Top 5 Must Have Jailbreak Apps: Part 3

iPhone 2.0 Jailbreak and Unlock Pirate

Wow, so I'm guessing you are all probably really sick of hearing about the 3.0 software. Ok, I really don't believe that but you never know. So how about some jailbreak conversation? You say you’re still on the fence on whether or not to jailbreak your iPhone even after ourTop 5 Must Have Jailbreak Apps Part 1 and Part 2? After reading this you should have hopefully made your decision one way or another. So buckle up and I will take you for a ride... on the wild jailbreak side.

***All of the following apps can be downloaded via Cydia on your Jailbroken iPhone.

More after the break!

1. xGPS

For all of you who are looking for that Turn-by-Turn GPS solution, this first jailbreak app, xGPS has your answer. This is the first app available to bring turn-by-turn directions to your iPhone. It has recently been updated to version 1.2 and -- until Apple allows them into the App Store -- is the best application available for the iPhone for Turn-by-Turn. This version also includes voice instructions support.

2. Snapture

This application is for those who think that Apple didn't give enough features -- or I should say any features -- to the iPhones camera. With Snapture you can take multiple shots at once, take black and white photos, and it even allows you to zoom. Snapture has a sleek user interface, and allows you to take photos by touching anywhere on the screen, or even by using the volume button which happens to be a very welcomed add on. Again, a third party jailbreak developer is picking up Apple's slack.

3. iBluetooth

This next one was covered by TiPb a while back, iBluetooth. Yes, we know that iPhone 3.0 should eliminate the need for this application but until you can get your hands on 3.0, this should hold you over. Also, with iBluetooth you can enjoy a little Apple-unsupported OBEX Bluetooth file transfer, which simply means, for example, you can share images from iPhone to iPhone or iPhone to another mobile phone or computer, etc...

4. QuickReply

Apple should really pay close attention to the following application from iReal. QuickReply is a plugin that allows you to reply to a new SMS right from the onscreen popup screen, so there is no need to have to exit your current application to reply to a SMS message. Pretty nifty indeed. This application also gives you the option to call the contact instead of replying via SMS which is also a nice feature to have at your fingertips. (Maybe Apple should also look at this as part of a notification system overhaul, hint, hint).

5. QuickSMS

This 5th and final app we have for you today is also from iReal. QuickSMS is simply a plugin that allows you to compose a new SMS message to anyone from any application on your iPhone. You can launch QuickSMS anytime by hitting the Volume Up button. This will pop up window and from here you can create a new SMS or call a contact. So gone will be the days when you had to enter your Phone or SMS apps!

Sadly, none of us know what the future of jailbreaking will be with iPhone 3.0 and all of the great new features it brings to the table. This very well may be one of the final Top 5 Must Have Jailbreak Apps articles that get written on TiPb. Until 3.0 is officially released this summer, however, hopefully reading this finally gave you that push off the fence onto jailbreaking the 2.2.1 firmware!

For all of your jailbreaking needs be sure check out our dedicated forum: iPhone Jailbreak Central.

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Reader comments

Top 5 Must Have Jailbreak Apps: Part 3


@Russ, yeah they cost a few bucks each. As jailbreaking has become more popular the developers of these apps have asked for a little something. Can't honestly say I blame them.

Great article.
Since all of the apps cited in the 3 articles of the top jailbroken apps are applications available in cydia:
What is the point of Installer?
Why should i have installer together with cydia instead of just having cydia in my jailbroken device?

What things does jailbreaking change, if any, immediately (without any apps)? Is the iPhone's original interface altered (i.e. lockscreen, power off, etc), or does it remain as is until you add/change things?

@Steve, the iPhone original interface is unchanged until you download "witerboard" from cydia, and apply a theme, which can be removed from the phone at any time.
Oh, you also get two new applictiona on your screen: Cydia and Installer.
Of course, i am considering you choose not to apply the pineapple bootlogo wheb you jailbreak your phone.

I don't mind the pineapple :) ... I just don't want my iPhone changing unless "I" choose to change something (I've seen some scary-looking screen shots in the past and just wanted to make sure). I'm considering jailbreaking just to check it out for awhile, since 3.0 is so close, and then going back when it's released. :)

Why dont the developers of these apps just make the apps in the app store and get paid? Snapture seems like it would pass..

Some devs stay off the App Store for philosophical reasons, but most would rather be there, but cannot be under the current SDK or Apple policy. As for Snapture (from their FAQ page):
"At this time, Apple has not yet opened up the necessary camera frameworks to port Snapture to SDK. However, we plan on making Snapture available on Apple's app store when the camera frameworks are opened up."
Snapture looks very nice -- hopefully those necessary frameworks are part of the 1000 new APIs Forstall mentioned so that more people can give it a try when 3.0 hits.

@Steve - I don't like the themes either. I'm jailbroken but my iPhone still has the apple look

Well, I don't fear not needing Snapture anytime soon. I do fear the status for jailbreak though. I wish they'd released something for folks using the beta.
I do wonder why apple isn't devoting some more energy to improving their bundled apps... unless of course they will be letting their guard down with respect to approving applications that "duplicate" functionality.

