2012 iMore Readers Choice Awards! Vote now and enter to win the iOS device of your dreams!

2012 iMore Readers Choice Awards! Vote now and enter to win the iOS device of your dreams!

Welcome to the 2012 iMore Readers Choice Awards! This is where you get to have your say, and tell us the absolute best devices, news, apps, and accessories you've enjoyed last year. We've provided 5 suggestions for each category, but you're absolutely free to write in any alternative you prefer -- with one proviso: it has to have happened, been released, or been significantly updated during 2012!

Voting will be open for 2 weeks, and when it closes, we'll tally up the totals and present your favorites, the 2012 iMore Readers Choices!

Bonus: Enter your iMore username in the survey and we'll enter you to a win a $350 U.S. Apple Store gift certificate so you have a second chance to win the iOS device of your deams!

So what are you waiting for? VOTE NOW!

(P.S.: If you're an active member of the iMore forums, make sure you run over and vote in our 2012 iMore Community Awards as well!)

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There are 180 comments. Add yours.

awil26 says:

It WOULD be the iOS device of my dreams because I actually had a recent dream that I owned had an iPhone.

Dustoff-00 says:

Would love to have the iOS device of my dreams.....BIG WISHES

J1mny says:

I voted as well I really need a ipad mini.
Dd you guys announce the winner from the first week?

kaschykb says:

I think my wife would love a new iPad or a new new iPad

Jays1fan says:

Love to have the Ipad Mini

ceb1 says:

I REALLY need to win something from u guy's. lol thanks for the chance.

raffaelepicchio says:

Hope this time I'll win... I would reeeeallllllyyyy like an IPhone 5!!!

munhbayar says:

i hope vote put me in winning iphone 5

peninc says:

Would love an iPhone 5. I voted!

KingSuki says:

If I could have an apple device, I would love to have a 4th Gen IPad. I've been wanting an IPAD since I've seen my friend's IPAD 2. I want want want want want a 4th Gen IPAD in black 16GB of good ness.

Sun Hyung Hong says:

I want the iPad Mini! Since I prefer an iPad and a not a 9.7"+ tablet, the iPad Mini is perfect for me. Good luck to everyone!

mcfryus02 says:

I would love an iPad mini, heck 2 or 3 if you have it shipped from best buy, lol.

cdnrs2002 says:

I voted would definitely like ipad with retina display.

DynaGix says:

Voted! I would much enjoy an iPad mini.

ariestocrat says:

just voted. iphone 5!! :))

saurabh chhabra says:

IPHONE 5 is the ios product of the year,i would very much like to win it

ArrioChain says:

Gotta go for an Ipad 4. That would be the best in the world.

NotHomer says:

The iPad mini would rock.

Farmdreads says:

I feel more proud to have voted in this poll than in our recent presidential election. That's worth an iPad mini, right?

ShadowReaperX33 says:

I know the chances of winning are slim, but every vote counts. Whether it be for your favorite blog site, or a presidential election, it still matters. What it important is that your voice is heard.

rchartier says:

Funny how no one reads. Commenting here doesn't enter you in the contest. hah

D.Anderson says:

The mini is better than I ever expected! That is my choice for my first iPad.

Book Writer says:

The best device (of tons) was announced at WWDC and that was the new macbook pro "retina". I have one, it's great!
The best news was on how reporters got hold of the Mountain Lion story all the way back in February. And it was great cause no one was suspecting it and the hit story was the iPad 3.
The best app announced was Angry Birds star wars!
And the best accessory for 2012 was the Big JAMBOX. oh yeah.

iFancruze says:

I would like to own a iPhone 5 white becuz of thinness and lightness of the device and the camera and HD facetime.. Tnx imore!

DanXIX says:

I voted... would luv the iOS device of my dreams, a black iPad Mini 64GB LTE... :-)

JuliIroas says:

I would like a iPhone 5, PLEASE?!

ashwyn021 says:

I wish I win this time, thank you imore.

yocubed says:

I voted now if only I could win so I could replace my broken iPod touch 2nd gen

jngmin00 says:

I would love to have an apple iPad Mini. Since I'm used to retina display, it would look a bit blur but who cares!

spikeyLoki says:

Just answered the Survey. It was fun! And it was a year in Technology! I hope the coming year is more fun and entertaining stuff to come! good luck! ;)

petey28 says:

Seasons greetings to iMore......I would love to win the iPad Mini....best small tablet out there.

GlennRuss says:

I voted, so put my name in the pot. Good luck to all.

