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How to use VoiceOver on iPhone and iPad

If you have trouble seeing your iPhone or iPad's screen, VoiceOver is there to help! It reads out just about everything on your screen for you and uses different gestures to make things easier. Here's how to use VoiceOver!

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Apple features apps with VoiceOver for Blindness Awareness Month

October is Blindness Awareness Month, and to mark the occasion, Apple is highlighting a collection of apps that use VoiceOver on the app store.

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Raising awareness for accessibility

Apple is one of the few, if only, tech companies that routinely puts accessibility front and center not only on the keynote stage, but in feature sets. And it benefits us all.

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App Store highlights apps that support VoiceOver

Apple has highlighted several apps that support VoiceOver on the App Store, with the list featuring apps from a variety of categories.

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How to use VoiceOver on your Apple TV

If you have an Apple TV but find it difficult or impossible to see and navigate the menu system VoiceOver is there to help. An accessibility option meant to help those with visual challenges, VoiceOver "speaks" the controls to you, letting you hear what you can't see. You can even set up shortcuts to turn VoiceOver on and off with just two taps.

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Kindle for iOS updated with VoiceOver support for the visually impaired

Amazon's Kindle app for iOS has been updated in the App Store with support for VoiceOver for the visually impaired. The added compatibility with the built in iOS feature allows for easier navigation of the library, and makes it better to read and interact with the Kindle books.

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iOS 6 preview: Guided Access and single-app mode

Something that Apple absolutely does not get enough credit for is their longstanding -- and outstanding -- support for accessibility features, and iOS 6 is no exception. To the already impressive list of accessibility features, Apple is adding Guided Access, a way to lock the iPad into a single app, to help people with autism or similar challenges work independently, without having to worry about accidentally closing an app. It also provides single-app mode functionality for everyone, which makes the iPad far more useful for everything from school tests to mall kiosks.

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Nuance VoiceOver technology still coming to iOS 5?

It looks as if iOS 5 may still be coming packed with the rumored Nuance VoiceOver technology even though it wasn't given an official mention during Monday's WWDC keynote.

If you look closely at the image above presented during the iOS 5 portion of the keynote, you'll notice a few interesting tidbits pertaining to iOS VoiceOver integration.

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Daily Tip: How to have your iPhone, iPad read to you with VoiceOver

There are times when you would love to get some reading done, but are not in a position to stop what you are doing, sit down, and read the old fashioned way. No worries,if you have an iPhone or iPad it already knows how to read for you.

[Special Thanks to dandbj13 from the forums for this tip! ]

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How to use VoiceOver for iPhone

VoiceOver is part of Apple's accessibility features, a gesture-based way to have your iPhone speak what is written on your screen. First available on the Mac, Apple brought it to the iPhone with iOS 3 and improved it again in iOS 4. It doesn't get the attention of copy/paste or multitasking, but that might simple be because people do not know much about it or how to use it.

For an overview of VoiceOver and the various ways it can be used, stay with us after the break.

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