TomTom Promo Video Shows Off Car Kit

TomTom insists on teasing us all with the above video yet there is still no mention of pricing or availability. As you can see, this car kit brings a lot more to the table than a simple window mount for your iPhone. With the following extras, you can count on this being a pricey addition to your accessory collection.

  • Hands-free dialing
  • Louder speaker
  • Enhances GPS signal
  • Charges iPhone

As impressive as the TomTom car kit looks, we are thinking you possibly may have to dish out up to at least $100 for this tricked out window mount. Are you still interested in making this purchase?

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Reader comments

TomTom Promo Video Shows Off Car Kit


I have to admit, I'd buy it all for the right price seeing all it has. I was skeptical at first and felt a separate less expensive standalone GPS unit was the way to go but this video changes my mind somewhat - that is, if it works seamlessly as one feels it should.

A hundred dollar app, and a hundred dollar car kit? Honestly I don't think it's worth the money. I'd rather just buy a stand alone GPS and pay much less for more features.

This mount for the phone isn't even adjustable. Who wants to go through the hassle of taking their phone out of it's protective case every single time you want to use this mount? Furthermore, if Apple changes the form factor of the next gen iPhone, this thing will be totally useless.
Thanks but no thanks. I'll buy a standalone GPS if I need one that bad.

The question is... will the car mount work with iphones that have cases and shields? I'd hate to have to take off a case and pop the phone on the mount everytime.

I'll get it if the price is right. I have a Belkin mount fm transmitter for my car and it cost me $80 so I imagine this will be at least $100. I'd pay up to $250 for the pair.

@Poop Smells Good:
Not only that, but not removing the mount from the window (even when empty) each and every time is just asking to have the windows broken. Thief's assume there are GPSes in glove compartments or under seats when they spot window mounts.
At least when I take mine down each time I can leave the GPS mounted and plugged in, and justthrow a jacket over it on the seat... I don't have to mess with my iPhone and removing cables from it too.

Let me fix what I said previously, right away it says T-Mobile not when he unlocks the phone because you can't see the top of the phone when he's unlocking it :)

I would like to see a combo deal like buy the mount and get a promo code to recieve the app for free or greatly reduced! But a hundred dollars or more for each is a TomTom dumbdumb IMO! The mount look really cool and super functional, I just hope it's marketed right!

I have to admit this is pretty cool. But until my TomTom One 3rd Edition dies I guess I'll let others give it a go and see how well it works. Some of the higher end, dedicated TomTom's have some really nice features that of course don't seem to be available on the iPhone. The Swiss Army knife approach here may leave us wanting a dedicated GPS.

I understand that this will work with any GPS app on the phone and anywhere that app can function (if you have the map data).
I think the big deal is that it will also work with the iPod touch. It has a GPS receiver.

I will definitely buy the TomTom Car kit. It does everything i've been looking for in a car kit. I don't mind dropping $100 for it if it does everything it says it does perfectly.
Now, if they would just make it available. It annoys me that they release the app and not the car kit.

@ Poop Smells Good
Sorry but I can't take any post from you seriously with that handle. You're either 12 or think you're clever—but you're so not.

As the owner of an iPhone and a standalone GPS, lemme stringly recommend dropping the extra money on this.
Leaving the GPS in the car is asking for it to get stolen and carrying around multiple pieces of technology truly makes you feel like a loser (a couple months ago this included my phone, my TomTom and my Sirius Stiletto). Having ALL that stuff in my iPhone is worth a hell of a lot more than $200 to me.
Of course if you're capable of going to a club or a movie or a friend's house with a phone, a GPS and a satellite radio all clunking around in your pockets and NOT feeling like a loser, then more power to ya.

I have a mophie juice air version. It's extremely hard to take it out once the top has been placed so although I would love to use it I can't deal with that kind of hassle. I don't think I'm looking for a excuse to "dis" this product but it just isn't practical for me. Some might say, stop being lazy and take the case off, but if you have not actually used the juice pack air, you have no idea how hard it really is to take it off once it's applied.

Marware Sport Grip for iPhone 3G/3G S
I can't tell you how many times I've dropped my iPhone 3G from good heights and it's never suffered as much as a scratch or a hiccup with this case on! Even with the case on, it effortlessly connects to iPhone interface chargers like this Tom Tom cradle as it is very form fitting and grippable. Highly Recommended! :)

I just was looking at a Belkin FM transmitter dock, but decided I want to use a direct plug-in aux port instead. But, the Belkin holder had an adjustable slide so it could dock with a simple rubber iphone case. Maybe this Tomtom does the same? I agree that taking off cases is not a viable option.
Question...without this car kit, if you have the Tomtom app running and a separate aux plug in listening to music through your car stereo, will the iphone know to pause the GPS route and answer the phone or will that only work with this kit?

$100 for both the app and kit might be a compelling more. I already have a GPS anyway and I'm not that enthusiastic about putting my iPhone on my windsheild that far away from me anyway.

I recently bought a stand alone gps with Bluetooth for a c note. If the app is a hundy, the mount better not cost much at all.

After waiting for what seems like an eternity, I am soooo disappointed this app doesn't have text to speech. As for the dock, if I have to take the iPhone out of the case I will not buy it.

Wow, so now my iPhone can fall off the windshield, bounce off the dash, then bounce off the gear shifter, then off the console and land right under the gas pedal... Just like my actual Tom Tom GPS unit. Kewl... I can't wait to see how many times it bounces before my iPhone screen cracks. Besides, why in the hooty would I buy a mount and software for a whole bunch more than I paid for my dedicated Tom Tom with crappy mount included and software?? Some people I guess just feel better getting their iPhone to do something regardless if it's practical and/or expensive.??????

i dont think tomtom has lived upto the hype they created! gps app lacks a lot of basic functions...and yeah this car mount has lots of features but everyone fails to realize how iphone and car kit will perform in REAL world, i.e. when u r hearing the music and gps and a phone call comes in? on top of this say u r on a turnpike and about to make an exit? yes car kit will nicely let us do hand free calling and all that...but what about the exit i was supposed to take?
no matter how cool everything looks but if iphone and tomtom carkit can't handle phone calls and gps together, IMO it is's better to buy a standalone gps...

@Alex: Buddy, trolling for a fight is about as immature as any silly user name. Props to Poop who didn't get sucked into childish games.
As far as whether to buy or not to buy, I'd like to read some reviews from people who have had some time with this thing before I make a decision.

Kind of a stupid question
If my wife and I share iTunes accounts. If I buy this app would I be able to download it on her phone too w/o costing me another $100??

MAN tha looks OUTSTANDING!!! evrything i want in a navigation app.. but man its expensive :(

This looked like everything I wanted and expected, but if I have to take my iPhone out of the case every time then it is not worth the hassle. Make it so I can just putit in and take out and u got ur self a customer