TiPb at Macworld 2010 -- Day 2 Gallery


TiPb has survived another fun day at Macworld 2010 and hosted many more interviews and snapped more photos for you to check out. We are sad our time at Macworld is over, but excited to share exciting things with you over the next weeks. Stay tuned!

Check out the photos after the break, including the Kai from Beejive, Ten 1 stylus for iPhone, mophie with Flow TV, Trexta iPhone cases, Brushes app, David from AppCubby, the Navigon crew, Jobby Gorillapod for iPhone, team TUAW streaming live, MusicSkins, Rogue Amoeba, Hypermac iPod and iPhone charger, Leanna and Rene saying goodbye for this year!

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Leanna Lofte

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Fastlane says:

Why do the cases have a hole in the lower right corner?

Pgapro says:

@ lofte thank you for sharing!

fastlane says:

Sorry, Fake Fastlane... I don't capitalize my name.
And cases (plural) should be followed by "holes" (plural), not "a hole" (singular).
Fail! :lol: