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Elevation Dock

ElevationDock 3 will keep your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus firmly in place

Third-party accessory maker ElevationLab has released a new dock for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus today called the ElevationDock 3. The new dock follows up on the manufacturers previous ElevationDock 2 with some slight changes to the design and a couple of new color options.

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Elevation Dock for iPhone review

Consigned to having to charge by cable rather than waste money on a dock that'd give me fits, I fell into a deep depression, haunted by the white iPhone dock cables I had strewn about the house. Then, one day in mid-December my dreams were answered. An upstart Oregon company by the name of Elevation Lab was kicking ass on Kickstarter with their proposal for the iPhone dock to beat all other iPhone docks: the Elevation Dock.

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Elevation Dock for iPhone

If you're a fan of the glass bead-blasted aluminum look of Apple's MacBook line and wished you could have an iPhone dock with the same level of elegant sophistication and industrial beauty, you're in luck -- head on over to Kickstarter and back the Elevation Dock now.

Simple to use, quick undocking, and it works with or without a case. We didn't stop there - It's beautifully precision machined from solid aluminum and it comes in a gorgeous set of surface finishes, setting a new bar for quality and something that looks really good on your desk. It complements the high-level craftsmanship of the iPhone like no other.

Can't wait for mine to get here. Kickstarter is costing me some money.

Source: Kickstarter

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