Simon Oelerich says:

Ipad mini, small, but everything i expect from a ipad. Woud like to win one. Good Luck to everyone. :)

njcoutinho says:

Well I love the iPad mini excellent competition for the Nexus 7 and 10 .Perfect size and weight. Really helps when your trying to relax and read on the bed and not feel like your lifting a medical journal

Booda711 says:

Well, I bought ipad minis for my three of my kids. But I ran out of money to get one for my self. For me to win would be awesome!!!!! thanx!!

gigiboy says:

iPhone 5 please. Please T^T I promise to get the best out of it. Thanks~

photopaul65 says:

Please don't give me an Apple store gift card! The choices would be too difficult!
An iPad mini? A new iPhone 5? An Apple TV and an Airport Extreme? A Mac Mini to replace my aging PC?
I can't decide! I think my head's going to explode!!!

beastcmg says:

iPad mini, daddy needs a new one

Madhav Pande says:

I want a black iPhone 5. This is my only chance at getting one so PLEASE pick me!!

jeff.dallas says:

Me Me Me I wan the IOS device of my dreams

dougdog says:

I would like to get a new iPad.

clearrants says:

I voted! I hope I win so I can get that new iPad mini!

SuperBad007 says:

I would love the new ipod touch because of it's portability as i can carry it around anywhere and dosen't cost much.......thank you imore for holding another chance for winning the gift certificate!!!

jodiz1 says:

iPhone 5 please! Winning!

cward1216 says:

Booyeah!!!!!!! More iMore please. Thanks for the contest chance, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Team George says:

Say hello to IPhone 5... in my pocket preferably

215gtownkid says:

I would like the ipad 4 !!!

pyramid38 says:

I love to dream about apple's

MobiJew says:

just voted! pick me please! wanna get my wife the iPhone 5!!

Jay Mobile says:

Best device of this past year is a tie between my iPhone 4s and iPad 4
Best app for me had to be Olive Tree Bible Reader
It would be nice to add the iPhone 5 to the list of devices that I own

rdrum says:

I could really dig an iPad mini, but for free, I'm not picky. And yes, I voted.

doveink says:

I voted!! Would love to have the iPad 4 in black. Thank you :)

aaronbrown22 says:

I could use the iPad mini so my wife will stop using mine.

toy68403 says:

Still hoping for the new iPad Mini.

ajm91484 says:

Wishing for the new ipad 4 with that beautiful retina display.

Corsair4 says:

The new ipad 4 would be my dream.
Thank You,

therandomone says:

I would like to get an iPad. Either iPad mini or with Retina.

zma15 says:

Just Voted!!

Would love to have an iPad Mini!!! Its just seems so awesome :)

lbendezu says:

iPad mini would be awesome

cmacjr says:

This would be a great prize to win. Keep up the good work imore.

glenners says:

iphone 5, get me out of my android! ty

safri031 says:

I love to have a ipad 2nd Generation please...

g_diddy says:

iPad Mini for me, or maybe the new new iPad

elsonpro says:

White iPad mini please for my girl.

Sascha Kam says:

The super cool iPhone 5 need to be in my hands for ever!!!!

Irelandjnr says:

Hope I win the iPhone 5.

henrymagnusrex says:

Voted. I'd go after an iPad mini.

SockRolid says:

I think it would be an iPad (4th gen) for me. (Already have an iPhone 5 and iPad mini.)

MAGNUS says:

Voting done. Standing by for gc. Thanks!

Mscatinboston says:

Hi, I would like the iPad 4.

mikesa_tx says:

Entering for another shot! Second time the charm for an iPad mini!?

peatricko says:

i would love to win!! 3rd time is a charm! :)

JSEPhD says:

I voted. I'm hoping to win so I can get a new iPad and give my iPad 2 to my wife and kids...

Danmz says:

I believe that something really cool was that the iPod Touch got a total upgrade. Lots of new things to do with that upgrade.

Danmz says:

I have submitted my vote, and I would like to have an iPod Touch for Christmas this year. My username is Danmz.

iphonetheawesomestthingever says:

i wuz wondering if u had a winner from the last contest anyway i voted ipad 3

opph20 says:

I would love to have an iPad.

Dionte says:

I wouldn't get the 4 now, would wait for the thinner ipad 5.

4ndzt says:

Voted. And im sure this time will be mine. Love iPhone 5!!!

Ides of Buster says:

Fingers, toes, and eyes crossed!

senor_1 says:

I would love an iPad because I'm working about 400 miles away from home for the next year and it would be great to FaceTime with my family back home.

hydra94 says:

1 vote for the iPad mini!!! =D

Andreas Ze says:

i want, i want, i want!!!! imore come on give me an iPhone 5.

tanyadeerio says:

iPad 4 is my dream device. Hope I'll win it! :) (from Philippines)

adameparker says:

Awesome! Would love an iPad 4!

bigginz says:

This is great - I'd love an iPhone 5! (or a iPad 4, or a mini...)

cj_herron says:

i put in my votes, hoping on that iPad Mini

Epolletta says:

Anything would be awesome! ipad Mini sounds great. Thanks for the contest.

corrado_driver says:

would love to get my hands on a new iPhone 5. I'm running an android right now but would love to go back to iPhone. I think the black one is so sleek

Jerry5k says:

My dream is to win. Thanks for the chance. would get iPad mini.

bhurlburt says:

Bought my wife a new iPad Mini. Would love to have one of my own.

sollestremeeca says:

I Voted! I would like to win the iPhone 5. My dream mobile phone!

