup solution for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The device known as the Iomega SuperHero, takes the form of a normal charging dock. The major difference is the dock has an SD Card slot complete with a 4GB card. This on-board storage allows you to backup important data from your device.

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Otter Box Commuter Series for iPad- accessory review


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The Otter Box Commuter Series for iPad may just be the ultimate in rugged cases. I know, that is a bold statement, but I am really that impressed. What separates this case from the competition is that is clearly engineered by people who like their iPads and want them protected. You get a low-profile case with a lot of extras. Like many iPad cases on the market, the Commuter is a three-layered system...

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Pure i-20 iPhone / iPod dock, share audio and video with your TV

Pure has announced the i-20, an iPod and iPhone dock able to connect to your home A/V system and transfer audio as well as video to your existing setup. A well known UK manufacturer of high-end DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) radios, Pure's dock offers audio that can be output in digital (toslink, digital coaxial) or analogue formats. Analogue sound quality is said to be delivered flawlessly via the in-built DAC (Digital to Analogue Converter).

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Optoma introduces iPhone/iPod dock sporting a pico projector

On Monday, Optoma, introduced a new iPhone/iPod dock to add to their line of pico projectors. They showed off their new model titled the Neo-i which will allow you to display your videos at a resolution of 854x480 and support images of up to 120 inches. Another interesting feature is this will support any app that has TV out capabilities, such as Netflix.

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iPhone 4 dock

One of our readers let us know his Apple iPhone 4 dock arrived and sent along some pictures to show the still dock-less among us just what it looks like.

Check them out after the jump, and if you nabbed one as well, let us know how it's working for you.

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Quick Review: Apple iPad Dock

Picking up the iPad I was tasked with deciding the most useful accessory for the iPad. For me, that accessory was the iPad Dock. I just couldn't fathom the iPad just laying on my desk, I needed a place to set my iPad as well as take advantage of the other features it allowed me to display.

The dock comes by itself, no USB cable or charger; you just get the basics. The footprint is larger than the iPhone dock since the iPad is substantially heavier. The bottom of the dock has the typical "sticky" finish so it does not budge from its place. I would estimate the angle of the dock to be approximately 60 degrees so it is not exactly upright, but close. The back of the dock has the standard 30-pin connector. You can use the USB cable and charger included with the iPad to plug into the wall or computer for charging. You also have a Line Out to plug into a stereo tuner.

Once you have placed the iPad securely in the dock, it has the familiar green charging battery graphic. If enabled in Settings, you have the new picture frame button that turns the iPad into a beautiful digital photo showcase with animated slideshows.

If you don't want your iPad just laying on your desk, you can't go wrong with the iPad Dock. Oh, and don't forget, the dock just might come in handy when you start typing with the Apple Bluetooth keyboard...

Pictures and video after the break!

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Apple iPad Accessories: Keyboard Dock, BT Keyboard, Camera Kit, Standard Dock, Case, Projector Cable

Not content with simply introducing a new iPad device, Steve Jobs has announced some accessories to go along with it including:

[Updated with pricing via Ars]

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Retro iTablet, Remote Mac Control via iPhone, Mighty Morphing iPhone Dock -- Apple Patent Watch

In the ever-envigorating game of "What's That Apple Patent for Anyway?" this time we get a look at a multi-touch click-wheel iTablet, a way to remotely control your Mac from your

First up, an un-thin looking iTablet-style device with a retro click-wheel but an even more interesting backstory, according to 9to5mac, as:

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UPDATED: European Union: One Phone Charger Shall Rule them All

UPDATE: Engadget is reporting micro-USB vs. the BBC's mini-USB. Also, that Apple, among others, is backing the standard.

We've discussed this before, but now it looks like Europe has gone ahead and done it. Mini-USB is going to be the "one size fits all" universal charging standard for phones. The caveat:

The deal isn't legally binding though and, at this stage, is only voluntary.

Translation: Apple's 30-pin dock connector likely isn't going any place, any time soon.

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