@mile, i imagine what you demand from a smartphone is pretty low
I bought QuickSMS...and love it...having instant access to the sms app, within any app, is amazing
Of the recent apps, i would add Elert, notification
system for email (free). Its on Rock your Phone store, not Cydia, though
Regarding themes, some are amazing, like mate nano...however, if like more RAM, better use the phone without winterboard. And you can still customize the springboard alot without using winterboard:

I for one have jailbroken and have no regrets. I must be of the group that likes to forward sms, take video and just being to use the phone for what it was meant to be- whatever I want. Spare me the SLA agreement chatter. With that said, before I decided to, I read warnings that doing so with the various apps installed could cause problems. Well I found out after upgrading winterboard and installing other apps. Phone started and froze after a minute every time. Eventually got a messaged that winterboard crashed and was starting in safe mode. I reset all my preferences and all is good. So while I still endorse jailbreak.. remember to be aware that there are risks and know how to get out of a jam!!

Well, after finishing DFU mode QuickPwn began modifying for a few minutes, but half way through iTunes suddenly launched and crashed my computer. I restarted it and disconnected/reconnected the iPhone to iTunes and everything is okay.
I'm sure if I tried again, it would eventually work... but I thought to myself "why am I doing this? Just for the hell of it? I don't need anything from jailbreak anyway."
I'll wait for 3.0 ;)

Well i have been jailbroken for about 6 months now and wont ever look back. There is really nothing that you can do to screw up your phone where you cant fix it . The worst that i have ever seen is you will have to restore it. All jailbreaking does is it installs two apps on your phone cydia and installer. Which i wouldnt even put installer on there because the packages are different and some of them dont play nice with winterboard in cydia. From these installer programs is where you install all the cool stuff. Ringtones, themes, custom status bar, utility programs, It is nice to open cydia 2 to 3 times a day and see 50 or so newly added packages that you can install. Apple you would have to wait untill hell freezes over to get an ounce of cool stuff. Trust me it becomes more of a hobby and you will love your phone that much more after doing it. I have converted everyone in my family that has an iphone to jailbreak. The only sucky thing about it is itunes will not backup jailbroken apps. so every firmware upgrade you have to manually install them again. But the Dev team has developed InstallerApp which can backup your cydia and installer apps with the click of a button. So dont get the impression the the "Break" In Jailbreak will actuall break your phone. I have locked up my phone before to the apple logo. And all you have to do is connect it to itunes hold the buttons down and put it in DFU mode and push restore. Volla its a vergin iphone again.

Ohh and to mention another thing. Everyone thinks that apple is going to give you the whole kit and kabootle. Wrong. No Bluetooth and mms for frist gen iphones. Which are perfectly capable of it. They wont allow you to send video in the iphones that are capable of it. I have swirly mms right know on Att and i can send video. I can take videos. I can teather. I am sure once 3.0 is released att will want you to buy a teathering plan for the iphone. I use mine now on the unlimited data iphone plan and they have no idea that i am even doing it. The Teatherin capablity that they will allow will only be for 3g and not edge. I can do mine on edge with Pda net and if you want to download all the cracked jailbroken apps just add the xsellize source to your cydia app. This will give you Pdanet, all the Texting apps,VideoRecorderfor3g,Iblacklist ect.

you have to download supreme preferences, once you open that for the jailbroke apps there will be one for the weather icon. In it will have a toggle for status bar weather. It has nothing to do with staus notifier. And if you want the weather icon on your spring board you will have to download Katra bases weather icon. The developer seperated it from the weather icon a while back so it would be more compatible with other themes. If it isnt installed it will always show the sun but the temperature will be correct.

Quick sms does get brough up by accident but all you have to do is continue to hit the volume key and it will dissapear

not updating to 3.o until irealsms is available via jailbreak . deserves best jailbreak app award

Will.. great points!!! I could not agree with you more. Good info on installer. I was not aware of the issues of not playing nice together. Would you recommend removing apps that I've downloaded with installer and then removing installer?
Also PLEASE share how you have Swirly working. I have tried every conceivable setting and researched forums to no avail.
Thank you.

I've been thinking of Jail breaking for better SMS/MMS and tethering.
If I do so will i lose access to the apps i have already purchased from the App store and will I still be able to use mobile me to sync contacts and calendars?
Cheers for an interesting article

ok ok lets jus clear this up right now. i saw a commeent which was something like "i have still found no real reason to jailbreak my iphone" well ok if a free app store isnt a good enough reason then there isnt 1. thats right you can get every app for free! with a jailbroken iphone you can download all of apple store apps for free! i wont say the name off the app but you can find it with a brainworthy google search.
also the 3.0 software update coming soon has been confirmed as jailbreakable and days after its release you will be able to download 3.0 jailbreak software!
1 more thing jailbreaking unlocks the capabilities of your phone as you would expect from the name, so it does not wipe your apps or lock your itunes- upon final reboot you have the same phone same apps +2 new jailbreak apps....welcome to your new, liberated iphone!