Matteman says:

Voted, now give me an iPhone 5 please

jellysandwich says:

I would like the iPad Mini pretty please - Merry Christmas! :D

TRKelly says:

Threw my vote in the hat!

delanscott says:

I would love the new Iphone 5 in black please

beggari says:

the kids sure would love a mini...

Talker says:

Nice survey, but nicer price....as I want to buy an iPad 4th generation, would like an iPhone 5...Good luck!

papaton says:

just voted would be awesome to win the dream prize

Lucabrazzi says:

Really REALLY hoping to pick up an iPhone 5, we'll see. Just voted too. Apple Maps was the biggest, most significant new ios feature, but also was the biggest mess up; it marks a new google-free set of services, but it's nowhere near mature yet

crilumegghiu says:

I Voted! I would like to win the iPhone 5.

GaMMeLHaNsy says:

Great give away, short and quick survey

massmik says:

i would be grateful for the ipad 4

imatty says:

I wouldn't throw a new iPad in the trash.

Jason Head says:

Wow I could go for this!!!!

wthwaites says:

I would love the new iPhone 5!

wurldfamuz says:

An iPad Mini for Christmas would make it a very Merry one and an a great start to year 2013.

iJimbo1 says:

The best divice out there has to be the iPhone thanks to it I forgot all about my Xbox and my Ps3 now all I play my iPhone and I love this games moder combat 4, FIFA 13, need for speed, infinity blade.....

Poh Poh says:

Please. I have been waiting for so long to have an Iphone which is white in colour , please make everyday my happy day !

g_diddy says:

iPad mini under my tree please!

Samson1433 says:

I would like an iphone 5 because I really want to upgrade from my iPhone 3gs

sabarig says:

Thanks for the survey. Would love to have the ipad mini.

Ratane says:

Well, unfortunately! I don't own any apple devices so would not participating. But would love to own an iPhone soon.

Olsi Bicaku says:

I voted and I'd like an Ipad Mini!

Tkf530 says:

Count me in for an iPad mini!

Dean Cobb says:

iphone 5 would be my dream come true :)

Nickviana says:

iPhone 5, the best thing brought by Apple this year, I would love one...

hondaguy1 says:

iPhone 5 hands down the best so far this year.

akotonana says:

i will go with the iPad 4..... i think it is really useful than the pointless ipad mini. so expensive and hopefully i win this time.

Madhav Pande says:

I want a black iPhone 5. This is my only chance at getting one because my parents don't want me to have one so PLEASe pick me!

ganthonyv says:

ill take any idevice thx

roefernj says:

Would love to have the iPad mini!

Alireza Sohrabi says:

just voted . i love to have black iphone 5 :)

ZkiZZoiD says:

iPhone5 Black and Slate.. Please be mine. Happy Holidays everyone.

Turb0x3r says:

voted! Love to get an iPhone 5!

Kentacer says:

Done and done! just need an iPad 4 for the 3rd done!! thanks

anuk says:

i voted. iphone5 would be great

Edward Chan says:

I love to have an unlocked iPhone 5

Ameer_Hafizin98 says:

I voted....i really hope that I can get an iPhone 4S.....thats my dream phone.

huntersworld says:

I would love to have an IOS device.....

Constantinescu Andreea says:

I voted! iPhone 5 is the best device! Cheers!

mmnejad2005 says:

Dear Sir / Madam :
I Would love an iPhone 5, I voted ! Please help me . Thanks

collegehooligan says:


Kimiko Tohomiko says:

An ipod 5g for me please, i couldn't sleep last night i rly wish i could win this time! i stare at this apple product almost everyday and i watch vids on it all the time.. :s like i own one lol make my wish come true!!! :D

cheneyiee24 says:

i'm done for voting i hope i can win this chrstmass kekeke i really love ipad mini or iphone 5 please

rina khan says:

Plese grant me the ever best iPhone 5.i dreamt to give it to my mom, please Imore please

Guillaume Thieffry says:

I would like to have the IPhone 5 because I never had the opportunity to win this kind of iOS !

kouth says:

it became a nightmare! tht i need to demolish it by winning a brand new ipad mini

Tejas Shah says:

Happy New Year!
I would love to win an iPhone 5 because................
Back in time, I was a bright student but then I got addicted to internet giveaways! I wasted my time but still couldn't win any prize!
That year , I failed and I ruined my whole life!
That is why, I want to prove to my parents that internet giveaways aren't fake!
I have to win this iPhone 5 anyway!

lucky gariba says:

the ios device is iphone 3gs

lucky gariba says:

i mean the one i really enjoyed last year

kaushik mr says:

I voted ipad 4 because it would be easy to access as computers take a long time.