Can't get Pokemon Go to finish loading? Nothing there when you get in? Everything frozen? Here's what's going one!

Update July 31: Pokemon Go is currently back up and running. Have fun!

Pokémon Go login servers are currently down, which means people can't launch the app without it getting stuck on the splash screen, and can't log back in without getting an error message saying the servers are busy.

Note: Don't delete the app and re-download thinking it will get you back playing faster. All it will do is force you to enter your account name and password over and over again until the servers are back online, making it harder for you to check and see if it's working. Just be patient, wait, and try again every so often.

Pokemon Go Server Issues

This isn't caused by there being too many people playing — this is because of a problem with the servers. They're trying to connect and authenticate who you are, so they can log you in and give you access to you account. That includes everything from your trainer to your Pokémon, your gear to your goodies.

Niantic is certainly aware of the problem and is no doubt working hard to fix it. So, everything should be back up and running as soon as possible.

While this may have ruined your plans to out hunting right now, it does give you extra time for planning and strategy. We have a ton of articles to help you get the most out of the game — see our latest Pokémon Go tips and tricks here! If you're already up to speed on those, try some of the others below!

Otherwise, stay strong and let us know when Pokémon is back up and running for you in the comments below!