Jailbreaking is the best thing I've ever done. I feel like I have a new phone. The best apps aren't listed. 1: Winterboard, change themes, logos, sounds, functionality. 2: 5 Icon Dock, put 5 icons on your dock. 3: Backgrounder, run ANY application in the background, for instance, make Pandora function like the iPod player. 4: SBSettings, with a swipe on the top status bar, a drop down appears for one touch access to wifi enable/disable, bluetooth, and anything else you want to put on that dock. 5: UAFaker, a plugin for SBSettings, fakes the browser to appear to be firefox, thereby bypassing annoying mobile sites straight to the full site.
Those just improve functionality, then there's an NES emulator, SNES emulator, GBAdvance, Quake, Doom, I mean, come on!
Oh, and did I mention 2 different programs to enable video recording??? AND a plugin to enable video uploads through PixelPipe (free in the AppStore) to YouTube and other video sites?
IT JUST MAKES SENSE! FREE YOUR (and remember, it is yours) PHONE!

why we cannot use iphone as a gprs modem to conect to the internet on a laptop?
why we cant use a bluetooth wireles keyboard with iphone when any other phones can???
isnt that stupid???

The Backgrounder app is about the only jailbroken must-have app, imo. But it alone makes jailbreaking a must for me.

I've jailbroken for about a ur now and have now had any real problems. For me the iPhone would be unbearably dull without jailbreaking. The default phone/mini-computer is largly optionless, featureless, and greedily restricted. In short - it's pretty crappy out of the box. Apple and Att went to great length to create anti-features such as disabling the Bluetooth capabilities, disabling tethering, and others. Apple seems more interested in coding to restrict me from putting what I want on MY hardware than they are in making the damn thing as featureful as any cheap phone out there. I bought my hardware (which I consider to be a mini pc with a phone added) yet they want to funnelled into restrictive AppStore for only pre-approved apps. even Microsoft did not have the balls to try something as controlling as this!
The only reason I bought my "iPhone" was cos my friend showed me mobile terminal running. When I saw that I got one as fast as I could. The jailbreak is the only reason I stuck with it as a PDA and the only thing that made me upgrade to the 3GS. If JB'ing was gone so would I.
My fab jb apps are: mobileterminal, openssh, cycorder, winterboard (lots of fun!) ... Jeez there's just too many to list. Most of the apps listed above in other posts have been immensely helpful too. It's so funny that when you google all the iPhone reviews they nearly all include jb apps in the review. It pisses me off to know that soo many ppl took up the phone because the jb apps made it functional yet they are trying to stop ppl jailbreaking. I personally know 4 ppl who got the phone when they saw what I can do with it when jbroke. They've done nothing but help apple yet apple just wants control. They've become greedy to the point of stupidity. They should be embracing the new culture they innovatively created not trying to kill it!
I love the fact that as a techie I can get an email on my bberry about an outage weherever I am I can pull out th iPhone, open VPN, drop into shell, ssh to the problem server, fix the problem, and not have to worry about driving home or carrying laptops, batteries, booting, finding Internet and all that crap. If they stop jailbreaking I'm moving to android on the htc hardware or some device with good specs. Apple have a great thing going but if they're too greedy it will bite them on the ass. Especially since competitors are pumping out hardware with similiar specs nowadays. If jailbreaking stops then apple will loose a large number of techies and developers along with them. I can only imagine it would hurt them in the long run, especially if they all move to the competitor like android which has come a long way. All android is waiting for it a hw manufacturer that comes out with the next round of incredible specs that can support all the many features of the os. No other brand tries to block you from owning your hardware like this. It's become a sad joke. The FCC is now involved over the google voice fiasco. What a monopoly! Worse than ms telling us we could only use Internet explorer as a browser...remember that? This whole setup stinks and reminds me why I dropped ms and went to Linux. I was tired of feeling like i was a criminal using ms. Thank god I did go to Linux tho cos I made a great career out of my open source escapades!!!! Hah ha.

Backgrounder is AWESOME.
FINALLY!! I can listen to pandora and use the GPS at the same time!
BACKGROUNDER from cydia + pandora = AWESOME
bandwidth bandwidth bandwidth! i want more!

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I have my iPhone jailbreaked but just one question. Does jailbreaking it make the apps from the apple store free aswell?

hi im asking to day for some help with my jailbroke iphone ive got lots of cool apps but the one place im having trouble is the backgrounds,keyboard backings, icon personalization how do i customize my phone to the last icon and the lock screen and all that good stuff i have winterboard downloaded. do i search for key board back grounds or what? anyhelp would be great

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halleluja buddy... i just wanted to say that my Helicopter is crashing when I click on the pics... are you using some JavaScript or whatever?

My girl wants to do Jersey Shore... but I really don't feel like bein 'the situation'.. lol
No masks.. hard to drink with a mask on!! any good ideas??

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Learn how to ship free messages? What do it's good to know for sending a Free txt If you would like to send free txt however do not know the answers of these questions then you have to test web site to get solutions to these questions.