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Iphone Stands

You have to check out Canopy, Studio Neat's new keyboard case and stand!

Looking for a stylish, minimalist stand for your iOS devices? Love the feel of your Magic Keyboard? Then you have to check out Canopy, Studio Neat's new keyboard case and stand.

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One more day to back eleMount stand on Kickstarter

Kickstarter-funded mounts and stands for iOS devices and other electronics are nothing new. EleMount has raised interest, though, for its machined aluminum design, and if all goes well, it'll go into production shortly. EleMount's developers asked for $10,000 from Kickstarter backers and have gotten $169,100 so far, with 36 hours to go.

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Slope may very well be the only stand you need for your iPad, or any other tablet you own

Slope is a new Kickstarter project that aims to be not only multifunctional but is designed in a way that makes you wonder why Apple themselves didn't design something similar. The best part is, it doesn't only work for with the iPad, but any tablet you have laying around.

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Have your iPhone follow you wherever you go with the Galileo robotic stand

Let's say you're trying to have a Skype or FaceTime video call but you're also busy moving around an doing things. You can't hold your iPhone because your hands are full but you can't put it down either because you'll continuously be out of frame. Enter the Galileo robotic stands for the iPhone! It automagically follows you whichever way you go with complete, 360 degree rotational ability. (And it's cute too!)

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